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  1. Any call or play can be video reviewable, and by doing so the coach uses their timeout. If the call needs to be changed, the coach keeps the time out. If the call stands, coach loses their time out. It will never happen as the NHL protects its refs like nothing else, but it's nice to dream.
  2. This is the first thing that come to mind.
  3. Willie's made some mistakes, but he's a rookie coach and he doesn't have the veteran experience. However, he's also made some good moves. As he gets more experienced, the veteran moves will increase and the rookie blunders will decrease. Also, he's got some significant holes in his lineup right now (no real second liners, below average defense) which makes it harder to compete.
  4. I didn't watch the video but I'm guessing it was a real good call by the NHL?
  5. He spent a long time with the coyotes; what do you expect?
  6. I really hope the Canucks show up for this one. Regrettably, it seems highly unlikely we get our first 3rd win in a few months.
  7. Finally, hopefully Rollie's worked his magic.
  8. Can we please not trade lack?
  9. Have separate polls. One for #1, one for #2, etc. MY rankings: Edler Tanev Hamhuis Bieksa Clendening Corrado Sbisa Stanton Weber
  10. We should trade a few players to clear out the logjam on forward. Hopefully higgins is traded - he's a great player but we need t oget younger. I would say we need to trade richardson but we also desperately need people who can win faceoffs. Altogether, we should move a few vets for picks at the draft.
  11. ...or throw a jersey on the ice?
  12. "anymore"?!?
  13. Well...I was right. Dammit
  14. I really hope we sell one or two regulars (higgins?) to get draft picks because I doubt we're going on a cup run. But it seems like Benning is convinced that this team can do something in the playoffs.
  15. Well, we went WLWLWLWL for a stretch there. Then we went on WWLWWL. I'm really hoping they bump things up to WWWL because otherwise we're going to lose to buffalo