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  1. The Sweatiest Canuck Interview Ever!

    Mine too! He died when a guard fell on him. Also Godwin's law seems slightly relevant here.
  2. Should we re-sign Mike Santorelli?

    sign him 2 years, 1.75/year if we can - a little more money, but he still has to prove himself. You don't just pass up on guys who've been playing as well as he has. Plus, Torts loves him and would have a fit if Santo left.
  3. Wasn't it Albert Einstein and not Winston Churchill who said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?"

  4. Nice sig, haha.

    1. Teen Icarus

      Teen Icarus

      lol, I like it....any suggestions for more stuff I can add to it?

  5. Funny Pics

  6. Funny Pics

  7. OMG Earthquake?

    I'm not sure if you've ever seen a video of a tsunami but it isn't so much a wave as a rapid tide change - it's like watching the tide come in and in and in and in really quickly - more like a storm surge than a rogue wave.
  8. Funny Pics

  9. Cheesy Joke Thread

    Do constipated people give a crap?
  10. Cheesy Joke Thread

  11. Cheesy Joke Thread

    *insert any comment about Aaron Rome during his first few games last season*
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    It's amazing how legendary this thread is...
  13. Funny Pics

    This one only just occurred to me, so a bunch of other people beat me to making it.
  14. Cheesy Joke Thread

    An engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician are shown a pasture with a herd of sheep, and told to put them inside the smallest possible amount of fence. The engineer is first. He herds the sheep into a circle and then puts the fence around them, declaring, "A circle will use the least fence for a given area, so this is the best solution." The physicist is next. She creates a circular fence of infinite radius around the sheep, and then draws the fence tight around the herd, declaring, "This will give the smallest circular fence around the herd." The mathematician is last. After giving the problem a little thought, he puts a small fence around himself and then declares, "I define myself to be on the outside!" "A biologist, a physicist, and a mathematician were sitting in a street cafe, watching the crowd. Across the street they saw a man and a woman entering an empty building. Ten minutes later they reappeared together with a third person. “They have reproduced,” said the biologist. “Oh no, an error in measurement,” the physicist sighed. “If exactly one person enters the building now, it will be empty again,” the mathematician concluded What do you call a cow with no legs? What do you call a cow with 2 legs? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on a wall? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in a tiger cage? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on your doorstep? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on a piece of paper? What do you call a man with no arms and no legs being cooked by cannibals?