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  1. Edmonton had better include some eaten term and cap on their end for this to make sense for us. That being said I feel like he could become another Pearson at the right price, but the return had better include a 1st if any talks should happen.
  2. I would be down to get him, though as others mentioned it depends on the price. Benning seems like the type to jump on buy-low deals and if this is one I could see something happen. Agreed with 10th overall, Jake (really hasn't shown much at this point) and Eriksson (cap return) as a starting point, maybe one more asset if needed (Baertschi?). Between Heiskanen, Lindell and Oleksiak though, I don't see them needing an unproven Juolevi on their left side D.
  3. Phil_314

    NBA Discussion

    Watched the above video recently on the Splash Brothers' play without K.D., and I feel there's some truth behind it -- yesterday Klay had quite a few open corner 3's since Durant wasn't parked there all day, and he and Steph led the push in the 4th to overcome the Rockets. Now I'm not saying that talent-wise they're better without one of the best scorers of all time, but play-style wise it might be true that K.D. isn't a fit. That being said though, if this current lineup makes it back to the Finals without 35 and they take on either the Bucks or Raps, do you guys think they have enough to get it done? Both Milwaukee have solid amounts of firepower and wing length/ big's to contest, and seeing how some previous games, coaches have tried to have anyone but Steph and Klay shoot, it makes me wonder if they'd have enough scoring depth to get it done again. Thoughts?
  4. Maybe not Gretzky and Orr, but I'd take Datsyuk and Lidstrom. Pete's got the magic and the smarts to make a two-way impact, while Hughes also skates well and can make an impact with his smarts. We've got several beauts on our hands with these two and Bo and Brock, plus hopefully Demko pans out as a #1.
  5. Sbisa was also a similar caliber error-prone defenseman when we let him go, wonder if he could find success in a new home? Like others said, he could probably find a home with another stay-at-home type.
  6. Pool Party and a pick for Goldie's rights? At least one of them (Nik) showed they can somewhat produce at the top level, but we can take a chance with a physically more imposing and likely more talented player for one who's put up some numbers but who needs a new start if he's not wanted here.
  7. I'll walk in through the doorway after that, how's that for an encore?!
  8. Ground floor window with a trampoline? Ez pz
  9. $2.5 mil for what he brings isn't the worst, how's his skating and puck skills though? Would hate to have what David Backes is for the Bruins (strictly a goon for awhile) become what Lucic becomes for us. It's more palatable at $2.5 but hope he can play still with E.P. and Brock to fill a decent physicality hole
  10. Do we look like we're Tampa? We're still putting the pieces together for a decent roster, not overflowing with talent and looking for a piece to put us over the top.
  11. Aren't these guys all high-end 3rd line guys (Brett did put up 45 points this season but is it an anomaly or a true breakout)? We're pretty good with regards to that IMO, would like to see what we can make of Roussel/ Leivo/ Jake/ Goldie (if he gets another shot at it) in their roles. These two do have size and energy which I would agree would be invaluable for that line.
  12. *Lee or Nelson for me. Skinner with Pearson and Bo could be good, albeit overpriced