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  1. After today's game I'm hoping that we could get a guy like Simmonds who's hard nosed, got hands and goes to the net. Going to need greasy goals if we're going to make it deep in the playoffs.
  2. We didn't. Got played by the refs and we were just trying to be too neat. So many missed shots that could've been tip tries, and we need more muckers who are down to jam pucks, since that's how scoring gets done in the playoffs. Enjoy the two points Devils, not that they earned it (well maybe Blackwood and Jack)
  3. This is probably how things would be in the playoffs, and I hope that they adjust to the tight checking and prove that they can step up in these situations.
  4. If Coleman's skating like he's in the fastest skater contest not sure how he could expect someone skating to not hit his head somehow Now this interference BS too... they've done that at least 5 instances from Tennyson
  5. Awful reffing today

    1. RetroCanuck
    2. RetroCanuck


      But very true


      Refs are trying to hard, but it is a mid day game and it shows

    3. Pears


      Goals waived off because the whistle blew too early should be challengable/reviewable

  6. Mama Hughes isn't bad looking at all Anyhow I hope Quinn's fired up, and this team needs to push back to keep their hot start going! Can't see how losing to a mediocre team could help morale
  7. Player style wise I think he could complement Hughes (as others have been saying in Tanev's spot). That or in Stecher's place. However that's only IF he proves he's more capable and a better fit than any of these guys. (I can't be the only one to skate him next to Pete just to protect him against tougher teams which may go after him?)
  8. I think the pieces have been there since the July 1st signings for the whole to be greater than the sum of the parts, as evidenced by the collective play. Eddie and Myers are solid all-round so it's not too surprising from them that they're a good minute-munching duo but it seems like their offensive prowess has been exceeding expectations. Hughes was always know as dynamic but his elusiveness and maneuverability are quite something to see, even though he was projected that way since his draft, while he's also helped Tanev become the new breed of defensive D-man, jumping up into plays, and it's led to better than expected early results. Stecher and Benn are a luxury in depth to have stashed away in the 3rd pairing so against lesser competition it's also not too surprising that they're solid. Overall they are holding their own against their respective weight class so to speak, but I think it's the offensive end that really surprises, and I hope they keep it up.
  9. If Ferland doesn't fit here I'd rather have him included. On paper at least, he should have some name appeal. Tanner and Bo have chemistry and I don't want to mess that up. That plus we might need to give up Markstrom (which would be totally fine if Demko proves he's ready). Ferland + Markstrom + maybe Juolevi or Stecher? This year they're just awful on defense and a blue-chipper like Olli should get interest if he has a good season in Utica/ gets some time in the bigs. If Troy feels unsatisfied with being relegated to 3rd pair duties I'd include him, we could always bump Jordie to the right side and play Olli on his left. EDIT: crazy how with the depth we've stockpiled, I doubt it even really dents the team (besides losing the starting goalie, though hopefully we'd have the heir apparent already in place)
  10. I think optimally we would but there's no pressing need to do so. Our right side D-depth at the NHL level is at least 4 guys deep (our 3 incumbents plus Jordie), while we have two top-pair left D (Hughes is playing against top competition and Eddie's himself), along with Jordie and a slew of depth guys (I hope Olli creates a logjam on the back end upon the first injury we get by playing so well in his call-up that they can't send him back down without seriously considering if he's earned a spot in the big club). We could also probably find a decent guy with fill-in upside, but it likely won't cost much more than Schaller (and likely not for Goldie or Sven who are NHL-caliber scoring depth).
  11. Do most of those players know that though? Not sure how much exposure these guys have to the real-world labour market. Also he's working in a franchise that belonged to a former NHL player, so maybe he got connected there vs. applying and whatnot (i.e. got a hookup)? But yeah, I'm just imagining what he could do if he teamed up with Laraque and taught sparring/ martial arts. Those schools would at least be lucrative and respectable (not to say that his honest day's work isn't but he'd make a lot more just based on the impression of his fitness and his fighting ability, seeing how again he's Donald Brashear).
  12. I'm happy with Pearson. We're set up the middle (Pete - Bo - Gaud/ Sutter) and Tanner's a great complement to Bo.
  13. Yeah Cory's looking awful this year (allowed 6 goals today, let the Panthers win after trailing 4-1 and let in some bad bounces). Wonder if (given that Demko performs well) we could poach their 1st with Markstrom, Sutter and one of Sven/ Goldie?