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  1. That O'Rielly - Hamilton pair would probably get torched in their own end
  2. 1. I picked the Isles. While they're perpetual underdogs I started liking their team since last season when they took down the dynamo Pittsburgh Penguins. I think they actually have an underrated core (Barzal's a current all-star of course, but guys like Eberle, Bailey, Lee, Nelson, etc, defenders in Pulock/ Leddy, and Varlamov in goal aren't really top names) and much of the credit goes to coach Barry Trotz, who took some guys who aren't full-fledged stars but shaped a team and effective lines. After getting shafted by J.T. when he left for Toronto, the group was better than everyone expected, and I think for such a resilient franchise and effective coach they deserve to get another elite shiny new toy. HM: Columbus (similar reason, I like underdogs, but after how they left guys like Nash, etc. wanting out, gotta wonder if there's something conducive to them ruining their chances with stars); Montreal (it would be nice to give the Francophone superstar but, meh) 2. Edmonton/ Toronto. No explanation needed. 3. I hope we lose the play-in and get #1. Playoff-type experience but also getting long-term reward with the mega-prospect. 4. I like it if we get #1, change if we don't I don't really care lol
  3. If we're centralizing everything draft lottery related, could you make and embed a poll for which team (if we can't pick Vancouver) we would want most and least (separately) to have win the 1 OA pick? Wouldn't want to put in all the effort just to have it locked.
  4. Weird not having FA Frenzy/ Canada Day celly's today

  5. Haha maybe I misunderstood what the grumpy emoji meant on your part.
  6. That's his AVERAGE annual value (AAV) since his cap hit was front loaded ($8 million per in first 2 seasons).
  7. You make it sound like there's a choice in whether he gets paid. It's not a performance bonus but part of his salary (if I'm wrong someone call me out).
  8. I don't think any of the bolded guys should be included on proposals for a proverbial falling star, esp. when someone like Lind had a breakout year and has gained the coach's trust with strong two-way play and grit. Demko could be a platoon starter as soon as next season, while the Rangers have Shesterkin and Georgiev, one of whom will take the reins in the crease from King Hank. Positionally speaking we should hope Woo makes it and pans out, not trade him for a project.
  9. Oh for Pete's sake. How is 66 points in 68 games an under-performing esp. considering he made the All-Star team and is already our best center? He's already been voted to at least the 18th best center in the league behind some elite company. The point about Miller being a very pleasant surprise I can definitely agree with.
  10. I get what you mean, big negative value (Eriksson) and big positive value (1st overall) yielding an elite player coming back in Chabot IS amazing, BUT again shouldn't neglect how much such pieces already cost since the cap is a very real thing (I mean I'd be down to have Brady Tkachuk and Brannstrom as the return too).
  11. Chabot's signed for $8 million per * 8 years... if we did this or got him back in any way without shipping any vets we're driving even more young pieces to the airport. With flat cap and Pete/ Quinn to re-sign we'd be looking at nearly $30 million for 3 guys, plus whoever we retain and the current critical mass. Goodbye depth, goodbye window. Also regarding the 1st overall pick and vets with NTC's, I wonder if, in a quick revamp, certain vets would be intrigued by the potential of playing on a team on the upswing and would be willing to move (can cite whatever family ties certain players may have to certain areas, or emerging cores like NJ with Hischier/ Lafreniere (if we trade the 1st)/ Hughes/ Blackwood...). I definitely don't see so many pieces moving but (e.g. with Ott, 1st + one or 2 vets, for 5th, Colin White, maybe a decent prospect e.g. Bernard-Docker). It's not CRAZY but rarely ever done in the modern league.
  12. Honestly if we could have Lafreniere in our top 6 for years to come, and also free up Pearson from Horvat's wing to be tradeable (hopefully with one of Sutter/ Beagle/ Roussel/ Baertschi, and trade one of the others with Stecher's rights), we would be in a much-improved position from a salary cap standpoint, so I would be more open to losing (it would still suck of course but part of the growing process). Initially I was going to say Drysdale isn't worth it as a trade down/ top RD option, and Sanderson's a LD, but left wing is also a thinner position prospect/ youth wise so I would be open to bolstering this position too with Alexis.