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  1. [ Trade ] - Arizona and Columbus

    Just cuz you didn't break this one first Graves for MacInnis?! What is this, the 80's all over again??
  2. That seems very realistic of a roster to expect, though I question how much scoring depth they're really going to have after that top 6. Hoping Jake can break out and Leipsic is a solid winger too, but Granny and the 4th line guys aren't the most offensively capable guys, plus with Gagner initially signed for scoring help anyways and putting up some numbers last season, I don't see him getting sent down outright.
  3. I hope Benning believes in his trees too! We had a real good Ent Solid signing of Danault for that price, could probably be as serviceable as Sven is for us.
  4. NY islanders 1-3-1 trap to playoffs

    I'm that friend who tells people that the wasabi on the table in sushi restaurants is green tea ice cream. Can't say that hasn't worked before...
  5. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    The obvious answer is bring back Luongo and have him sporting it again, he's used to carrying blame even when the team sucks, so he was groomed for a time as this. Jokes aside, Bo in the long haul, no question.
  6. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    I'm kind of meh about the components in this proposal... 1) I haven't seen him enough to claim either way, but was last season an anomaly for Lehtera? His scoring went off a cliff last year, and to think that he and a 3rd for Sutter would be worthwhile potentially raises some issues. Don't forget, we did just lose Hank and his 50 points to retirement and we don't know how ready Elias is at this point esp up the middle, so trading Bo's only viable support up the middle may worsen what's already been a question mark at best. Maybe trade Granlund for him to buy low on Jori's offensive potential? 2) as others have said, Sanheim does have some offensive potential but can he play on the right side? If we offload some of the other lefties I don't mind getting him back as a replacement, but Tanev's minutes need a replacement. Guddy and Stecher shouldn't munch too many minutes. a question mark and a middling asset (Jori and the 3rd), plus a decent player for two decent players with value seems at most like a lateral move, if not a downgrade for us.
  7. goals,goals...from who?

    When the first sentence, "The Vancouver Canucks will score all the goals", sounds like it came straight out of a meme, you know you got something good going on. #believeinblue
  8. Adding a turd in there to sweeten the deal?
  9. Bergevin's like "eez laz name soundzah like 'to win' en Francais, and he's a centeur!! C'est assez pour moi!!"
  10. Romantic Love - fate or choice?

    I think the concept of "soul mate" works as part of the underlying romanticism needed for a long-term devoted partnership to work. Most girls like the romantic stuff as part of their narrative and to be treated as if they were characters in those stories. In a sense it also makes the choosing to stay with someone easier in the long haul (given that they don't become complacent before that, which is hard in itself, but I digress). While reality does set in, and often it does become a commitment, at least as a starting point it's great to have that spark.
  11. Is this you? Came across your picture when I looked "Khay" up in the dictionary...
  12. [Signing] Golden Knights re-sign Colin Miller

    40 points last season, playing nearly 20 minutes a game. 6'1" right handed D-man who's only 26? What a steal of a deal.
  13. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    He's solid depth. Don't forget, we didn't have much behind the Twins and Bo and Brock last season, to the extent that among forwards he's 5th in scoring last season behind those same 4 guys (8th in pace, behind Sven, Loui, Dorsett and Sutter also). On the PP we needed someone on the right half wall who's right-handed and creative since Boeser was going to patrol the blue line, and also a warm body to hold a spot while the kids develop. He checks all those boxes. Perfectly fine with him in the lineup as a bottom-6 guy (top 6 in a pinch), and with the likes of Leipsic, Roussel, Virtanen etc. he can help them with play-making while they score and help defensively. Win-win?
  14. Creating a Story 1 word at a time