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  1. Thinking this too. Couple things I hope they try later in the season is 1) Ferland/ Roussel as physical net-front guys to impose their will in playoff series with Pete and Brock (I feel like the Lotto line could be thoroughly scouted and teams with defensive system could stifle them so they need a bigger guy to break through esp. when things slow down), and 2) figure out where Gaudette best fits (play-making winger with Bo? 3rd line winger for Sutter? Centering the 3rd line despite face-off problems?). The trickle down effect of resolving these questions would be pretty significant as we can have the time to see who gels with whom. On the back end we need to find ways to kick-start Myers' offense without tasking him with too much (that or shelter him on a shutdown pairing with Benn or have him with Hughes and have Quinn skate the puck to safety up ice), and hopefully be able to finally give Juolevi a look.
  2. Ah yes, Swedish for "king of the Knucklepuck".
  3. Lol so Stecher to the PP? or bump Hughes to PP 2 from time to time?
  4. Or what if we double stack the middle (someone like Graovac/ Ferland as the net front, Jake as bumper) and then have Eddie feather shot-passes from the point and aim for tips? Don't have enough sample size to see if he's skilled in tipping but he can probably wreak havoc with his size, help keep pucks in by chasing down rebounds. That or have Brock on left wall (either shoot or drive with speed), Leivo as bumper and have Gaudette on the right side wall? Not sure why it wouldn't work to have something like Ferland/ Graovac Jake - Leivo - Gaudette Edler
  5. We could give Rafferty a look when someone on the right side inevitably goes down with injury but let's not be too hasty. With Eddie, Hughes and Tanev on separate lines we could probably ice some solid pairings and that would be crucial for success in any run (Eddie's been making the pairing with Myers work offensively since Tyler's offense is gone and he could also play big minutes with Stecher, Hughes works with Tanev but has also been a solid tandem with Myers with his two-way play, and if we had Tanev with Benn that could be a solid shutdown pair). Their interchangeability might not exist if we trade a glue guy like Tanev who complements his partners so well. Let Brogan kick down the door before we roll out the red carpet for him with no backup plan.
  6. What a sloppy middle frame to sandwich a hot start. Thank goodness Thatcher held the fort. At least they beat the crappy teams as they should and won da turd and won it for Burr!
  7. If kicking Avery was the only point in his platform I'd still vote him for president. Upgrade to Hockey Overlord if he's ever punched 2011 Marchand.
  8. The team's undefeated so far every time derp GOAT Loui gets a point this season!  Even Petey can't make that claim  

    1. AngelicHearts
    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      what is a derp goat, something to do with his effort? 

  9. If the Preds could retain cap I'd take him on, but yeah just as it was mentioned to raise his value and have Seattle pick him up. Doubt an NHL shot and hands like his fade so quickly when he's the victim of so much depth in Nashville such that he got buried. Could see him, Gaudette, Leivo, Edler and Goldobin form a solid PP 2, and that would be much better than having that money sit and do nothing (if Loui doesn't retire).
  10. I sure hope Green doesn't blend his lines again... starting to think that has at least something to do with their struggles defensively last game. Against 97 and 29 they'd get torched if we played like we did. On that note, sure hope Beagle and Sutter can play tomorrow, would be great to have more guys to neutralize those two. I'd even be fine with mid-game maneuvering of Miller to take draws if any particular line is suffering in them against the big line.
  11. All hail the mighty being online entity that used to be the animated kid's TV show unicorn, who now wields a powerful random number generator! P.S. hi!
  12. Interesting proposal, however I might need to say no. Reason being, position-wise, I wonder if Point could have the same impact for our team as Boeser, especially when it comes to the PP. Don't get me wrong, Brayden's elite (at least in his situation and with what he's been able to do), he's got face-off skills, blistering game-breaking speed that this team could sorely use and deft hands. The reason that I wonder about this move though is because I don't see how we could replace Brock on our power-play. I for one have not seen Brayden uncork a one-time shot with the same wheelhouse that Brock has, and his role on the Lightning power-play makes me wonder if he has that in him. Stammer is the one getting his big shot unleashed, and if we lose Brock, would we go back to Sutter/ Leivo/ Gaudette on the left wall? That's nowhere near the same kind of threat. I also wonder if Brayden could be the product of his environment. The Lightning's 3 in the umbrella of Kucherov, Stamkos and Hedman draw so much attention (Kuch could shoot or pass like Pete, Stammer is an improved Brock and Hedman moves like Hughes) that, with Brayden in the bumper or net front role, he's the beneficiary of various tips and rebound tries that may very well have padded his stats. What's more, we already have a couple of really good bumper and net front guys (Miller/ Horvat on PP 1, and a mix of Pearson/ Leivo/ Virtanen on PP 2 from what I've seen). We'd be tearing a hole in our roster composition to patch up what's already good to go, and pure scorers like Brock are few and far between and teams hesitate to give them up. With no one individually dynamic enough to skate and create holes in coverage on our team (Pete isn't there, let's be honest) I wonder if Brayden's production would suffer, and the rest of the team with it, if he was the replacement coming back.
  13. POLL: which loss was worse for you, the lacklustre Philly loss or tonight's breakdown?  

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    2. Coconuts


      The Pens game. Against Philly we simply didn't show up, Miller and Demko aside. We had that awful first period against Pittsburgh but we bounced back in the second and should have had enough to win after scoring in the third. I know we've got important guys out, but so did the Pens, and they still lit us up for five in the third. 


      I'd take a game where we don't show up over a game where we lack resilience and let a huge lead slip away. You think they would have learned from the Washington game.

    3. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      The Pens game, we had no business in the Philly game to win.  This one however, against the Pens, the team kept showing the same mistakes from previous seasons such as inability to hold leads, bad defensive coverage, and sloppy plays, and even early season mistakes such as bad gap control and laziness on the forecheck.


      I can live with mistakes, but when the team keeps doing them it pisses me off.

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      philly. was really bad. the pen’s game had some amazingly good plays.

  14. Probably true, but if we can beat them to the punch with an offer the Sens can't refuse then I'm all for it.