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  1. It's actually Toronto forcing Colorado to trade them their 2017 1st round pick for Frank Corrado and Jhonas Enroth... because "the Avalanche need defense and goalie help" and in the League's eyes Toronto will forever be the center of the universe. e5
  2. I know it breaks your heart, Moved to the city in a broke-down car, Four years no call, Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar No I-I-I-I-I can't stop
  3. Duchene and pick for Hutton and Granlund? I might consider it. Twins, Eriksson, Sutter, Sven, Bo, Duchene to protect, while Tree and Olli can fill the role that Ben has been filling in the top 4. It might cost Granny as is to get Matt in the first place, since Ben isn't really in the same caliber as Matt.
  4. Wouldn't be surprised if it did happen, Semyon should be the better of the two (Kari's known for lehtonen bad goals) despite the amount of losses he's amassed, and if the Av's are running with Pickard then might as well turn their starter into a respectable backup and an asset who could help with an area of need (left side defense). Dallas' goalie situation looks pretty solid after this move too (Niemi and Semyon for a playoff run sounds pretty good, though they'd have to expose one of them in the expansion and that might spell the end of Niemi, but it's a definite upgrade).
  5. Did you spill hot coffee on yourself? Just got burned there bud. (Side note, props to actual Tim's workers for being up bright and early to serve our food and drinks)
  6. Fast fact: Bo and Hank are 26th and 37th in the league respectively when it comes to center scoring.  Looks like we may have a new #1 center on our hands.  


  7. I wonder if anyone's ever considered that Jim might be sitting him to keep him from being eligible for the upcoming expansion draft? (haven't scrolled back much in this thread to see if anyone's mentioned this, nobody got time for that) According to Cap Friendly's expansion sim, Rodin needs 37 more games to be eligible to be picked. The team has played 44 out of 82 games this season. Perhaps by game 46 they'll bump one of the space-holders (either trade Burr, demote Megna to a lower line or send another player down) out of an offensive roster spot and let Anton have a shot (given that his knee is ready) for the remainder of the season? Doesn't make sense that they say they recognize someone's value only to not use them so that would be my best guess. Then again, this team's done weird stuff before so if they legit don't intend to use him then it'd just belong in their list of potential screw-ups. Hope that's not the case though.
  8. Whoa don't forget, Trader Jim ALWAYS throws in a 2nd. I would be down if Burr did get moved, get a 2nd or (and?) 3rd in return from a contender as others have mentioned. It'd give Rodin a chance to show his stuff.
  9. awesome find! Not quite a "test" but still brilliant:
  10. Not a bad idea to get a buy-low 1st round pick like Lazar, and I'd do it if no other options are available. Thing is though, I think the team's bottom 6 is already stocked with two-way guys (Sutter, Granlund, Burr, Dorsett, that 4th line) and not enough guys who may be buy-low guys with scoring ability (Sven, Bo, Rodin, Boucher is a good start for youngsters but should aim for more). With that I'd want the team to consider someone like Ryan Strome. Considering how both Curtis and Ryan are expansion-eligible, it's not like the team gets an asset that they don't have to protect either way (would be great to get someone who was ineligible) so why not get someone who has potential to become a bigger contributor to the team's future? Curtis likely projects as a 3rd liner (draft comparable was Jarret Stoll).
  11. That's not how you spell "S-U-R-R-E-Y"... #bettersafethansurrey Yeah there's weird people and behavior everywhere. Even CDC's not exempt! Seriously though, hope the victim has a speedy recovery.
  12. I would consider a deal with Ottawa with Ryan as the centerpiece, but I'm concerned about what's happened with Lazar. He had mono apparently, but still 0 points in 19 games is pretty concerning. If we're going to take him we should get at least one more pick/ player back in return if the Sens decide to give up and dump him. For the Miller deal I'm sure we could find better. St. Louis might even want to kick the tires given how Jake Allen has struggled (gotten pulled several times in the past couple of games), and then there's the likes of Dallas with Lehtonen struggling. They might be in the same boat as Winnipeg if they want to shed a declining veteran goalie and get Miller to bolster any chances they still have, and same with LA since Quick is out long-term. Budaj's held his own but wonder if they'd take a kick at the can for a pending UFA. Regardless hope they can get value for him.
  13. I'd trade Sbisa for that, not Gudbranson. Then again, I just hope that we can get something of value for Luca. Since we gave up a blue-chip guy in McCann AND picks for Erik, I'd hope for at least a middling young roster forward than a couple of prospects.
  14. He might be among the best shots on the team (Sven, Loui, Bo, Danny when he chooses to shoot) but not 2nd best overall. Bo and Sven are probably. Sutter makes nice offensive plays off the rush and is solid defensively, but as others have said his net impact isn't that positive. He does contribute on the stats sheet and is a capable penalty killer but not without caveats. Then again, the Panthers have been trying to build their team roster based on advanced stats darlings (e.g. Pysyk) but look where that has gotten them (outside of a playoff spot), so neither system of analysis is perfect. TL; DR, as an individual player he does have value but probably not 2nd best forward.
  15. It's so tough to watch them when they seem out of ideas especially in set plays. Hank's basically always at the side wall, looking to thread a pass to Sutter or Stecher, either that or he switches spots with his brother. Danny's always open as an option and I think he's more fluid (willing to try down-low net-crashing plays, move back to work the point or work along the side walls) but they've been and likely will always remain perimeter players which would only limit their versatility and effectiveness. That's the danger of becoming creatures of habit, you can only thrive in certain situations (e.g. Twins on passing plays, working on the outside among themselves, or with a speedy shooting winger-- Danny used to be the shooter but he passes now too so no wonder point totals are dropping) Thing is, for people comparing them to Jagr (6'3", 230 lbs) or Jumbo Joe (6'4", 220), both those guys have much more strength than the Twins, who've always been finesse players. Danny's 6'1", 190 and Hank's 6'2", 188 so it would've made sense for them to find other ways to succeed (more skill-based plays vs. power) but when your playbook is known to opponents and when your shooter stops shooting, no wonder they'll be in trouble. Credit them for being more assertive than in the past, but they still need to seek to take more initiative in diversifying their game up more (that and have a shooter, at least of Hansen or Rodin caliber) for them to work effectively as a unit still IMO. Ultimately it may take a splitting of the Twins to have effective lines. Eriksson - Hank - Hansen, Danny - Sutter - Granlund, Sven - Bo - Rodin/ Burr still looks like a solid top-9 and changes like this might help prolong their effectiveness. With these line-mates I think each of them could still rack up some decent assist totals.