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  1. Good for him to stick around and become something, even if not the star he could've become. Bottom 6 is still NHL caliber. While guys like Tyler Bertuzzi, Pesce, Guentzel, Jarry and Duclair were drafted later, he also outlasted guys like our own Shinkaruk at #24 lol.
  2. Lol even Florida fans on hfboards were hating on Matheson and saying "bullet dodged" when they got Hornqvist for him.
  3. Jake for a 2nd? Where's Benning so I can grab his wrist to sign, and buy Jake's plane ticket?
  4. I'm not well versed, what's wrong with Matheson? He's young, albeit expensive and with long term.
  5. There's a difference between being strong on defense and having a reputation for strong defensive play veiling actual passivity. THAT'S what Loui was. He does not get a glowing review for his season, in fact far from it: When you're a $6 million dollar man getting out-hustled by a hungry man in Motte who makes a fraction of your contract, and all you contribute is chipping out the puck from the zone (not just me but the article states this too), I don't see what kind of value you have. Even if they sign Markstrom to play hero, the Wings don't have the same defense that we have and they'll probably leak shots at a historic level such that Loui'll show himself to be a pylon that fits in with the rest of them as they get blown by.
  6. Why would Detroit want to take on more salary and an extra year for a dead weight, esp. with no sweetener?
  7. If by take a step back you mean roster wise, i.e. give up bigger fish free agents (Tanev, Marky, maybe Toffoli) while bringing in lesser/ under the radar names to fill roles then I'm definitely down. e.g. if Marky and Tanev are replaced by Greiss and DeMelo but we save a couple million dollars then 100%. Same with giving up winning pedigree in Pearson by replacing him e.g. with Hoglander, and trading (name alone, he's viewed as at least a 2nd-3rd round pick on other teams' fan forums) Jake to sweeten Beagle or Gaud + Loui to recalibrate while losing some depth, then yes sign me up. Gotta focus on strengthening the team, since this past season they were very much carried by the top players (top PP unit + Boeser + Markstrom).
  8. Islanders have no cap space ($8.9 million when both Barzal (#1 C) AND Pulock (#1 D) are RFA) and enough dead cap (Boychuk still has 2 years himself as a 3rd pair guy). Unless Dobson or Mayfield are 100% ready to be #1 guys, I don't see why they would dump a workhorse like Pulock, just to shed Ladd when they take back more cap in Loui AND Sutter. Sutter also does nothing for them when they have underrated center depth in Barzal - Nelson/ Lee - Pageau - Cizikas. Stecher as a replacement for Pulock is hardly sufficient when you're talking about shifting a former 1st rounder RHD who almost reached 40 points, and not sure Jake brings much to a defensive system that already has two-way play from Bailey/ Clutterbuck and production from Eberle, Lee, Nelson and Beauvilier. You'd be lucky if Sweet Lou doesn't have Benning's number blocked after this proposal.
  9. That's some fresh perspective, haven't heard of him being compared to Goldobin before, though agreed he has talent. If management wants to have a fresh start at 3rd C and doesn't trust neither him nor Sutter, then I'd be down to have him and his no arbitration option contract rights packaged to hopefully move Loui or Beagle (Gaud's got upside and no negotiation rights, which will keep him affordable and serviceable).
  10. Could I borrow your crystal/ magic 8 ball too? There's quite a few young guns around the league so I wouldn't be so sure. Makar, Hughes, Heiskanen, Dahlin, Jones, Werenski, even guys like Provorov/ Sergachev (depends where he goes and if he's a #1 LD)/ Chabot (depends on what kind of help he gets from the Sens)/ Ryan Pulock/ DeAngelo? I'm sure I'm missing some.
  11. I'm happy with either. Dahlin of course being the full package but Quinn's mobility and talent for the entire game (shooting, passing, creating off the rush, back-check, evading checkers) is all so complete, minus having the size to be a dominant hitter (not that that's what we need him for). I might take Rasmus by a hair, but no disrespect to our GOAT either.
  12. Lol if there's ever been a time to start a bidding war on a pending UFA's rights, I hope time is now and Benning is the guy to do it.
  13. With half the team as free agents (UFA/ RFA) and most of these being younger guys on the rise, the fact of the matter is that there would have to be gifting of younger, not bottom-6 assets, to move the bottom-6 guys with clauses to even retain some of the guys that we want to keep. In other words, I think we already have no choice but to stand pat and free up cap while retaining as many core guys as possible. If a trade like Jake + Sutter or Gaudette + Eriksson moves those expensive pieces then I think we have no choice BUT to explore them. Heck, even taking a hit by trading Pearson a year early before UFA if Hoglander comes over might need to be done, and I'm expecting some changes and possible downgrades.
  14. Interesting question. I'm not digging the single color jerseys that the Leafs are wearing (blue sweater with white leaf) and even the Red Wings' red from head to toe look (classic I know) could use a change with a bit more color. I like the white with red sleeves jersey though. The Kings' black jerseys could also look a little bland compared to the grey jerseys with black shoulders. Think I just don't like singular color schemes. That being said, the Avs' blue and maroon also seems like an odd combo. I like the maroon and white though. In comparison I have a hard time finding an NBA jersey color scheme from among the ones below that I don't like (maybe the Jazz logo could lose the tinge of green? Also the Jazz could change their gradient orange jerseys and the Wizards could simplify theirs to have fewer stripes, but overall the colors just seem to work well together)