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  1. Amazing how they came back and won in the shootout though, that's how winners do it, so resilient.
  2. So tomorrow's the day that's known as "that one time Jumbo Joe brought his rooster to the rink"...
  3. If we shed cap by trading Benn and Stecher I wouldn't be averse to bringing him on-board. He could be an upgrade on the 3rd pair? How much would you expect he cost salary wise (currently $1.2 million, pending UFA)? Strictly in terms of depth, I would be happy keeping Benn (he brings such valuable versatility) and Fantenberg (solid, mobile no-frills guy).
  4. Thanks OP for the research. Would be great to know their positions, size and stats though before deciding if we need any of them. Also wonder if we need any guys really, Podkolzin and Lind (RW) / Madden (C)/ Hoglander and Gadjovich (LW) are pretty solid depth. Maybe we could use another all-round gem of a center and an upgrade on Jonah on left wing? Utica could also use a center with all their injuries but the team might be full otherwise.
  5. Yeah I was thinking that it's odd that he's with the likes of Shea Weber (6'4", 229 lbs), Victor Hedman (6'6" 223 lbs), John Carlson (6'3" 218 lbs), Seth Jones (6'4" 210) and Mark Giordano (6'1" 200 lbs). Petey's tall but he's only 176 lbs, so it'd be a testament to his talent if he can beat these bigger and taller guys.
  6. I like Foligno's play also for playoffs but let's see what we have in Ferland before we add more cap in exchange for a cost-controlled RFA. If this move does happen J.B. better be working hard to make other moves (e.g. I'd want to see Schaller for Holzer from Anaheim, get a right hand D-man with size, physicality and decent mobility, plus both are UFA's and we clear back $1.1 million in cap). If we're going for the team physicality route then I'd be happy with this pair of moves to start.
  7. To take a Tweet, albeit from someone in the media and blow it out of proportion? Bet he's on the Maple Leafs payroll as Chief Fearmongering Officer.
  8. If Loui gets $6 million a season, Judd could easily make at least a portion of that. Without his drafting we wouldn't be where we are.
  9. Boeser made the cut on TSN Top 50 players, ranking at #48. 

    Now is the sound that I hear the raising of pitchforks and the gathering of a mob ready to drive him out of town?

    1. Darius


      Boeser is under rated by some posters in here.  We have been spoiled by EPs and Hughes' immediate success, but in the whole history of this team we have drafted very few players that have produced like BB at his age.

  10. Any injury reports or wound photos? Must be some Pittsburgh fan who chose to rub it in after the photo
  11. Gritty the mascot. What were y'all thinking up in Philly? EDIT: I rest my case HM: DOPS head-shot rulings (sometimes incidental contact gets ruled as a head-shot whereas sometimes the player who got hit leaned or lunged and so they got hit on follow through when they made themselves vulnerable, yet the "offender" still gets dinged); also agreed with the playoff rule changes (whereas holding/ post-whistle aggression gets called in the regular season and skilled players ruled, it's almost expected in the post-season, to the point where the exciting skilled teams get dominated because the refs put their whistles away and the rough stuff is basically permitted)
  12. Echoing some of the sentiments in this thread, - I personally don't view him negatively for demanding a trade only to a couple of contenders, since stars on declining teams do that when they want to win and it's honestly part of the business. - That being said, as a fan I still resent him for asking out and doing so in a way that has come to be perceived as burning bridges - Overall I don't think he belongs in the team's Ring of Honor. I respect the warrior that he was on the ice but I don't see that he has a place in there, as the ending of his time here does again tarnish the legacy a bit; otherwise if we're going to assign guys for being warriors I'd honestly have Luongo (being the loyal player he was despite being dumped on) and even the late Rick Rypien (for his heart, effort and inspiration that he was to many people with mental health issues) above him
  13. If we're not trading within our own division, I'd be down to trade Sutter to Detroit who's been all-time bad (-88 in goal differential, I believe the worst of the last decade was the 2016-2017 Av's who were at -112...). IF they want a semblance of a starter and someone to help stabilize things defensively I'd flip Sutter and Demko for one of their goalies and two 2nd's. Then we could deal Sven to Anaheim like it's been discussed, though I'd just throw in a middle round pick since I think in the right opportunity he could still belong in the league. (hope it doesn't come down to this to simply open up cap space though, it would be nice to have this depth).
  14. How do we get a guy like that without throwing away our depth? Lotto Line, Bo and Pearson, plus Gaudette should be off-limits in terms of forwards going back (Jake should be too but we really wouldn't have much to offer if we kept everyone in the top-9 except maybe Roussel or Loui/ Leivo, which they probably don't need). Also Rangers are probably retooling, since they're 7th in their division? Not sure they'd sell a young asset like him though, since he's on pace still for around 40 points even if he's "yet to put it all together". Panarin, Zibanejad, Buchnevich and Kakko are probably in the critical mass core moving forward, with Skjei and Trouba and Georgiev/ Shesterkin in goal.