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  1. Phil_314

    Griffin Reinhart (Cam Barker 2.0?)

    Probably foot speed? The age of the hulking, immobile D-man who can't move the puck is a thing of the past, it's a skater's league now. Ever wonder how we ended up with Luke Schenn, whose reputation certainly precedes him, only to have him assigned straight to Utica??
  2. Phil_314

    Vancouver - Flames trade proposal

    So are you saying the Flames get "Tim" or "Schaller"?
  3. Phil_314

    NBA Discussion

    Wonder how much Pippen's comments about how to stop him would get into his mind and force him to change? I mean don't get me wrong, he's still a monster with 35 to 40 points each night but when your bread and butter is matched against the stoutest of defenders each night and maybe even double/triple teams, wonder if the Rockets would have enough fuel with him at 80-85% (still very much elite) but no Capela or Paul for awhile.
  4. Hire him to help work with Goldie's two-way game. For all the flack he gets Goldie is talented but just needs to stay committed. Pasha was elite at that.
  5. Phil_314

    Best Swede Ever?

    Probably Lidstrom then Forsberg (just the sheer strength, skill and offensive flair), and these two should be untouchable barring some legendary totals from EP.
  6. No Pete, no problem. TD with the money saves, Eddie/ Sven/ Bo / Brock and Loui all chipping in, plus who would've thought Pouliot would show shades of his offensive potential?? Leivo dangled; Beagle, Motte, Stech and Jake we're gritty and Sutter did a fine job vs Eichel.
  7. Dang no EP and no Pete, surprised Gaud hasn't been called up since the Sabres should still be a tough opponent. Marky better stand on his head tmrw and hope the wings come out firing!
  8. Can we change the title? Trade's official now per Canucks social media..
  9. Great to arguably get an Alex Biega with size. For all the heart Bulldog has, Schenn's size would help in the trenches if we make the second season. Stecher's great also but he's also really small of a guy, great to stock up on a stabilizing guy, albeit one who's been relegated to minors.
  10. Phil_314

    [Proposal] Lets battle

    Right. Playoff push. Cuz teams trade off half of their existing roster and chemistry ain't no thing. Also agreed with others, I'd keep Eddie and Tanev. Chicago and LA trades I'm down, but the Detroit one confuses me (who's this Lindstrom fellow?)
  11. Phil_314

    [Report] Sergei Bobrovsky willing to waive NTC

    Marky's playing perfectly as a fill-in #1/ placeholder for Demko/ tandem partner with Thatcher, doubt management would bring 72 in.
  12. Phil_314

    [trade] talbot,puljujarvi to flyers for wade simmons

    IBTL!! Wade Simmons, we hardly knew ye
  13. I saw Rangers and then Schneider and was like wait... something's not right, unless I'm missing something that Cory's on the Rangers now?!?!?
  14. Besides the obvious (talents: Pete, Bo, Brock, guys with contracts in Marky, Sven, Roussel/ Beagle, Eriksson, guys doing well in Leivo, Virtanen and Motte) I think Eddie and Tanev would stay along with the kids in Hutton and Stecher (not really distinguished talents to merit big returns), while someone like Sutter and Goldie could be moved (could keep Gaudette up long-term, Goldie due to lack of fit). Wouldn't mind seeing Guddy moved if another physical presence can be acquired, and MDZ and Pouliot can go also, along with peripheral guys like Granny. Moving of under-performing vets for picks and assets would be great to complete a San Jose style retool.
  15. Phil_314

    Last night in Sweden

    Anyone know Swedish?? Wonder what the commentators were saying and if any were making Bruins commentator-types of comments. Also that was entirely on that Steen fellow in green; did he get kicked from the game as well? He was the one who pushed the ejected guy into his own bench.