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  1. Grew up listening to the band, mostly enjoyed it due to his unique voice and the intensity of the music. After this death and listening to his songs again though, it's really changed my perspective on what the lyrics are about and it's saddening to think of what performers like him and writers for bands like Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors, and rappers like Eminem have had to go through and the deep seated emotion that rests within them to pen such heart-wrenching lyrics. Songs like "Heavy", "Unsteady", "Demons" and others of the same genre are evidently more heartfelt pleas in my ears now. As much as sadness and anger are part of the human experience and music like this can achieve catharsis, I hope that people would go seek actual help instead of release in music as it could end up having a snowballing effect and lead to more cases like this. RIP Chester.
  2. I've used the phrase "symbiotic relationship" like 4 times this week in real-life conversations.
  3. Complemented by someone who can push play up ice (Del Zotto?) he can definitely have a role. That being said, in a league where skating is the focus he had better work on that to keep up and put pressure physically on his opponents. He definitely has top-4 potential but he had better round out his game as the defensive D-man nowadays is more of a Tanev type. As for McCann, if he doesn't make it as an NHL player then without a doubt we may have won, even if we end up with an expensive underachieving player ourselves. Now, with Pettersson it's not even like we need him anymore, while the Panthers likely still haven't replaced what he brought (defense, big minutes-- signs were that Ekblad and Demers weren't able to bring the same impact).
  4. Salo and Manny would be nice. Maybe Sami can help Tanev up his velocity, and it's always helpful in a puck possession league to be good at draws. Bo, Hank and Sutter are all solid but nothing wrong with continuously growing in this area. For the smallish Euro wings in particular (Sven, Goldie, Dahlen when he comes up, probably Hutton too) I'd want Ehrhoff (or Rypien when he was around/ Dorsett) when he hangs them up to work with them in toughness since to his credit Christian's actually been in several fights in his career, and the smaller tough guys can help develop that side of the scorers so that when agitators take runs at them they could stand up for themselves (not saying they should be aggressors or agitators but just have that defensive ability in their arsenal).
  5. People who can't decide what they want especially about trivial things (cue The Notebook). People with excuses for why they don't go after the things they want in life ("I could but...") People who walk too slowly or are ignorant of their surroundings and the fact that their relaxed pace may be holding up the walkway People who talk softly... you're not yelling if you speak up! B.M. people (don't stick your straw in my drink without asking if you could have some first, your mouth being on fire from your food is one thing, respecting others' property is something else to respect)
  6. Sick mitts on the kid, can see that he thinks the game really well. Just needs to put on some weight to his frame and we should have a beauty on the team.
  7. Hope management puts him in roles where we could maximize his value by upping his offensive utilization, and maybe he could have a Jeff Tambellini-esque breakout season with that shot of his. Then, if we have room for him in an offensive role then we use him in it, and if not we could easily trade him away. It's definitely valid for him to want a one-way deal, but he'll have to really earn it with the UFA signings and any camp hopefuls hungry for a chance in the big team.
  8. Markov is basically a decade older than M.D.Z., likely a lot more expensive and injury prone (missed a long time last season), plus he's said to want to return to Montreal on a two-year deal which takes him to 40 yrs old. While he's more established on the PP it's not a bad idea to buy a lottery ticket on a youngish guy who can still develop into a front-end PP guy, and someone who at worst can still be dealt for draft pick(s) Good move by Jim..
  9. Agreed with everyone else, he fits so well with how they play still (heart, lots of jam and grit); guys like him, Arvidsson, Scissons, Watson and Aberg up front are those foot soldier type players who often will their team to the top with their mix of extra effort and scoring ability. Wish we had guys like them on Vancouver.
  10. Not a bad add, could be a decent top-6 scoring depth option. He's also still youngish. Sven - Bo - Brock Twins - Granny Goldie - Gagner - Loui Gaunce - Sutter - Dorsett(?) //Rodin Eddie - Stecher Hutton - Tanev MDZ - Guddy //Wiercioch/ Subban/ Pedan Marky Nilsson On paper that's not bad, just hope that if the group just isn't ready to contend that they wouldn't become a pretender. Could use all the high picks we can get!
  11. He's not the most physical guy (no Tryamkin/ Sbisa) but think he actually had stretches in the top-4 in Ottawa before tailing off. Hope he's a skilled depth guy who would use his size a bit, and if we get that he could be a solid addition.
  12. The player's handedness might've played a factor in this. We already have Stecher, Tanev, Guddy as fellow right-sided righties; Bruins' right side is Carlo, McQuaid (is he really top-4 caliber?) and Kevan Miller (Colin got picked off by the Knights), so maybe they would be more able to give him decent minutes. The salary is lower but media has been touting him as an underrated guy so maybe the Bruins have a steal here.
  13. Small sample size, but that .923 save percentage looks pretty promising. Even his goals against is nearly the same as some newly minted starters (Greiss, Marky Mark, Frederik Andersen), so interested to see how he does. More importantly good thing we didn't spend big time on Miller Time but got another youngish player who could potentially be traded if assets are there.
  14. Glad we didn't just give up on a former SHL MVP who was showing signs of potential. Excited for next year, we might be like the Panthers from a couple of years ago (veteran laden roster who becomes sneaky good while having a young roster).
  15. Happy Canada D'Eh!