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  1. Ingredients for successful playoff team

    All this plus team speed, team toughness and hunger. From what I've watched depth guys like Tuch and Nosek have been battlers and Alex is 4th in playoff scoring for them, only behind the "big" line (Marchessault - Karlsson - Smith). Which leads to my next point: guys with big hearts and who play big can out-duel guys who are bigger. Case in point their outplaying the Jets.
  2. If Benning decides to try and find a taker for Gudbranson then maybe gun for Pateryn. Agreed about the lefty imbalance though, Edler already takes the major minutes and showed that he still has some gas in the tank, and I think it's too early to write-off Hutton or Pouliot (moreso the former) since Ben's underlying stats are actually pretty good on defense. That and someone's gotta score and we could see to shore up center ice before adding redundant pieces.
  3. And then when Jake still doesn't pan out, all aboard the Loui Eriksson for Evander Kane train!! (Give it a couple years when his regression begins...)
  4. Tough to answer #3 at this point without knowing which assets were included. 7th overall, young D-man and 2nd would've been better for sure (could've taken Bo earlier) but again the point of trading to a divisional rival and having them burn them comes to mind (wonder how LA likes Martin Jones now). Without a doubt I'd say I'm happy with how it has panned out for now (Bo as a #1 center, Schneider's not a guy who would necessarily be a savior for us - he's probably not much more than Marky, the big Russian drafted by Dallas isn't even here as a comparable).
  5. [Proposal] Van - Avs

    If Demko plays out of his mind in the pre-season then I would consider this. Considering how Nilsson's World Hockey Championship performance is part of the premise behind the trade, I won't touch into it too much as you think that it'd be a value booster for a trade while I think it'd be worth keeping him for that reason, but I digress. The thing that I'd like to bring up is Marky's workload this past season. PLAYER POS TEAM GPI W L OT MIN SO GA SHA GAA SV% G A PIM Connor Hellebuyck G Wpg 67 44 11 9 3966 6 156 2048 2.36 .924 0 2 0 Cam Talbot G Edm 67 31 31 3 3730 1 188 2036 3.02 .908 0 1 8 Frederik Andersen G Tor 66 38 21 5 3889 5 182 2211 2.81 .918 0 1 2 Andrei Vasilevskiy G TB 65 44 17 3 3825 8 167 2075 2.62 .919 0 2 14 Sergei Bobrovsky G CBJ 65 37 22 6 3912 5 158 1993 2.42 .921 0 3 0 Jonathan Quick G LA 64 33 28 3 3677 5 147 1867 2.40 .921 0 4 10 Henrik Lundqvist G NYR 63 26 26 7 3503 2 174 2036 2.98 .914 0 1 0 Devan Dubnyk G Min 60 35 16 7 3450 5 145 1769 2.52 .918 0 3 12 John Gibson G Ana 60 31 18 7 3428 4 139 1872 2.43 .926 0 1 16 Martin Jones G SJ 60 30 22 6 3416 4 145 1699 2.55 .915 0 0 2 Jacob Markstrom G Van 60 23 26 7 3414 2 154 1745 2.71 .912 0 3 4 Jimmy Howard G Det 60 22 27 9 3368 1 160 1770 2.85 .910 0 1 10 Of the list above (every goalie who played 60 games or more), only he and Jimmy Howard had losing records (Lundqvist and Talbot had even records), and neither Vancouver or Detroit has done particularly well this year. I just hope that Jacob has enough of a backup available that he might be able to split more games with the backup so that he could potentially improve his win percentage with fewer starts (might be more fresh). If Demko is better suited to start in the minors anyways (I'd rather have him there rather than riding 40 games on the bench) then maybe it's better to keep Nilsson. At his age he can still fit with the team's timeline anyways and there really shouldn't be a rush to trade him, esp. for only a 4th.
  6. Essentially this. Of course, if we could acquire a lesser guy who can still be a stabilizing presence while trading Brandon to obtain a pick as well then I would've been down for that. Given how the team hasn't been starved for cap space it makes sense to keep him, he is pretty invaluable and worth keeping.
  7. I don't know, is Noah really that good or is he going to be Adam Larsson for them while the Oil give up another Taylor Hall? Leon is a 70-point center who plays in all situations (#1 center on PP, plays on PK, has size and is really young). Maybe if Chia pet is ready to give up the reins with another bad deal I could see that?
  8. NBA Discussion

    Paul, Harden and James on one team would just be iso city. It'd make for an interesting tactic to have 3 game-breakers to each carry offensively but doesn't seem far to have so much talent. Each of them can carry, then they just need a 3-and-D guy and Capela up the middle and they would be pretty good.
  9. NBA Discussion

    This pretty much sums it up, LeBron hero ball can only get them so far and he was jacking up so many deep 3's and guarded shots that it was clearly unsustainable. Brad Stevens is also quite the genius for consistently swapping his rangy rotation of Brown, Horford, Marcus Morris, Smart and Tatum onto James so they would be fresh and able to keep him outside. Then outside of Love and Korver spot shooting the Cav's don't really have much help for him. If they can shut down arguably the defining one-man team that is LeBron as they've been doing it should be a quick series. In fact, I think Celtics - Warriors would be quite the match-up of athleticism and two-way play. Rozier III - Curry are both the abused player on defensive match-ups but both are very good. Then you have Brown - Tatum - Morris - Horford vs. Thompson - Durant - Iguodala - Green, which is four long, athletic, versatile guys on each end with plenty of 3-point ability. I hope for that match-up after the Celtics and Warriors each do away with their iso-heavy opponents (Boston can probably beat the Rockets too, since like they've been doing to LeBron they can keep Harden and Paul dancing to the outside then beat the slower guys like Ariza down the floor. Go Celts and Go Dubs for me.
  10. Tough to predict to be honest. Fleury did outduel two stellar goalies in Quick and Jones, but Hellebuyck's probably at another level this year. The Peg is also really deep this year (several solid scoring lines, defensive depth and a star goalie), but maybe the Knights could still surprise. Probably slight edge for the Jets though.
  11. Agreed with the faith in Demko, he'll probably be ready by then. Also maybe DiPietro would be on the verge too (not many junior guys end up in a tournament with stars like he has in the World Championships, and pretty sure he'd be knocking on the big league door). Rather save assets to throw at a #1 D-man, and can probably sign an adequate goalie if need be.
  12. Could low-key be a win for Arizona if they're not starved for cap space? Kruger should still be an underrated defensive center. If the Canes need the space though Jordan looks decent too.
  13. You call it - Canucks 1st round pick ( Discussion/Poll)

    5 again? Same reasoning as
  14. (Proposal) CHI Town & VAN City 2

    No dice to those two going back. They want to go young and save money? Gagner costs $1ish million less and is younger. Something around Sam for Artem would be what I would push for. Teams with size down the middle are typically tougher to play against and Artem definitely fits that bill. Without adding anyone else, and with the right breakouts, I think the group could look pretty good Eriksson - Bo - Brock (primary offensive unit, Loui played well next to Bo so thinking of tethering them together) Leipsic - Anisimov - Jake (could be a strong, physical two-way line. All three can skate and hit and should be tough to play against) Sven - Gaudette - Goldobin (secondary scoring line, they all have breakout potential and could flourish if sheltered) Archie - Sutter - Granny (tough, two-way line that can move up the lineup)
  15. Exactly, agreed with these. Thing is, when you're in an enclosed space (rink) where small, quick guys are trying to dart around you and there's also bigger guys who are trying to plow to the net, having a wall of a man there to stop them both would be effective. The reason in my opinion why small forwards work well is if there's collective speed - the Knights for instance were able to capitalize on rushes against LA precisely because guys like Karlsson, Marchessault and Smith have speed as a unit. If they collectively drive play with speed then it's good luck to the defense to try and slow them down with size when they're elusive and can dart around the slower guys, but the value of a bigger guy is that if they pick their spot right there's simply nowhere to go (say with bigger guys clogging up lanes or hemming guys in along the boards) then that's also equally effective. At the end having both fast forwards and big D-men make for a good combo though, and definitely agree with the small D-men point as they can add to the collective speed and cohesiveness of the 5-man unit.