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  1. (Proposal) VAN-WPG

    Kyle Connor, Patrick Laine and Mathieu Perreault are all scoring at higher clips than Danny. They also have Scheifele and Little up the middle, plus Wheeler's playing up the middle with Scheif out. They really don't need Hank (Little has played stretches as a #1 in a pinch).
  2. [Report] Canucks reassign Nikolay Goldobin to Comets

    Hope he watches tape of Nail Yakupov and Michael Grabner, two previously one-dimensional forwards who added two-way elements to their game and are finding at least some regularity in the NHL. The old adage is "you can't teach talent" which Nikolay clearly has, just hope he finds the drive to battle.
  3. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Tough to not go with the O.G. Morgan Freeman.
  4. Would like to see Virtanen stand up for himself

    Do you have a clip or something of this? Also Hutton didn't really have a choice, he decked Orpik and Smith-Pelly came at him. Most guys would stand up for themselves and not turtle in that situation, lest they risk violating "the code" after a big hit and get a bad rep for being soft. Surprised to hear this about Jake, and if it's true I hope we try to move him. He's already not scoring very much, and if a tough fast guy like him isn't enough intimidating then he's not really doing his job (might have better value moving him than keeping him around to skate quickly, hit and then do nothing).
  5. How Do You Deal with Strong Personalities?

    I'd say pick your battles. If there's things like your job or a dear personal relationship at risk over something small, then would you stand your ground so much if the strong person's opinion strayed too much from what you think? If so, there might be backlash coming your way. If it's something that you value though, then yeah I can see you wanting to speak up for yourself, and you'd be ready for any potential confrontation and associated consequence. It's all cost-benefit when it comes to things like this, and even the different repercussions you may face as a result. There's also a time to be tolerant but also times to be assertive, since if you're always compromising or accepting of what they say people could start viewing you as a doormat or pushover. Even in subordinate roles you can walk the fine line of remaining PC while getting your point across, it's also a matter of how you say it which is as important as what you say in delicate interpersonal situations. Now pick those battles. PICK EM!!!!!!!
  6. I'm not sure he or management should do anything to right the ship, Horvat, Sutter and Tanev returning would already plug the respective holes they left with their injuries. We have an exciting young top line (Killer Bees), solid secondary scoring (Vanek, Twins, somewhat with Gagner and Eriksson; keeping the Twins and Vanek - Gagner makes for foundations for two solid lines), a solid shutdown line (Granny - Sutter - Dorsett before Derek had to retire, but maybe Dowd or Gaunce can plug that hole?), promise on D (Pouliot as a steal, Del Zotto's looked solid, Tanev's always himself and Juolevi looks like he could become big-minute as a calming presence). The major pieces needed are mostly there, at most might need a legit PMD, a replacement for Guddy and a starting goalie (Demko?). Given how things have unfolded (prospects exceeding expectations, young guns showing promise) now would be the worst time to make a desperation move.
  7. I'd do it, may need to trade Markstrom though. Nilsson's stats aren't even better than Halak's, so if they're seeking an upgrade in goal the best we can really offer is Jacob. It would definitely help them to have Tanev though, and I could see their GM pony up to get a guy of his caliber, even if it does cost a premier young asset. It might be a slight stretch but I think Jacob, Tanev and maybe a minor asset for 1st, Bellows/ Ho-Sang and maybe Halak in return (I don't really want Greiss and Nilsson as our best options).
  8. Essentially they're swapping lottery ticket reclamation projects (not too long ago Panik was flourishing there, so swapping him for Duclair doesn't seem too far from the realm of possibility, and I think he'll flourish over there). Clendening and Dauphin are pretty much a wash IMO. Maybe Panik can remain productive if he's next to Keller? Not sure it's as lopsided as people say it is.
  9. In ordinary conditions I think it would be more acceptable for Arizona to accept a move of a star for 4 quality pieces (maybe Ottawa's down for it too if they do decide to sell the farm and go in that direction, which could be foolish esp. seeing how things have fallen apart after the Duchene trade). I think it's not entirely unlikely, and it's happened before that stars are stated as not being moveable, yet they are moved after all. Maybe a move like this would happen for OEL.
  10. I'm down to trade Tanev just like the OP has said as to be frank we're not really in a position to win, and if we can get a blue-chip D-man then all the more (we do have the emergence of Pouliot on D and he can play on the right side). I also don't agree with just dressing Tanev on the second pair to be honest, with his ability to drive play and elite advanced stats he should face the toughest competition so the likes of Stech and Guddy can face lesser competition, and I think his role on the team as a buffer for the other D can hardly be overstated, so if we're keeping him I want him playing big minutes, or we trade him to maximize futures. Basically totally against treating him like another Hamhuis.
  11. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Fallin' for Dahlin doesn't sound too bad of an idea either
  12. (Proposal) TOR - VAN

    There seems to be a place for a trade like this, where if the team (the Leafs in this case) think they can contend but they have holes in their roster, and their trading partner wants to shed veterans and pick up youth in a rebuild, then the template works. That said, I don't know if the Leafs have such a big need in their back end (they do have Rielly, Gardiner both on pace for 40+ points, while Hainsey and Zaitsev are averaging above 20 minutes a game and are solid all-rounders. Even Polak and Borgman, their #5 and #6 have been looking solid) and Liljegren is a very solid asset. In this case the need probably isn't big enough to justify this move (they do have a +14 goal differential, and if anything they would benefit from adding up front. I don't think we're in a place to help them with that.
  13. Gudbranson vs Tryamkin (Discussion)

    Gimme Groot! He's more mobile and can probably play on either side while being physical. Probably a true minute-muncher and presence, reminiscent of Chara.
  14. Hmm... I honestly wasn't sure about this one. The proposal has its merits (Bobby's probably got more offensive upside and we would get the younger player, Ottawa would be able to remain competitive while shedding cap as a budget team) but there's also concerns (Bobby also costs more, we might need that cap space over time and Loui is the better defensive player still). I would likely agree to it, would be great to have another big-bodied winger to impose himself on other teams. Guys like Vanek and Ryan give other teams problems in front just because of their size and talent, and if Granny or Dowd can grow to fill Loui's two-way role (not unlikely for Granny to step up farther) then the loss of Loui would be reduced.