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  1. Benning is the real deal!

    well we did go to the stanley cup final with them, did you want the fans to call for their heads during the run?
  2. Moving the twins out of respect

    They aint going anywhere if I have any say in it. Which i dont but still, twins stay!!
  3. Benning is the real deal!

    Really happy with Benning so far. Very excited for the season to start to watch all of these new players. Lets see what he does in free agency.
  4. Was Kesler one of the best Canucks of all-time? Future ROH ?

    He had 1 good year, completly overrated , and a jerk to many by all accounts. No he doesnt get in.
  5. [PGT] Jensen still on fire

  6. [PGT] Crestfallen Calgary Loses 2-1

    havent posted this ...well forever it seems
  7. I love evolutions videos which is why i follow him on youtube. You need to make another one with the mens canada team with their gold medals. please

    any video montage yet?
  9. HBO's "True Detective"

    holy crap what an episode, HBO hitting it outta the park with this show
  10. [GDT] Canucks @ Carolina 10 AM DEC 1ST

    this guy said the nucks are going to win, im going to take his word for it.
  11. Booth Aiming to Make Team USA 2014 Sochi Roster

    joke thread?
  12. err wut? taking over the unsullied was boring?? a snorefest? great season