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  1. Wow, this just in! `If your team aint pushing 1000pts this month, you aint #$@!.`
  2. yes, waivers till end of season.
  3. could be tough, there are a bunch of good goalies on the market this summer (IRL)... should be interesting. I`ll be watching to see where newly acquired Ben Bishop signs, hoping that a contender takes interest. Hoping the rebuild teams in the league will focus on younger potential on the market. I bet a lot of people show interest in the next possible starters... I see a few teams being interested in guys like Scott Darling... or Mike Condon...
  4. Witness.
  5. Movement: The Bruins would like to send down Valentin Zykov Movement: The Bruins would like to call up Reid Boucher
  6. Done! Tnx.
  7. updated rosters going backward, got to page 208. if there any little book keeping issues, or if i missed you roster, call it out or drop me a pm. @Primal Optimist got permissions for your team sheet this week, sorry for the wait. You spread should be all fresh and pimped out
  8. Awesome. I'm taking some dogs for a walk, gettin some sushi, and will get on it this evening. Thanks for pushing through that pile bud. That's the ugliest job ever... @Mike Vanderhoek you owe Theminister some carpal-tunnel therapy treatments and 26er for mental trauma... just sayin.
  9. Sounds great! I will be in attendance for the first time in a few years!
  10. awww, family is all home sniff.
  11. OMG, call everyone up!!! All year I was roster short, and NOW they all get called up: Varone Archibald Gaunce Weegar Zykov PS, my team`s success on pickup is solely related to Brian Elliot, who isn't on the team -60 for BOS +60 for SJS
  12. Shattenkirk hit... not cool. He`ll be facing discipline in Boston as well. Keep your feet on the ice boys.
  13. Zykov - 1st game 1st goal!!!
  14. Activation: The Bruins would like to activate Jimmy Howard from the LTIR. Movement: The Bruins would like to send down Reid Boucher Movement: The Bruins would like to call up Valentin Zykov
  15. did some calculations this morning... well, I'm 300+ points out of the playoffs... guess i can stop checking scores... Silver lining - Bjorkstrand and Tarasenko with game winners last night.