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  1. yes, waivers till end of season.
  2. could be tough, there are a bunch of good goalies on the market this summer (IRL)... should be interesting. I`ll be watching to see where newly acquired Ben Bishop signs, hoping that a contender takes interest. Hoping the rebuild teams in the league will focus on younger potential on the market. I bet a lot of people show interest in the next possible starters... I see a few teams being interested in guys like Scott Darling... or Mike Condon...
  3. Witness.
  4. Movement: The Bruins would like to send down Valentin Zykov Movement: The Bruins would like to call up Reid Boucher
  5. Done! Tnx.
  6. updated rosters going backward, got to page 208. if there any little book keeping issues, or if i missed you roster, call it out or drop me a pm. @Primal Optimist got permissions for your team sheet this week, sorry for the wait. You spread should be all fresh and pimped out
  7. Awesome. I'm taking some dogs for a walk, gettin some sushi, and will get on it this evening. Thanks for pushing through that pile bud. That's the ugliest job ever... @Mike Vanderhoek you owe Theminister some carpal-tunnel therapy treatments and 26er for mental trauma... just sayin.
  8. Sounds great! I will be in attendance for the first time in a few years!
  9. awww, family is all home sniff.
  10. OMG, call everyone up!!! All year I was roster short, and NOW they all get called up: Varone Archibald Gaunce Weegar Zykov PS, my team`s success on pickup is solely related to Brian Elliot, who isn't on the team -60 for BOS +60 for SJS
  11. Shattenkirk hit... not cool. He`ll be facing discipline in Boston as well. Keep your feet on the ice boys.
  12. Zykov - 1st game 1st goal!!!
  13. Activation: The Bruins would like to activate Jimmy Howard from the LTIR. Movement: The Bruins would like to send down Reid Boucher Movement: The Bruins would like to call up Valentin Zykov
  14. did some calculations this morning... well, I'm 300+ points out of the playoffs... guess i can stop checking scores... Silver lining - Bjorkstrand and Tarasenko with game winners last night.
  15. @Wilb, i`m sorry to hear things have been rough, and i was worried when we didn't see or hear from you through the deadline. I think I may have been one of those deals too, as i remember reaching out to your team. I send all my best wishes and thoughts, and hope the next year is much easier for you, and filled with good news. As far as the CDCGML is concerned, you are `grandfathered` in, and we refuse to let you go as long as you want to participate. The exec would like to propose to bend the `no AGM` rule, and allow you to choose someone to help out. Hopefully this solution could alleviate the daily movements and stresses, and allow you to focus on the fun and enjoyment factor. If you would like to choose someone, we`d be happy to let that begin at any time. Kind of a pool, but kind of a community too. Concentrate on your health, we will make this work for you. Don't worry about it, even for a moment.