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  1. Katy Perry will be fine... she'll probably have something to do with barney
  2. Light flurries at SFU too... and it's hella cold.
  3. It was raining a bit when i left SFU
  4. By the way... Robin (Cobie Smulders) is on the cover of the next maxim!!! Google it :D
  5. It's coming down but it's not sticking on the roads I guess I'll get back to studying for my mt tomorrow then....
  6. ^ I thought the episode was hilarious....maybe its because I'm into that type of immature humour with all the sexual innuendos. Unless you didn't catch any of them.....
  7. I believe shes going to be a long term gf for ted... rather than the constant one-episode-chicks hes had the last season and a half
  8. so, what is froggy style, anyways?

  9. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  10. My favourite show by far. Should check out "The Bro Code" book... it's some pretty funny stuff too.