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  1. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    somebody hand this chode a rope totally makes %$# up and feeds it to the twitterverse as fact Botchford = Ecklud's ball sack at this point. WON'T post a source (which would get your post deleted here) and then has the balls to tell people if they call him a liar, he'll ban them from his feed. 100% five star %$#@in loser right there, folks. Boycott the Province until they fire this %$#2ing idiot.
  2. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    lol... White Lake's about 25 miles north of Salmon Arm I hate Alberta. Fake lakes? Come on man......
  3. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    I threw Tanev into the mix for him yesterday and I think a few people here now want to kill me Our D is a mess but Tman's 28 and much the same as the Sedins 4 years ago... the time is now. If we can shore up our top 9 adding Kane/Gaudette/Pettersson/Domi, i think we can get by for a while without Tanev. Give Holm a shot. We may even see Demko next year. And if he's ready that gives us a bit of a boost in net... which combined with a bit more offensive grunt, we could be just fine until Benning rewires the back end I dunno. Just my thoughts. btw name is taken from the movie "2012"..... I went on a 3 day camping trip with a bud out into the Shuswaps and we were driving down some mosquito infested back road and we see this guy walking down there with a little kid... turns out, it's Woody Harrelsson! They were filming scenes for the movie near White Lake that day
  4. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    Totally. Like I said, that's just how I see it... and it's the team itself that is selling that to it's fans. At some point they have to do as they say. Attendance is already at an all time low, and hanging on to guys you should have flipped 4 years ago is not going to go over well - especially considering you've already burned Horvat's ELC and only have 1 more year of Boeser's ELC left and STILL are a last place team. I'm not saying I'm a genius, but even a monkey can see something wrong with this picture.
  5. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    I'm crossing my fingers Benning is seriously and actively trying to work a Domi acquisition. Massive fan of that kid. He was lights out at the world juniors in 2015....... nobody was even talking about his team mate... you might know him... Connor McDavid? Canucks are selling a "speed, aggression, and youth" Domi is all 3. Get r dun Benning
  6. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    Pettersson is 5 inches and 10 lbs bigger than Gaudraeu. and there are others in the league who are pretty slight.... it's quickly becoming a new era. I'm not advocating rushing anyone, that's always a bad idea.... but for some reason, this team seems to be extremely gun-shy regarding it's young players. Sometimes, the best way for them to become successful is to play several of them together at once. Take a guy like Goldobin for example.. he's got lights out high end skill but who do we have here to compliment that with? Other than Boeser and Bo........ Goldobin + Boucher + Holm were destroying teams on the power play for Utica. Goldy and Bouch were star junior team-mates so there is proven long term chemistry there.... yet they get called up and don't play together? Why not???? This team has NOTHING to lose by taking a look at combinations like that but they refuse to do so over and over and over again..... I love the Sedins. They are still good players but they should have been traded in 2014. If that would have happened, we'd already be back int playoff contention and well into the rebuild Instead.... management is contemplating re-signing a bunch of 40 year olds while at the same time selling a "rebuild" based on "youth and speed" to it's fan base. That's called TAKING OUT BOTH SIDES OF YOUR MOUTH So frustrating.........
  7. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    I'm more concerned about Eriksson. 4 more years on that contract, and he'll be 33 to start next season. Either the Sedins have to retire, or Eriksson has to go. I get you wanna have "veterans" around to "mentor"... but having two guys pushing 40 plus another in Eriksson who's approaching his mid 30's - when you already have: Gudbranson - 27 Archibald - 28 Del Zotto - 28 (July) Gagne - 28 Biega - 30 (April) Sutter - 29 Dowd - 27 Edler - 32 (April) That's 8 guys averaging age 28.6 years old and if you took just those 8 guys as your team - they would be the oldest team in the NHL . Plenty of "veteran mentor-ship" there without the Sedins and Eriksson. I'm on record saying Gaudette and Pettersson will be on the team next year. If they aren't, there'll only be one reason why - because the team "still has to make room" for the twins and Eriksson. Goldy and Boucher could very well be trade bait, because we need to reshape our defence BADLY * cue the riot
  8. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    Totally speculation... but we keep hearing "younger and faster" over and over (and over...) So I'm just spelling out what that looks like to me. Age-wise that lineup would be about on par with Carolina, Columbus, Arizona, and Colorado - all of which are playoff teams save for Arizona. We've seen what *can happen if you get fortunate with a number of your young guys simultaneously, with the meteoric rise in Colorado this season. Was that game fun to watch last night or what! We don't know if Gaudette and/or Pettersson will be ready next year but Pettersson is already playing against men, and not all of the rinks over there are Olympic size so the argument that players "need to adjust" coming here is somewhat over stated IMO. If they ARE ready.... well.... let 'em loose re: Kane. I think he may be picked up by someone as a rental but I have my doubts whether he will be traded for and then re-signed. That opens the door to Benning throwing money at him in the summer to come home. For a few million bucks, you can still buy a half decent squatters shack in EastVan Unsure about his attitude these days, but the last time the Canucks were a dominant team, we had about EIGHT guys that people wanted to kill any given night. About time we bring some of that nasty back methinks. If he stays out too late one night or starts acting like a chode, Guddy can knock a few of his teeth out and stuff him in a locker for an afternoon.
  9. 2018/19 FWDS ..from TDL, pov

    pretty similar to what I posted the other day, although not everyone was pleased I was willing to let Tanev go to acquire Domi What ya gonna do? Gotta give, to get... Left Wing Center Right Wing E. Kane L/S Horvat Boeser R/S 6'2" 212 lbs 6'0" 223 lbs 6'1" 191 lbs 26 y/o 22 y/o 20 y/o Domi L/S Gaudette Virtanen R/S 5'10" 195 lbs 6'1" 185 lbs 6'1" 229 lbs 22 y/o 21 y/o 21 y/o Granlund L/S Sutter Pettersson L/S 6'0" 185 lbs 6'3" 191 lbs 6'2" 165 lbs 24 y/o 29 y/o 19 y/o Gaunce L/S Dowd Archibald L/S 6'2" 217 lbs 6'2" 200 lbs 6'3" 210 lbs 23 y/o 27 y/o 27 y/o
  10. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    It was somewhat of a rhetorical post. The point is, a team spending to the cap shouldn't be a perennial loser. It's not just the Sedins eating that up, there are others. We all now who they are.
  11. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Vancouver: 7th overall in Cap $pending Edmonton: 20th Montreal : 28th Ottawa : 13th Buffalo : 8th Arizona : 31st
  12. meh.... could be Gudd .... E. Kane L/S Horvat Boeser R/S 6'2" 212 lbs 6'0" 223 lbs 6'1" 191 lbs 26 y/o 22 y/o 20 y/o Domi L/S Gaudette Virtanen R/S 5'10" 195 lbs 6'1" 185 lbs 6'1" 229 lbs 22 y/o 21 y/o 21 y/o Granlund L/S Sutter Pettersson L/S 6'0" 185 lbs 6'3" 191 lbs 6'2" 165 lbs 24 y/o 29 y/o 19 y/o Gaunce L/S Dowd Archibald L/S 6'2" 217 lbs 6'2" 200 lbs 6'3" 210 lbs 23 y/o 27 y/o 27 y/o Kane : UFA Tanev : to Arizona for Domi Gagner : flipped for picks Baertschi : flipped for picks Defence is totally another story. It needs major work, but I'm willing to let Tanev go if it means significantly upgrading our top 6 in Domi - and Tanev won't be around by the time we end up contending anyway.... sell high.
  13. Since banking has been centralized globally, everyone is a debt slave. Money is literally debt. We exist in a trickle-UP economy. Pierre Truedung sold us (as Canadians) down the river in 1973 when he allowed the Bank of Canada to be taken over by foreign interest (pun extremely intended) We've been %$#!ed ever since. There is no such thing as "surplus". *Prosperity (and choice, with respect to "voting") are illusions used to keep the average person, of average intelligence (which is to say, most people), compartmentalized. To keep them too preoccupied to be bothered with reality. think bigger
  14. It's a lot easier to sell something when there's a price tag attached to it