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  1. granpappy

    [PGT] Pittsburgh Penguins at Vancouver Canucks | Oct. 27, 2018

    'we are a good defensive line' petey is the man
  2. granpappy

    Matheson hit on Pettersson

    green was quoted after the game as saying matheson had had one fight in his career. in the proper universe, green should have been quoted as saying matheson has had two fights in his career and 'i can confidently say he was completed thrashed in one of them'
  3. granpappy

    Matheson hit on Pettersson

    this reminds me of the raymond intent to injure in the bruin series. in pettersson's case, the a-hole was obviously pissed from having just lost his jockstrap and had immediately gone back toward pettersson. during the hit, when pettersson was vulnerable, just as raymond was, there was an obvious intent to take advantage, in this case, the a-hole wrapping his arm around pettersson and slamming him to the ice after he had lost his footing. 8 games would help to deter this sort of selfish play of a player putting himself ahead of the league to compensate for a lack of skill and avenge a wounded pride. we just don't do that anymore
  4. granpappy

    [Waivers] 22 players - Oct. 01, 2018

    think jack hughes
  5. granpappy

    Enough with the trade Virtanen talk!

    meat and potatoes an those blue stick in rink jerseys look really good, hopefully it all comes together
  6. granpappy

    ESPN rates Canucks forwards...

    they forgot about jack hughes
  7. don't forget, we're getting quinn hughes next year . . . and mabbe his bro comes with him
  8. yes . . . wear a burka and he's top pairing!
  9. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    no whales in the bay?
  10. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    slow day baggins?
  11. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    bure was a steal due to confusion of his eligibility. we still would have gotten him. add neely and wesley to the mix and maybe the rangers don't win the cup
  12. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    some good points. tanti was a deflection expert. if they could have sucked some team in and capitalised on his fairly one dimensional play who knows; they should have been tanking as there was no way in hell they were going to compete with the oilers, it was a massacre every time we played them. instead, neely and a first rounder gone
  13. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    no, neely was moved because tom watt didn't like him and it cost us a tough goal scoring forward. as i said, tom watt screwed us
  14. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    don't be so defensive, i was simply elaborating on the two. the fact they were at such opposite ends of the spectrum as players makes it hard for me to compare any trade similarities between the two. as i said, watt was an idiot
  15. granpappy

    V as logo centrepiece (V = Victory)

    neely was a lumberjack, hodgson was a smurf