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  1. that bo horvat so hot right now
  2. theeeeeeeeese &^@#ing refs
  3. first rounds gotta be best player available, rest of the picks can be drafting for needs
  4. mccann gotta work on those faceoffs
  5. hate to burst your bubble but he's probably only taking psychology because he needs to take classes, not just play hockey
  6. if you're gonna play borderline Dmen NHLers then they should at least be borderline NHLers with size considering how many guys there are that want to get into the NHL then it shouldn't be too hard to get guys like that
  7. wow weber... what the hell, teammate getting ragdolled and he's busy helping the other team. I'd be fine with him helping maroon if Mccann wasn't in the corner there
  8. I'm angry too but I don't think it's willies fault, in the end the players control what's on the ice more than the coach. Our defense is just not good enough, we got like two 7th defensemen playing too many minutes and losing sutter for so long is really showing our lack of depth and secondary scoring.
  9. honestly don't see the point of having cracknell over other guys who don't have a team. Could easily bring in a guy with the same skill set but hits hard and can occasionally drop the gloves. Seems alright if we need a soft hitting checker but we got a bunch of those guys already.
  10. solid game boys
  11. Not ready yet for the increased responsbiility (and I don't blame him, he's 20) that came with Sutter being injured, he's been -7 since Sutter was injured.
  12. excellent missed all the shinpads, for sure lock for next years pp unit 1
  13. lol this is like purely based on points what a useless list, no way should Edler be higher than Tanev and Vrbata being ahead of horvat is a joke
  14. I think it's Vey? I see vey in a lot of Shinkaruks goals
  15. Mccann gotta learn not to put your head down and go in with so much speed while cutting behind the net. Don't want to see the kid hurt but I could see that coming the second he sped up there because it's so easy to cut a guy off there. Hopefully he learned his lesson and won't get into a worse hit in the future.