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  1. Best enforcer = Steve Ott Rookies = Hall, Paajarvi, Seguin, Couture, Hodgson
  2. Cup is ours this year.

    1. BruinsForCup2011


      Give this man a medal

    2. EB²


      you're a wise dude :)

  3. Hey man, u were saying Pisani and Turco isn't going to do much. They have gotten rid of all their bottom 6 size, but if you check out the prospects coming up, this team is still scary good. Bickell, Bertram, Hendry, Stalberg, Broweur, Brophy, Davis, ... I mean the list goes on. They will still be a threat.

  4. hahahaha
  5. MG took an awesome chance at Raymond. Salo being out allowed the deal to be done before arbitration. I like it. Thanks for taking the cut Mase!

  6. Congrats Naslund! New jerseys are wicked!!