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  1. I could use a little more reckless from 18. Keep it up but bring it on the ice please.
  2. I want to at least see what Tram can offer on the NHL ice before I flip a quality young winger for a big man on D.
  3. Poor Comets. They had a shot this year...
  4. ...not so sure about that, with a bit of an add you might be surprised at what they could get for Virt. Especially if his contract this summer is team friendly and attractive to other GM's.
  5. I think Motte stays even with the addition of young talent. He is the exactly the type of depth player that championship teams need.
  6. Petey took a ton of abuse from Suter and Foligno. He got clipped by Dumba, cross checked in the face while driving the net, high sticked as well- all of which not called. He is likely banged up and frustrated.
  7. I like to see conspiracies in the Hockey world. It is clearly present in other major league sports and anyone who says otherwise can refer to 'deflate gate' or the recent debacle the Houston Astros are involved in or the NBA referee that was found to be influencing games. It stands to reason that other forms of "cheating' are present ad nauseum in the NHL.
  8. a little apple cider vinegar and a can of coconut milk . DEEELish
  9. ZM brings up the baseline for physical play all on his own. His game is well rounded and seems to able to play up and down the lineup. Bailey feels like a bit more of a project but with lots of potential and upside. I’m just not sure his game is sound enough for a bottom six role on a line that will have to spend time in their own zone defending during this key stretch of the season. But to your point, you never know until you try.
  10. Motte is the kind of deapth great teams win with. I can hear the other teams anouncers now, wondering after a tough 7 game series, “who is this Motte and where did he come from”?
  11. Vancouver must be at the top of many lists right now for UFA’s and players with trade protection.