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  1. i love Rooster. Can't wait for him to get back in the line up.
  2. He was doing twirls and seemed to be stretching out his leg during commercial breaks on Sunday.
  3. I feel like the refs need to be reminded sometimes that super stars like EP40 pay their bills and put their kids through college. The amount of stick work and non-calls against the games best young players is just nonsense. To allow EP to be fouled like that in a key scoring position and then to call him for a slash- not to mention the phantom high stick against Miller.... Stunning really and reeks of power tripping.
  4. I really like Stetcher but he better watch out in his rear view mirror for a young D on an ELC.
  5. Great post here but I would add I thing regarding why goon culture has vannished, the players themselves (nhlpa I suspect) have weeded it out.
  6. Me and my Bro were remembering when we played hockey and a kid got cut from an upper league and came down to our team and the impact that it made for the moral and culture of our club. We joked that it was like Hughes has been cut from a league above the NHL and joined the Canucks.
  7. His trade value alone makes him worth signing for a fair number.
  8. I have a good feeling about this guy. I think he will be a key contributor when this club is peaking.
  9. I think his organizational value for the development of players in the farm should not be overlooked. Baertschi is a great pro and those young guys are lucky to be on the same ice with him. I hope Lind and Big Mack etc take advantage of their time mentoring under Sven because I don't know if he'll be in Utica long.
  10. Forget those other teams, I've been watching a soft team get batted around here for years and years and years! It's such a pleasure to watch players with some backbone that can actually play and are really effective: Myers, Benn, Beagle, Etc etc. These guys don't get pushed around and I think the team collectively stands a bit taller with Ferk on the bench.
  11. I think he keeps the other team honest and prefer him in the lineup even at low minutes. Don't get me wrong, I hope he figures it out and can be a contributor but his presence as a deterrent is known and respected around the league.
  12. And to deliver under pressure with a crowd of family and friends in attendance. A new level for Bo again
  13. John Garrett would be proud of the Baseball type glove catches.
  14. I am not really sure of the backstory here friend, however if Miller (the Bird) is a consistent top 6 forward through his peak years in Vancouver then I see the wisdom in trading that player for an unknown Draft Pick (the Bush). There is certainly a risk that the pick becomes a dominant NHL player, but the average of prospects panning out from even the first round carries some risk of bustaroo. I like what I see from the Bird to this point, albeit only three games in. I am happy to change my mind if Miller slips up, but I would prefer he have his best years of his career here in Canucks colors.