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  1. Im sure you will agree, there is more than enough room for two 50 point defenceman on our roster..
  2. I kinda have a feeling that Neal will be the one with the bounce back...
  3. Matheson is, last time I checked, the Panther's players association representative. Hopefully he has learned to reassess his demeanor on the ice, especially when it comes to the young and highly skilled players in this league. I love tough hockey but can't believe we tolerated the menace that was Scott Stevens, Chris Pronger and Darian Hatcher to name a few. Can you imagine what these guys would have done to Petterson if they caught him in the corner watching a pass?
  4. I'd be happy to see Ferland focus on the rekindling some of that offensive touch that he had with Monahan and Johnny Hockey in Calgary. We know, along with every player in the league, that the physical game is there and can be deterrent enough to keep opponents in check. Of course when the playoffs come, let the dogs out!
  5. My biggest complaint with LE is his complete lack of hands. The puck constantly bounces of his stick- either recieving a pass or giving a pass or shooting. I don’t mind his compete level so much and he plays a solid defensive game. The problem as I see it is he puts himself in good areas and does think the game well but man, he kills offensive plays dead when the puck is on his stick with his inability to make quick and accurate plays.
  6. I like Loui and his game, strange as that is to say. His wage doesn’t make sense but he brings things to the table that are NHL caliber, albeit little things. (Maybe he is choked with Greener for coining the nickname)
  7. I see a multiple deal next contract. He played nearly a full season and remained consistently effective. If he delivers another solid season I would be shocked to not see a multi year contract. He has the potential to become elite as a penalty killer.
  8. He has a unique skill set and good teams, even great teams, have value players in a bottom six role just like this guy. He has a little Kirk Maltby / Chris Draper thing going (I still think of those two as one player).
  9. He plays a valuable style and any team would want him. The question is price and term and where he wants to go.
  10. Kudos to you SilentSam. What a generous perspective to take. Reading this helps to restore my faith in humanity. ...after all, Batman is nothing without the Joker.
  11. So you’re not willing to bet against him becoming a top 4 in subsequent years?
  12. He is going to need to train some mma with Khabib and work on his hand speed and grappling if he keeps his love for running over goaltenders.
  13. Isn't it interesting that whilst the negativity is devastatingly loud on these forums, the majority of us support Benning. This microcosm sums up a lot of the problem with human behavior/culture and the www..
  14. Great quote and a very appropriate comparison. The missing ingredients for Jake are confidence and offensively gifted linemates. I am rooting for Jake in a big way, not as much Goldy, though I most certainly want to see him put it all together.