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  1. I would consider giving Beagle a break. It seems that hip injury may not be 100% and he is having trouble getting around the ice as effectively as he usually does. Maybe Sutter slides to the middle and Beagle can rest up a bit for the playoffs. ...No way Motte comes out.
  2. reyezone

    Baby Bo

    Excellent timing Bo. This means he should have lots of time to adjust his sleeping schedule before playoffs 2021.
  3. I think there is an other gear still for BB. He has added some to his game, especially in tight around the net, but the offensive creativity and overpowering release has taken a step back to my eye. I'm wagering he will put these two pieces together during his career and the sooner the better for this fan.
  4. BB also carried the puck more often through the neutral zone and was able to shoot the puck off the rush, which is something he has had success with in the past. I think more touches and being the "driver" on that line will result in an increase in BB's confidence. There just isn't enough puck to go around with EP and JT for Brock to get his goal scoring mojo working.
  5. Bailey might be one of the fastest players in the AHL.
  6. The success of GMJB’s draft picks is quite remarkable. The studs we have seen excel in the NCAA alone (Boeser, Gaudette, Hughes, Madden, Demko) leave you shaking your head and wondering how it took so long to have decent talent evaluation and drafting. There were many times over recent years where the canucks had zero prospects of interest in the fold. Truly remarkable what JB and staff are doing.
  7. Perhaps a niche of gluten/ sugar free for those that have limited choices due to diet and health restrictions? I'm sure diabetics and celiacs would appreciate a quality product with a high level of control over ingredients.
  8. I will have to do more research. Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Tobacco smoke is, without question, far worse:
  10. I don't want to be misunderstood, I am not invoking the "Rat" as a pejorative or negative term. If he turned out to have half the career Brad Marchand has had I think everyone on this board would be weeping with joy.
  11. Hogz could have developed this reaction playing in a men’s league as an undersized 18 year old, and for good reason! How many smallish skill guys could have avoided concussion issues by protecting themselves better? I remember Big Bert’s advice for Petterson when Petey was getting smothered and struggling to find open ice last year, “he better sharpen his elbows”.
  12. Build a reputation as someone you don't want to try to hit open ice.