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  1. Why? AG looked ineffective and outmatched while ZM has taken the ball and ran with it.
  2. I really hope these athletes take advantage of cannabis. Such a healing plant for human beings... so much better than alcohol for stress management long and short term.
  3. It was actually Roger Takahashi that he was loving up there in the tunnel
  4. Correct. and I would say Rathbone Is also kicking at the door. I am agreeing with you on JB and the team building going on here.
  5. His passing and distribution is so elite that he will gel very quickly with this teams high end talent
  6. I don't acknowledge the uneducated narrative, just listen to a bottom six grinder like Rousell speak- very intelligent and well spoken. I think they are just tossing back what has been asked them by whoever asshat has a press pass. These questions they are asked are often obvious at best, and at worst, insulting. They want to maintain whatever power they have in the exchange as to keep confidence high, that all powerful magic feather that all players seek and few can clutch onto. So they call a spade a spade... obviously.
  7. if only we had winger option to replace him with someone faster and stronger and a better shot....
  8. or how nice would they be as a third line right about now.
  9. quit exaggerating.... ....everyone knows crackheads aren't that chubby
  10. He's made several weak plays resulting in turnovers trying to get the puck out over his blue line.
  11. It's the result of newish style board hit where, if you feel you will miss your check due to timing, you shift your hips forward and put your feet into the boards catching some lower body along the way. Rousell does it often. I wouldn't say it's dirty but more reckless as there is the possibility for something like this to happen.