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  1. Oh man that was a good episode ... 'Cupid me' has to be one of the best random characters in a while, hilarious ... going to be stuck in my head for a while now
  2. So i see they have it on Direct2Drive for $53.95 ... down side is it's on D2D which usually suck's for me compared to Steam ... where are you PC guys getting it from ?
  3. Everyone seems to want Bieksa gone again without realizing that we really have no one to replace him with. I think Bieksa is our only right-handed D-man. Erhoff is left shot ... Hamhuis is left shot ... Ballard is left shot ... Edler is left shot ... Salo is left shot ... O'brien was left shot ... So while Bieksa may not be our best D-man we do need him ... rolling 6-left shot D-men would not work and may even hurt your PP or defence goals.
  4. haha, i even'd you out my friend. Were only in a heat wave forum people lol
  5. 32.9 degrees in my room as of this second ... fans blowing nothing but hot air. Times like these i wish i didn't live in Richmond so I could have a basement haha
  6. Banned for having terrible guessing powers ... i actually 100% honest use that haha
  7. Banned for getting a -1 in the banned thread ... someone must not like you.
  8. <br /><br /><br /> Don't forget Steve Downie who had 46 points in 79 games this year, big turn around for him. Plus Burrows plays on the first line most of the time ... the same can't be said for most of those other clowns haha
  9. I didn't know that Burrows was 29 ... i always thought he was 25ish closer to kessler's age.
  10. Banned for not acknowledging the lengths and depths previous poster went to in order to produce a Ban
  11. Banned for Banning so early in the morning ... people these days
  12. lol you reminded me off my grade 10 science teacher who was called Mr. Moore. i also went to school in Richmond o.O

  13. Banned because i always seem to have to Ban you and i want to use my Banning powers on others
  14. Banned for being Burnt Toast resulting in everyone banning for you the reason "Banned for burning your toast"
  15. Banned because even though P.Kane is awesome he's turning into John Mayer style douche'ness