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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    i was at the game and was sitting right near where burrows was when he got hit and that looked horrible. on tv or from far away you know it must hurt but being up close you can really see it. it was a good sign that he got up right away and i'm glad he didn't break his jaw or anything but let's hope he plays tonight in anaheim because our lineup is so depleted and we need a confidence booster fast. last night was just depressing all around. and alberts instead of obrien? i don't care if obrien is late, parties or gains weight, he still plays so much better than alberts haha anyways here's hoping daniel and burrows can play tonight. btw any updated on daniel or samuelsson? anyone know who is starting tonight? it has to be raycroft.
  2. Why You Needn’t Worry About the Vancouver Canucks

    thanks it's nice to finally see some positivity around here.
  3. Ray-croft! Ray-croft!

    I think Raycroft likes it here too, I'd love for him to stay but just looking at the goaltending problems other teams are having he'd be a good pickup for them and I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't take more money and more playing time from another team to turn it down and play for us. I'd like him to, but I find it hard to believe.
  4. Ray-croft! Ray-croft!

    okay the fact that you think daniel sedin lied about 'throwing the puck at the net' is ridiculous. Why would he lie and pretend he did it by accident? Him doing it on purpose would have been even cooler... also, i disagree about raycroft. he's a UFA next year and too good of a goaltender to play 11 or 12 games a year. The only reason he even played that many is because Luongo was injured. As much as I love raycroft, the reason we've had backup goaltending problems (calgary has them too) is because we have a goaltender who wants to play so much. A backup that is solid and reliable deserves more than what we can give him. I'd love him to stay, but raycroft deserves more. as well, schneider could very well be our backup next year, it'd give him much needed NHL experience and help showcase on the trade market.
  5. "They defy logic"

    Great article ! Yeah, we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop as well, but it's nothing short of inspiring to watch this team rally and come back, with everyone chipping in to win. If nothing else, it makes for entertaining hockey and builds confidence for both the fans and the team. Welcome home boys, we missed you!
  6. If you want to find an old newspaper, they might let you look in there newspaper pile at Metro Waste.