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  1. Agreed. Also in the Pitt situation they were much less talented on the Blue line and lacked a lot of depth on the bottom six. They haven't won largely due to the fact they haven't been able to retool a 3rd and 4th line in my opinion.
  2. Honestly I think Hamhuis is still in play. With the way Bowman is dealing I don't think he's done if he finds a takes for Bickell
  3. Won't happen. Bowman and the hawks hounded NHL to get the draft in Chicago. Seems like an awfully big coincidence Bowman is dealing 2016 and 2018 picks exclusively. Seems to me they're holding on to 2017 picks for the draft in Chicago.
  4. Naw got a solid center prospect and a pick for guys that weren't going to help them win
  5. He may still get it. That Washington team is loaded and will have a great shot too
  6. Ladd is going to play on the top line with Toews and Hossa. Don't forget Kruger is coming back in time for the playoffs too
  7. Yeah I get that. Just looking at the trade away from my fandom I would be thrilled to get a good prospect and a first rounder for an impending UFA that the club had made the decision not to resign. Just not sure how an objective hockey fan can look at that as anything but a win for both sides. I get that people are mad the hawks didn't trade with Vancouver but that deal may not necessarily be DOA although Stan and Q both sounded like they aren't as motivated to deal during game interviews tonight. Said they're comfortable with that blue line.
  8. Similar deal they gave Arizona for Vermette last year. Not sure why so many are sour on the package.
  9. Even a combo deal was never going to be plan A over an impact top line LW that fits in their system. A linemate for Toews on the left side has been the hawks biggest need all year.
  10. Phone couldn't get hung up fast enough. TT making min salary for a team right up against the cap. Absolutely zero incentive to move him.
  11. Versteeg and Bickell are very easily replaced. They won despite them being on the roster. Not because of them. Versteeg has one more year around 2 million. I imagine stan tries to trade him agian. Sharp was a third line player all year. He is no longer a 40-60 point player on this team. He's more likely falling in the 30-45 range. Also replaceable. Too much money for that production. He could see a return to the former level after a trade and getting to play on the top lines. They will just shed salary and rotate some new guys in. You're making these guys out to be more valuable than they are. The 2010 cap purge was much more extensive and hurt much more than this one will.
  12. Not even close. A couple of financial moves puts them right back in to the hunt even though they won't be able to make any big deadline deals like the vermette deal. The way I see it at a bare minimum, sharp and bickell are both gone. That leaves the forwards looking something like this. Toews/Kane 21 mil Hossa 5.275 Saad (RFA going to allocate 5 million here as I think he lands somewhere between the 4.5 and 5 million range.) Teravainen .925 Artemi Panarin .925 Marcus Kruger (RFA allocating 2.5. 2.25-2.5 range) Andrew Shaw 2 Those are who I feel will definitely be back for sure. This checks in at 37.625 against the cap. I have a feeling Andrew Desjardins will be resigned as his cap hit will be around 900k to 1 mil. That leaves 3 forward spots to fill at a manageable 38.5 million against the cap. Blue line becomes a little trickier and will be interesting to see how Bowman plays this one. Dunc- 5.54 Seabrook- 5.8 Hjalmarsson-4.1 Van Riemsdyk- .925 this checks in at 16.35 million Oduya is a free agent and without a discount I see him being gone. That leaves space for a vet chasing a cup or some other maneuver for a cheap couple of dmen to rotate at the bottom. Goalies Crawford-6 Darling.587 manageable 6.587 for your netminders. So I see them having 9 forwards 4 blue liners and 2 goalies at 61.452 million That leaves 10.3 ish million to sign 5 players. Richards was signed for 2 million and is still getting paid from the rangers. Maybe he takes a similar price to stay in Chicago after he clearly loved playing with that team. Either way having 10 million to play with for 5 spots isn't going to diminish their depth. Especially since that is just assuming the bare minimum of Sharp and Bickell being moved. I still think a dark horse that could be dangled is also Hossas deal. The demise of the hawks is very very overblown. The depth is still there even if they have to plug in some new guys on the bottom lines. having 10 million to play with if you get a couple of 1 mil players will allow them to make a play to keep Oduya as well.
  13. Not quite sure how you came up with that but sure. Hawks down one with 8 minutes left on the road in kings building and score twice to win the game. Pretty sure the hawks deserved this one. Until somebody manages to beat the hawks 4 times you can't ever count them out. As resilient as the Kings are the hawks are just that damn good right now. This will only be the third game 7 for the hawks since their cup in 2010. Pretty sick that they've been that good that they have won that many series without needing game 7's.
  14. The difference is the pp. The even strength numbers are very very even. Difference is like 2 shots or something stupidly close.
  15. We will see how cap friendly the deals are after next year. Kane and Toews both up for new deals. Can you imagine the raise they could ask for if they repeat this year? Should be interesting to see how much they get. I can't believe they got Keith at the number they did.