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  1. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    Not quite sure how you came up with that but sure. Hawks down one with 8 minutes left on the road in kings building and score twice to win the game. Pretty sure the hawks deserved this one. Until somebody manages to beat the hawks 4 times you can't ever count them out. As resilient as the Kings are the hawks are just that damn good right now. This will only be the third game 7 for the hawks since their cup in 2010. Pretty sick that they've been that good that they have won that many series without needing game 7's.
  2. WcF: Chicago Blackhawks vs Los Angeles Kings

    The difference is the pp. The even strength numbers are very very even. Difference is like 2 shots or something stupidly close.
  3. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    We will see how cap friendly the deals are after next year. Kane and Toews both up for new deals. Can you imagine the raise they could ask for if they repeat this year? Should be interesting to see how much they get. I can't believe they got Keith at the number they did.
  4. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    Yeah just saw the replay again. First glance I thought it was Bickell. Regin has played well since his insertion back in the lineup.
  5. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    I don't even know where to begin with this post....
  6. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    Young and fast with a cornerstone d-man with a partner developing quickly. They are going to be a pain to play against for a lot of years to come.
  7. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    It wasn't a turnover that ended the game. Was a weird bounce off the glass on a dump in. Bicks tied up suter on the way by which allowed kane to beat cooke to the puck.
  8. CDF: (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    This series is a mismatch just as it was last year. Cooke out until game 4 and wild will have to rely on Suter and Brodin logging close to 30 minutes a night. Don't see this going past 5 games. Hawks don't turn the puck over as much as colorado did.
  9. Ah I hope we do too. It's all good. I enjoy having "civilized" arguments over Hockey. I always argue with friends. Haha. I hate when someone replies saying your an idiot and doesn't put any reasoning. Or simply negative reps you rather than posting. Anyways, Next season we will get you guys :P

  10. why thank you. I hope it happens for you at some point. No fan should ever have to go without celebrating a championship at least once in their lifetime. Also I wasn't trying to infer that Toews was among the most elite players yet. His production doesn't merit that argument. But the Win Loss record with him and without him in the lineup shows just how much he means to the hawks.

  11. Hey, Congrats on winning the Cup.