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  1. Bob.Loblaw

    NHL 20 Thread

    You maniacs still play with the play-by-play on? The game has been out for 8 months!! How have you not shot yourselves? Just mute the damn thing and play Spotify in the background. People will start to see you smile again in public.
  2. Hey man you raise a compelling point. But you didnt upload the infraction or the reffing mistake. You made it sound like an egregious error that cost us the cup. And now even fellow Canuck fans are calling you for sour grapes, even though they have no idea what you're complaining about. But if everything played out as you described (upload the damn clip), then it is an absolute reffing foul. It can't be chalked up as refs being human (like a missed call). This is a rulebook issue and if the rules are forgotten, it's a real problem. Imagine if someone today scores a shootout goal using the illegal spin-o-rama and the refs let it stand.
  3. He has a full year left on his contract. I'm not sure if he has proven himself to have the trade value of a true starter.
  4. If we re-sign Markstrom the term will last for the rest of his prime. And it would have implications for Thatcher Demko's future with the team. Luongo-Schneider all over again...?
  6. F*** Nong Shim they screwed over Samyang
  7. Anyone here following the owners-players drama? The MLB is different than other American sports leagues because so much of their revenue comes from ticket sales. But as it stands I see a players' strike coming. I wonder if this will effect negotiations in other leagues as well .
  8. I wonder if NHL player salaries will have to be readjusted for the lost revenue. I think the MLB is trying to figure that out with their players' association.
  9. Anyone Tyson Jordan Jackson action
  10. You are underestimating Khabib's stand-up game. If all goes his way he will crack Justin on his feet and then take him down for a submission. This division is absolutely stacked.
  11. Watched Esparza-Waterson. How can a split decision be 27-30, 29-28, 30-27? Two different judges watching completely different fights??
  12. This is not the path. A fighter tested positive. If more fighters from this card test positive in the coming two weeks, you'll know this whole thing was a big mistake. Hopefully I'm wrong and this goes well.
  13. Personal attacks? You can't contact him on social media. He is a deplorable sexist. It's hard to discuss this debacle without most people leaving with this conclusion. He made it VERY easy for everyone to judge him. If you are being serious about this... it just feels like a very weird hill for you to die on.
  14. Star players don't pay for anything in any sport. McDavid has value to the entire NHL and to the global sport of hockey. Think of what happened to Tiger Woods. He is totally okay.
  15. Guys... he is trolling us. When you realize defending Leipsic is like asking for self-harm, but you're too embarrassed to admit your failure, so you resort to trolling. @everyone Just ignore him, folks.