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  1. Do you have such a poor grasp of global events and international affairs that you DON'T think Putin wanted Trump?
  2. The phrase "make America great again" fits well with these words. His view is that America is not great and that it is a depraved country. We know who he blames and we know who he'll blame during these next four(+) years. There is so much more to be said, word for word. But there is no one here who will listen.
  3. His leverage is that he can always go back to Russia if he feels slighted by the Canucks. He and his agent both know this.
  4. LOL looks like Japanese
  5. Selfish. Should give them to me instead...
  6. Press R2 for stealth kill
  7. Sunday afternoon game = it's okay to pass out.
  8. It's okay he was probably just like this.
  9. They were lucky to walk away with a draw. Enjoy Treeman for a few more years.
  10. There have always been ways to bypass the Great Firewall.
  11. Jayson Megna = the new Linden Vey
  12. @otherwise Your manager is emo AF did he get dumped over the holidays
  13. Rat-tat-tat-tat
  14. Damn Last Christmas so sad
  15. He talks about people blocking Trump fans on Facebook, but I think @TheRussianRocket. blocks people who are smarter than him.