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  1. NBA Discussion

    I've rooted for the Raptors since the really bad years with Bosh and Gay. With the Grizzlies moving and Expos games never being played the Toronto teams became Canada's teams by default. The only reason they're being marketed like this is because both teams are pretty competitive (first time in forever). I am completely okay with this. Hard to root for another team when I can't watch their games.
  2. Canucks Recall Ashton Sautner under Emergency Conditions

    What the others said. And from what I recall we are either out of remaining call-ups or down to just one. There are limits to how many people we can send down and up after the deadline.
  3. Fans really want Melnyk out

    The state of the Canucks, good or bad, 100% influences the way I spend my time and money (watch and buy more/less games). Just like you.
  4. Jake's Contract..Looks Like What???

    Jake Virtanen is a 21 year old prospect with high expectations. He has not met those expectations yet, but there's is still a lot of room for improvement. Why does anyone think he would agree to anything longer than a 2 year deal? Let's say he gets offered $10 million for 4 years, 2.5/yr. Why would he take this? If he thinks he will improve and score 30-50 points in the coming years he will be worth more than just that. Better to take two years at a cheaper rate and work his way towards the big payday. On the office side, a shorter term deal is better if you're trying to trade the asset... for some odd reason.
  5. This is not the ground for an open and healthy discussion. The OP knew he was quoting a one-sided hit piece by one of the biggest names from the Harper government. I have no great love for Joe Oliver, and neither does anyone else. He was a terrible replacement for Flaherty.
  6. Joe Oliver... the man who put all his eggs into the oil basket. How did that go for him? Oh yeah, oil prices plummeted in 2014, and Alberta got absolutely shafted because nobody was buying their oil anymore. And when Alberta's economy goes through the tank, Canada is truly f***ed. Didn't stop him from declaring a budget "surplus" in 2015 when he sold all our gold and dollars by pulling from the contingency fund. No more backup money because the Conservatives wanted a "surplus" in 2015. But that was his time as Minister of Finance, so I will digress. @Rob_Zepp Let me make this perfectly clear... the oil industry is the cause of major anxiety for people looking at the Canadian economy. It's 2018. Sure, there is still a U.S. market for Alberta's heavy crude, but America has become a net exporter of oil these last couple years. The oil & natural gas industry is not where businesses are investing money. This whole article is just Joe Oliver is trying his best to save face for pushing the pipelines during his time in the Dept. Natural Resources. Screw him for his failed gamble, screw him for pulling all the money out of the contingency fund, and screw him for still trying to cause a ruckus.
  7. Dalhousie racially based hiring

    I chose not to counter the man's argument because I found it quite valid, and in most part agreed with him. I just preferred if he toned it down but he refused and took offense to me, so I pressed the matter.
  8. Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    I just love how some people think there are still bandwagoners on a team that's been in the draft lottery for years now.
  9. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    A pretty disappointing day for Canada and South Korea. One silver and bronze each. Particularly tough day for Girard who placed fourth in the men's 500m and then sorta dropped back in the relay. He was fuming at Hamelin for not getting a proper final transfer. Kevin Koe is a solid curler but very unexciting to watch. Almost no ambition to his play. Turns viewers away. I guess the other teams just wanted it more?
  10. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    If canada loses they have nothing to feel bad about. They got outplayed this game. If USA loses they are gonna cry their eyes out.
  11. I think the people scoffing at his PED use for curling didn't watch any mixed doubles. It's very fast-paced. Also, proper sweeping can get pretty gruelling if you're doing it right. And when youre curling two games a day for a full week, I can see it.
  12. That and Virtanen doesn't have the vision of a passing winger. He's doing okay this year, so he really just needs to keep working at it over the summer and come out the gates hot next season. I don't think he and Boeser would ever be great linemates, though.
  13. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    To be clear, it is just as perplexing to the South Koreans as to where their women's curling team came from. It's like riding the hot goalie, and like a hot goalie they've become media darlings in their own country. Sometimes something special happens and I honestly think this is where we start to see an emerging curling culture in South Korea, the same way Korean women have taken over golf. In other news, has anyone read about this yet? Things are starting to get really nasty.
  14. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    In that first 500m race, Choi and Kim both should've been DQ'ed. But that's short track. Super fun but also super frustrating. Probably too late to file a protest, and the Canadian DQ was for a totally separate incident.
  15. 2018 Winter Olympic Games Thread

    The Garlic Girls are from a small city called Uiseong. Where they produce a lot of this: South Korea still doesn't have a curling culture... but now they will. Generally it's not money, but a generational talent that'll spark national interest in a sport. Koreans didn't care about figure skating until Yuna Kim. On the other hand, their hockey teams are so bad that nobody's going to pick up a stick anytime soon. For Canada, we have our set sports, so unless we have some sort of unicorn who is a god(ess) in nordic skiing, don't expect much from there. We are good enough at so many other sports (especially the new ones) that there's no real incentive to working on the older sports.