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  1. We are far too shortsighted to approve some large project like this. And so our public transportation system (and even road infrastructure in general) will remain 25 years behind the standard.
  2. The immigration minister has granted her a temporary permit while she goes through the PR process. She'll probably be fine. It's possible that her getting outed will lead to a more peaceful life for her. But I also know that happy endings are few and far in between.
  3. Man what the hell is wrong with you people... ... milk first
  4. Funny thing is that Cale Makar has not made the team. Those Avs fans could not get their **** together and put in the votes. Could've been so cool to see them as a pairing.
  5. Bob.Loblaw

    NBA Discussion

    Not really, for a couple reasons. Andre Drummond has a player option this summer and he has openly confirmed it - he is going to be a free agent. So the only reason Ujiri would want to trade for Drummond is to have some agreement where he signs. And he will probably have to be signed for max. Now, I'm pretty sure Toronto wants to keep as much cap space open as possible for the next two summers - I think they want to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo in summer 2021. Harder to do that when you have Drummond's contract. Still though... board man gets paid, and he'd probably make the Raptors a better team. What would it take to trade? Gotta get rid of Gasol or Ibaka, and include a first round pick. Maybe a younger player going their way and an older guy coming ours.
  6. He really wants to prove himself. He seemed totally cooked in LA. Why not just go back home to Moscow?
  7. 4cm of snowfall is what... just water once it hits the ground, isn't it?
  8. Genuine question - would it be okay if they no longer worked together? Let's say she no longer is with nbc
  9. Why not Goldy? Has Travis Green been fired yet? That's why.
  10. Really? Him? He is running out of money and steam fast. Better donate to his campaign if you want to keep seeing him.
  11. Obviously Antoine Roussel he is going to win the Richard at this rate Allez