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  1. How can you say this with Denver doing what they're doing right now
  2. Take the time you would've spent watching mindless hockey and pay attention to what's happening in the world.
  3. What's that United front line looking like? Martial, Rashford, Bruno... I think Jadon will play ahead of guys like Mata, Lingard and Greenwood.
  4. I think the COVID in the MLB has nothing to do with their fitness...
  5. Which is why he got a penalty. But a spear is one of the dirtiest plays in hockey. Ferland is super lucky he got a minor. Easily could've gotten 4 or a five minute major.
  6. You don't get suspended for holding a stick. You can't spear someone, especially if he's off the ice.
  7. Suzuki has a noodle arm. I run like a snail and can probably steal a bag on him. Everything Montoyo did has started to infuriate me and a lot of fans. Putting Shun in again to get torched. Not taking advantage of free bases. And this... Look at his stupid face while the ump goes right at the dugout. Sometimes you need to back up your team and take the damned ejection. He just stood there all confused and just ate it all up.
  8. Bob.Loblaw

    NHL 20 Thread

    You maniacs still play with the play-by-play on? The game has been out for 8 months!! How have you not shot yourselves? Just mute the damn thing and play Spotify in the background. People will start to see you smile again in public.
  9. Hey man you raise a compelling point. But you didnt upload the infraction or the reffing mistake. You made it sound like an egregious error that cost us the cup. And now even fellow Canuck fans are calling you for sour grapes, even though they have no idea what you're complaining about. But if everything played out as you described (upload the damn clip), then it is an absolute reffing foul. It can't be chalked up as refs being human (like a missed call). This is a rulebook issue and if the rules are forgotten, it's a real problem. Imagine if someone today scores a shootout goal using the illegal spin-o-rama and the refs let it stand.
  10. He has a full year left on his contract. I'm not sure if he has proven himself to have the trade value of a true starter.
  11. If we re-sign Markstrom the term will last for the rest of his prime. And it would have implications for Thatcher Demko's future with the team. Luongo-Schneider all over again...?
  13. F*** Nong Shim they screwed over Samyang