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  1. Benning is pretty inconsistent at drafting. He has gotten some real gems in Boeser and Demko but he's whiffed on his top two picks. I hope the best for Virtanen and Juolevi but a lot of people weren't happy at the time, and for good reason.
  2. Sven Baertschi out 4-6 weeks with fractured jaw

    Our top scoring line has been the main reason we're not in the basement, and now it's gone. We are missing Getzlaf and Kesler. Rakell and Perry can't carry the Ducks. And now we're in a spot where everything is on a rookie's shoulders. The Sedins are our top line again. And you think we're okay?
  3. Fighting ISIS with Porn

    Nobody wants terrorists in their country but what you're asking for is simply impossible and will never happen. I respect you for letting it go. Let me say something no government will ever want to admit: there's no pretty solution to this. Taking away citizenship is out of the question. Leaving them to rot in another country is also a bad idea. Harper spent a lot of time and money on this and in the end lost that fight. And now we have Trudeau's Liberals attempting to re-integrate the returnees. It will be dangerous and risky. But such is the reality of our times. Again, it's not hopeless... but it is complicated.
  4. Fighting ISIS with Porn

    Some of the dumbest posts I've seen in a very long time. First of all, way to hijack the thread and start harping on the Canadian government. Second, honestly what's your point? Do you guys honestly not understand how the law works? We don't care about what you think the Canadian government should do because it would be illegal and you'd get a bunch of lawsuits. If you try to deny re-entry for Canadian citizens, you will get sued. If you end up actually killing someone (capital punishment is illegal), you will get sued. It's not a pretty situation. The government doesn't really have great options to work with here. But what you're suggesting is both stupid and impossible.
  5. What's happening with the Coyotes??

  6. The Official European Football (Soccer) Thread

    I read Yahoo Sports for everything. Less than 24 hours ago they were gushing over the previous win and how this is a golden generation (with your precious golden boy from Dortmund). I come home, back from the Canucks game and OH GOD WHAT DID I JUST MISS I see that Johnson was not on the team these past weeks. That is truly mind-boggling.
  7. Catalan Independence

    LOL Whose idea was it to hold an open practice session in Madrid? Poor Pique is eating s*** right now. "I just wanna make more Catalan kids with Shakira"
  8. Team Defense will be the problem this year

    Yeah, that's fine. This will be a rough year for the Vancouver Canucks. They are likely going to lose a lot of games and get blown out in quite a few of them. But that is okay so long as the young players score more goals. It is okay so long as the defencemen get involved more. It is okay so long as the Canucks show hints of being an exciting team again. It is okay so long as the Canucks don't get shafted in the draft lottery again. Very few people think the Canucks have a shot of making the playoffs. If the Canucks are to make the playoffs, they would have to do more than just succeed. They would have to play out of their minds and somehow steal a wildcard spot. Everything would have to click perfectly and everyone have career years. And of course... no injuries!
  9. Nolan is cheap. Dorsett is expensive. He gets way too angry on the ice and takes undisciplined penalties.
  10. [Report] Robby Fabbri will miss the entire 2017-18 season

    good god lord save the st louis blues
  11. Whitehouse Visit

    Too bad. Free speech. Suck it up. And a worthy topic since the Penguins went out of their way to make a statement. As well as a bunch of other players in the NHL. I used to be hesitant about Canadian players taking stances on American politics. I still am. Nobody likes it when Americans complain about Canadian issues. But Trump deserves the flak he's getting right now. And I think Crosby is making a mistake here. Matthews shouldn't be harped on. He has his right to stand during the anthem, and he also supports others' rights to NOT stand. He merely stated his own beliefs and didn't make a judgment call on those who knelt.
  12. What people are actually sick of is white people getting every role in movies and TV. That is why Ghost in the Shell tanked. That is why Iron Fist tanked. I'd be very surprised if Death Note didn't tank. Your actor list is paltry. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are HK martial artists and not Asian-Americans. I gave you an impossible task and you think that is a good list? They are all old or dead. Here's a list of the top male actors today. Tell me how many Asians there are. You are so set in your assumptions that you think God being black is a big deal. Do you want a ribbon for your "acceptance" of diversity? A Mexican playing Riel would be in poor taste because his Metis identity is one of the most important things to his character's identity. You don't want a white guy playing Jackie Robinson. You don't want a black guy playing a white supremacist. Spin it the other way. What if you took the musical Hamilton and turned into a cast of old white dudes? No. Nobody would watch that. Now I'm probably giving an extreme example here where Miranda almost went out of his way to do colourblind casting, but the only ones who felt offended by it were those who'd never waste their time in a broadway theatre anyway. Let me hit closer to home. Would you be okay with a movie on Tim Horton played by someone who isn't white? His racial identity is not central to making a good biopic.
  13. I think you're missing my point, which is that nobody has ever looked at Hollywood or theatre and complained about the lack of white people. Ever.
  14. I have a sneaking sense there are lot of butthurt white people in this thread who are complaining about things they know nothing about. My guess is that they've never gone to Broadway or Chicago... or else they'd be very offended with everything there. Then again, we're talking about an industry where whitewashing is rampant. And it is still very whitewashed. Some roles are probably only offered for minorities (Othello, Lion King, Miss Saigon)... but most roles are supposedly fair game. Identity can be important for historical characters too. MLK or Malcolm X must be black. Churchill or Thatcher have to have British accents. Hollywood is a completely different matter. If some of you can't understand why people are upset over Ghost in the Shell/Iron Fist/Death Note, you haven't really been paying much attention. Asians are terribly underepresented in cinema and television. Come back to me when you can name 3 big name Asian-American actors. The Hollywood industry is dominated by white people in every role and some of you here get upset when a black guy gets cast? Give me a break. Who in their right mind looks to Hollywood or theatre and complains about the lack of white people?