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  1. Lacazette can be starting forward for any club and still will never make French squad.
  2. Nah you suckers just jealous cuz you ain't big ballers What a great deal
  3. What were they (Brooklyn) thinking.
  4. "COD: Last 9 months of WWII"
  5. 1st Infantry Division. Big Red One. So Algeria, Sicily, and Western Front. Okay. Didn't they already do this though?
  6. bad elbows
  7. Indeed. The Ducks are 2nd in hits this season while the Oilers are 6th. The Ducks-Flames series didn't show what Anaheim is capable of yet, but the Oilers-Sharks series has shown the intense physical play of Edmonton. They averaged 37 hits a game that series. They ramped it up. Any stats guy will say the Oilers outplayed San Jose physically. Any person who watched the games will say the same thing. You have no idea what you're talking about. Their top forwards are extremely fast. Their depth players are very physical. Their blueline is not great but they are big. Anaheim is almost the complete opposite (big-hitting top guys, fast depth players, and a prolific, undersized D core). A very interesting matchup that should churn out into a great series. This speed vs. physical line you're spouting is utter nonsense.
  8. Maybe you're right. Okay. Let COD do its hardcore Normandy thing. Not the worst, but a bit unoriginal.
  9. Rojo is a much bigger loss because Rashford is good again and United was prepared to move on from Ibra anyway. They were not prepared to lose their best defender, though. Blind, haha. Darmian, haha.
  10. Rip
  11. Did you just lose your two best players (this season) in one game? Goodbye fourth place.
  12. Let me clarify my grievances. I think you will likely play as someone from the 101st Airborne. So no Canada, no Britain, no Italy, nothing you mentioned. I would love to be wrong. Here's my pipe dream. I want Second Sino-Japanese War. I want to be Kwantung Army as they take the Chinese coastline. I want to fight the Soviets on the Mongolian border. I want to be Mao's 8th Route Army fighting in the mountains. I want to play resistance fighters in Nanjing. You can have your Canadians fighting in Hong Kong.
  13. Western front again? I hope they don't just stick with one protagonist and one theater of war.
  14. Picking up crackers.