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  1. What else can you do? The kid is 15 and a great talent. Hopefully he will pan out and have to bail out the worst NHL team three years from now.
  2. **** the USA. The happiest person of this primary is Trump and he is loving it again today.
  3. Let me preface by saying that I'm gonna spin things a bit to prove my point. There is a story to every personnel decision the Canucks make, but I dont want to overcomplicate things. Almost 6 years in JB has been in charge of the team for quite a while now. Aside from Roberto Luongo, this is Jim Benning's team. I have never been a huge fan of Benning but he has drafted and traded excellently the past couple of years. It is the main reason he got re-signed and given free rein to spend the big bucks in free agency. You have to remember the questionable trades he made in the past, giving up picks left and right for dubious value. He turned three 2nd round picks into Linden Vey, Erik Gudbranson and Brandon Sutter. Has his drafts not panned out this good, he would've been fired. He continues to trade away picks, but as long as he pulls deals like Miller and Pearson I am happy. But free agency continues to be his fatal flaw. He has made some good ones before, like Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek. But he has made some poor signing decisions. Eriksson is the obvious one, but you must remember players like Sam Gagner and Michael del Zotto. At this point Tyler Myers has not been worth 6 mil. Beagle is overpaid. Roussel is probably overpaid. We will likely never know for Ferland. There is a solid chunk of FA money on our salary cap right now, and it's something we dont have to worry about this year. Benning's plan has largely fallen into place. Come back to this discussion in June when he has to re-sign all these players against the cap. No problem with re-signing players you traded for. I think he's developed a good rep for getting those deals done. Sutter was a poor move but the important thing is that he gets players to stay. He's gotten far better at trades and drafts than UFA signings.
  4. Benning has a good team around him, especially with drafting and trading. But man... his free agent signings have been poor throughout his tenure. It's like he sees good NHL talent to trade for, but then can't help himself and goes insane in July.
  5. We are far too shortsighted to approve some large project like this. And so our public transportation system (and even road infrastructure in general) will remain 25 years behind the standard.
  6. The immigration minister has granted her a temporary permit while she goes through the PR process. She'll probably be fine. It's possible that her getting outed will lead to a more peaceful life for her. But I also know that happy endings are few and far in between.
  7. Man what the hell is wrong with you people... ... milk first
  8. Funny thing is that Cale Makar has not made the team. Those Avs fans could not get their **** together and put in the votes. Could've been so cool to see them as a pairing.
  9. Bob.Loblaw

    NBA Discussion

    Not really, for a couple reasons. Andre Drummond has a player option this summer and he has openly confirmed it - he is going to be a free agent. So the only reason Ujiri would want to trade for Drummond is to have some agreement where he signs. And he will probably have to be signed for max. Now, I'm pretty sure Toronto wants to keep as much cap space open as possible for the next two summers - I think they want to sign Giannis Antetokounmpo in summer 2021. Harder to do that when you have Drummond's contract. Still though... board man gets paid, and he'd probably make the Raptors a better team. What would it take to trade? Gotta get rid of Gasol or Ibaka, and include a first round pick. Maybe a younger player going their way and an older guy coming ours.
  10. He really wants to prove himself. He seemed totally cooked in LA. Why not just go back home to Moscow?
  11. 4cm of snowfall is what... just water once it hits the ground, isn't it?
  12. Genuine question - would it be okay if they no longer worked together? Let's say she no longer is with nbc
  13. Why not Goldy? Has Travis Green been fired yet? That's why.
  14. Really? Him? He is running out of money and steam fast. Better donate to his campaign if you want to keep seeing him.
  15. Obviously Antoine Roussel he is going to win the Richard at this rate Allez
  16. Timing cannot be worse for students as this is exam week #2. Had everyone spooked last week over the buses. This time it looks like it's actually going to go down. 11:30 PM and no deal in sight. Let hell break loose tomorrow.
  17. He is a Quebec man through and through. Maybe in 10 years when his kids are a bit more grown up.
  18. Someone got a gif of that Lucic wipeout from the other night? Classic stuff.
  19. I think everyone in Edmonton is fully aware that their team is completely propped up by two players and two players alone. May God have mercy on the fanbase should Leon or Connor go down. 14 goals and 3 assists... He is their very own Jeff Carter.
  20. 19 pages later, he is asking the same questions as he was in the first page - "Why ten years". At some point, it's time to stop.