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  1. Hahaha that would look nice
  2. What number will he wear?
  3. Damn.. wanted him for a depth position. Was a piece the Caps needed to have in the wonderful Forsberg-Erat trade.
  4. Hahahaha I wouldn't have guessed a one year deal would take the title as the worst deal of the day but holy. What is Bergevin doing? Montreal fans are going to lose it.
  5. Am I the only one that thinks this is the worst signing of the day?
  6. Awesome signing. Totally balances out the awful Ladd contract, no?
  7. Where did you hear that this was a real offer on the table? I doubt they offered Their 3rd for our 5th overall pick if we just took on Hartnell and risk not landing their guy Dubois.
  8. All of our divisional rivals (well aside from LA and SJ obviously) made out very well in the first round. Sigh. Anaheim: Max Jones(24), Sam Steel(30) Arizona: Clayton Keller(7), Jakob Chychrun(16) Edmonton: Jesse Puljujarvi(4!) Calgary: Matthew Tkachuk(6) + landing Elliott Only questionable one IMO was the Keller pick, but they more than made up with it with the Datsyuk deal moving up and getting Chychrun
  9. Sam Steal for Anaheim.
  10. Why didn't Florida use the 33rd pick we gifted them to go off the board? Hard to believe Borgstrom wouldn't be there in 10 picks.
  11. I would love to see the Canucks acquire another 2nd in this deep draft and take a flyer on Dennis Cholowski. The guy's a stud. In my opinion whoever snags him is getting a steal.
  12. I'm glad Marky made it. Good confidence boost for the guy I'm sure. One of the few guys on our team I'm still really excited about going forward.
  13. That's an awful comparison. Although they were both impact players at the time of their trades Luongo carried a crippling contract whereas Kes was on a great, easily manageable contract. Unfortunately the cap hit/contract of a player dictates the trade value almost more than their actual talent or ability to improve a roster now.
  14. I would love one of their underrated D prospects back. Vannelli would be my target, I just don't know how much they value him or if they'd be willing to move him for a rental. I hadn't really considered St. Louis, but I actually do think there would be interest for Vrbata there. I just hope we end up trading the guy anywhere for anything and don't keep him around to "help" our chances at making the postseason, because with the current state of this franchise we need to utilize this asset, not the player.
  15. It's funny how thought out your posts seem at a glance, then you read the content and it's always littered with rubbish.