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  1. Wanted to quote both b3. and Sedin Brothers to bring back some context. When you are a part of the entertainment business and play a professional sport as a living, then yes, there will be instances where the fans (secondary stakeholders) should be able to voice their opinions about the current situation with management (primary stakeholders), hence the "what have you done for me lately" business. We have been spoiled by Sedinery at the price we paid for their peak (good value for good point production and success). Nonetheless, the Sedins have made their mark in Canucks history but bringing in Zetterberg as a comparison is not exactly accurate. His organization and him personally have won the Stanley Cup (even within the last 10 years), which tends to reduce the pressure despite his decline. Lastly, when you mentioned his leadership and commitment, Zetterberg demonstrates that in post-game interviews with a change in dialogue and will shine light upon his own struggles, compared to the "unified, I won't call out anyone including myself for dismal on-ice performances" that usually fills our airwaves and Twitter feeds. I am by no means a Wings fan but those are just observations that frustrate the more audible part of our fan base.
  2. Wishing him the best, hope he can land a roster spot with the Flames or their AHL affiliate, the Stockton Heat
  3. Wow.. what just happened there?! The Radulov of old
  4. Happy Birthday Brandon! That's an awesome gift from his wife too! Bringing back those Pittsburgh memories eh?
  5. Can't believe I still remember this, but when I read your post the first time I had a feeling that this might occur too. Had similar thoughts about him showing the Preds his worth with the unnecessary truculence... and now he's gotten away with a blatant headshot to Sven
  6. 100% agree with your thoughts Mr.53 #BoKnows doesn't he? On another note, no need to wait for his first career goal (unless you meant his first of the season), check it out here:
  7. Happy birthday Sbisa! Birthday hugs for all! #NothingLucaGWGFeeling
  8. For those interested in the South Park rendition of Bo: What a great weekend for him - looks like he had a blast and it was awesome that he kept the fans in the loop with the blog posts he wrote!
  9. That would be a great scenario, but I feel that the Capitals would use him on a different line, given that Oshie, Kuznetsov, and Williams are typically Backstrom and Oveckhin's even-strength linemates (stats and information via DobberHockey). From the fans' perspective in the US capital, they would feel strongly about that too - though we have seen his effectiveness for years working the trenches for quality scoring chances. I see where you are going with this idea, and as a Capitals fan too (in combination with the Canucks and Lightning), I would love to see Burrs battling in a faster-paced East. If he was asked to move forward from the organization for this season (and re-signing a fair, but cheaper deal with us in the off-season), I would be completely on-board. He has been one of my favourites since he joined the Moose and his story has been nothing short of incredible. I rep his EDGe jersey across the city and to every game I attend, and would love for him to have a shot at the Holy Grail.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays CDC! Thanks for the laughs and insightful conversation for the sport and passion we all share. Enjoy the time spent with family, friends, and loved ones during this holiday season!
  11. Wow, the colours and the render pop! Great job on both, but the blue definitely gets the edge!
  12. I recognize that he has been a key component in Utica; I am acknowledging his most recent "mysterious scratching" and thought I would cover my bases just in case.
  13. Definitely agree with Rush on Subban's current developmental path - likewise with Pedan. There isn't a need to rush Subban into the league when we have the back-up already (albeit not the most glorious, though doing its job). The Comets need Subban and his consistent* production more so than us right now. Last I checked, he was putting together a decent point streak on the road as well. *When he is in the line-up
  14. Entertaining short montage by the Canucks social media team. Captured the best parts of the game
  15. 5-3 Canucks 31 saves