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  1. [report] canucks not qualifying derrick pouliot

    It looks like the root of their decision not to qualify DP is based on the structure of the contract. I can't fault either side when it a case of "one-way" vs "two-way" money. I would love for the Canucks to find common ground and retain DP though
  2. Adam Gaudette has Arrived!

    Also forgot to add this: His loyalty for our organization is incredible. Don't want to put too much pressure on him but to see his rise has been very impressive. Thanks Coach Jim Madigan for your mentoring while he was at Northeastern! From the interviews and his features alongside his family, he is looking like a gem!
  3. Adam Gaudette has Arrived!

    This continues to stuck out to me ever since I first heard. Looks like he is proud to be a Canuck. Very awesome to see and wishing him all the best in the Green, White, and Blue!
  4. Was definitely expecting a combination of those players in the deal but wow... Stevie Y with the hammer! Great deal for the Lightning!
  5. What is your team and your role?

    Philadelphia Flyers Fan Favourite ... so I guess I am Dale Weise #DutchGretzky? Perhaps closer to Claude Giroux or Nolan Patrick though
  6. Former Leafs Goaltending great Johnny Bower dies

    RIP, "The China Wall". A true legendary goaltender. Condolences to the Bower family
  7. What is your favourite Winter Classic jersey?

    Voted for the 2011 Washington Capitals jersey given their ode to their original jerseys. Also liked the following, especially for their detail integration: - Pittsburgh Penguins, 2008 - Philadelphia Flyers, 2012 (especially the Captain's "C" and Alternates' "A") - Boston Bruins, 2016 - Montreal Canadiens, 2016 - New York Rangers, 2018 (again, the details for the "C" and "A")
  8. Anders Nilsson’s new mask

    Definitely agree - spot on with your take on Nilsson's mask. Looks great!
  9. I hope so too. Would be nice to see Holm make an appearance on this road trip
  10. Nikolay Goldobin | #77 | LW/RW

    Loving the communication between GM Ryan Johnson, his coaching staff and Goldy. Great to see and hear!
  11. Roy Halladay dies in plane crash

    Such tragic news. Grew up watching Doc pitch incredibly, day in and day out. My condolences to the Halladay family The tributes around the league from prospects, current, and past players, and fans illustrate how much of an impact he has had on the baseball world. Gone way too young RIP Roy Halladay
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Think Burr will compromise with a 10-9 Canucks OT win (based off his SN650 banter this afternoon for a Sens OT win), where he gets 3 hat-tricks in front of the Vancouver faithful Enjoy the game @debluvscanucks! Gonna be on the look out for the loudest cheering section at Rogers Arena!
  13. (Updated) The Fanatics Replica jerseys are here

    Likewise, I started with the Premiers but quickly shifted over to getting the on-ice EDGE 1.0 and then eventually 2.0 jerseys. I was able to recuperate some of the cost by selling the Premiers when the market was high. While it was more difficult getting them in size 46 and 50, it was worth the wait whenever I could snag them. I have the home, away, and alternate of Kesler, Linden, and Burrows. Hearing about the "fan friendly cut" Fanatics and seeing them now, I highly doubt I will purchase one. I am still on the fence about the authentic ADIZERO jerseys but will see once they become "relatively" easier to get.
  14. Avalanche to retire Milan Hejduk's No. 23

    Extremely well deserved. As much as I disliked his Canuck killing ways, I was always a fan of his gamesmanship and leadership on the Avs. As a career Nordique/Av, he was another solid example of class within the players I grew up watching (Sakic, Yzerman, MacInnis, Niedermayer, Brodeur, Joseph, Roy, etc). He was a fantastic 2-way player during his playing career. Not to mention, he recognized his scoring decline and organization role change so he decided to relinquish his captaincy to Gabriel Landeskog, one "who he [thought was] going to be a franchise player for a long time." Looking forward to Hejduk's ceremony in January!
  15. Favourite NHL Team (not named Vancouver Canucks)

    #1 team will always be the Canucks but beyond the home team, I cheer for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, and New Jersey Devils