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  1. Think Burr will compromise with a 10-9 Canucks OT win (based off his SN650 banter this afternoon for a Sens OT win), where he gets 3 hat-tricks in front of the Vancouver faithful Enjoy the game @debluvscanucks! Gonna be on the look out for the loudest cheering section at Rogers Arena!
  2. Likewise, I started with the Premiers but quickly shifted over to getting the on-ice EDGE 1.0 and then eventually 2.0 jerseys. I was able to recuperate some of the cost by selling the Premiers when the market was high. While it was more difficult getting them in size 46 and 50, it was worth the wait whenever I could snag them. I have the home, away, and alternate of Kesler, Linden, and Burrows. Hearing about the "fan friendly cut" Fanatics and seeing them now, I highly doubt I will purchase one. I am still on the fence about the authentic ADIZERO jerseys but will see once they become "relatively" easier to get.
  3. Extremely well deserved. As much as I disliked his Canuck killing ways, I was always a fan of his gamesmanship and leadership on the Avs. As a career Nordique/Av, he was another solid example of class within the players I grew up watching (Sakic, Yzerman, MacInnis, Niedermayer, Brodeur, Joseph, Roy, etc). He was a fantastic 2-way player during his playing career. Not to mention, he recognized his scoring decline and organization role change so he decided to relinquish his captaincy to Gabriel Landeskog, one "who he [thought was] going to be a franchise player for a long time." Looking forward to Hejduk's ceremony in January!
  4. #1 team will always be the Canucks but beyond the home team, I cheer for the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals, and New Jersey Devils
  5. Voting: Stammer Nominating: Backstrom
  6. Wishing him all the best with his PTO for Detroit - hope he goes his 'shot' for the big club
  7. Voting: Malkin Nominating: Kucherov
  8. Wow.. best of luck to Hayes. If he can regain his FLA form, it would be a great add for the Devils. Good to see that he's willing to test out a PTO
  9. Voting Crosby Nominating Stamkos
  10. Happy birthday Gagner! Welcome to the team and looking forward to what you bring to the table, regardless where you slot in the line up!
  11. Wonderful news! Great to see Ryan Johnson elevate into the GM role with the Comets. He has done good work since re-joining the Canucks organization; should be a treat to see his mentoring and leadership in Utica as he looks to have developed a good rapport with the prospects and up-and-coming players during the Prospect Camp:
  12. Good contract amount and length. Should be an entertaining training camp with all of the players fighting for roster spots.
  13. Nice to see the AHL recognize Subban's offensive output in the previous season: AHL‏Verified account @TheAHL Following More #AHL's Top Defensemen Goal Scorers for the 2016-17 season: 1) T.J. Brennan 2) Alex Grant 3) @DaveWarsofsky5 4) @jordansubban 10:15 AM - 20 Jul 2017
  14. (Sorry @-Vintage Canuck-, wasn't online last night when this Suits sub-topic was happening , so just wanted to post once and have the topic back on track again, if that's okay?) Haha no worries, I saw that once you started posting more frequently and wonder when our paths would eventually cross. Been a huge fan of the show and Harvey's one-liners so I figured that I should use that officially as my screen name. @Salmonberries and @Harvey Spector: And.... back on topic!
  15. Great to see Manny connecting with the prospects. Loved the move when he joined the Canucks coaching staff as a development coach, focusing on face-offs, and skills and systems, and even more now that he seems to be more of a fixture among the organization as an Assistant Coach. Good short clip of his coaching at the Summer Showdown on Team White