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  1. Reinhart John Gibson or Frederik Andersen?
  2. In the past, I would consider adding Ennis to the Canucks roster, but with our move to add players with a combination of size, skill, and youthfulness (not saying Ennis at 26 is old), I think that ship has sailed for our organization. Should he be on the move, I wish him nothing but the best. He has done fairly well, on a consistent basis, for the Sabres over the last couple of seasons.
  3. Definitely agree. It says a lot when Backstrom is still underrated despite playing in the Eastern conference (heavy bias in media coverage). Regardless, I doubt that Backstrom really cares about the lack of spotlight. He knows his value to the Capitals and vice versa with the organization.
  4. In all honesty, if the current upper management were to offer Brock Boeser to acquire Konecny, they could have easily picked him 23rd overall instead of choosing Boeser... For an organization that keeps getting harped on for losing additional draft picks in trades, the idea of throwing in another pick makes absolutely no sense. As a complementary piece to our future core that also includes Boeser, then sure, that will be an option to look into. However, at the same time, the asking price would be relatively high since they are not actively shopping him in the trade market. With the points you have made, the Flyers most likely recognize this as well, making it unfeasible to try and trade for him right now. If this is a #NotSureIfSerious post, then wonderful. I still stand by my stance to offer a logical response, prior to "EDITED BY..." later on.
  5. NEWS 1130 Sports@NEWS1130SportsConacher says Cannata, Brendan Gaunce, Mike Zalewski, Nicklas Jensen, Alex Biega & Alex Grenier some of the players standing out. #Canucks
  6. Chalk up win #100 for Cory Schneider! The Devils edged the Senators in SO tonight!
  7. Hmm.. it's as if Benning's master plan of a solid two-way 'meat and potatoes' line-up isn't all that bad... (Definitely agree with the points you and D-Money have made above as well )
  8. The AHL / ECHL shift for select players continue to take shape. Dane Fox is returning back to the Kalamazoo Wings following an announcement made by Director of Hockey Ops Pat Conacher. Comets press release link Best of luck to Fox with the K-Wings!
  9. Was going to mention this if someone didn't. I'm under a similar impression as Spotted Zebra on the Canucks' intentions of not playing Virtanen and McCann continuously. We have a (single game) winning formula so I doubt they'll change up the line-up but watch JV:18 and JM:91 swap in and out of the line-up in favour of others over the next little while to stretch their stay with the big club.
  10. In all honesty, that debate will come up as early as the post-game discussion following the result of tonight's game. The quality of local reporting (save for a very small percentage) has been atrocious in the last 4-5 years, so I have found myself ignoring their spewing of negativity that they use to rile up their "listeners/readers" and create a non-existing controversy. Been there, done that.
  11. Wonderful, it's nice not having a media target on our backs. They can continue praising other organizations while we fly under the radar until this "advertised-as-just a re-tool" rebuild is complete. For the most part, I have been supportive of Lindenning's upper-management approach so having less pressure from various media outlets to make abrupt changes is better. TSN wants Canucks Nation like this: I'd rather be like this:
  12. Ken Appleby, the Memorial Cup winning netminder, has signed an entry-level deal with the New Jersey Devils. Ken Appleby‏@KAppleby35 Very proud and honoured to have signed my first NHL contract with the @NHLDevils, can't wait to get things started! 9:16 AM - 5 Oct 2015
  13. While this can be argued to be more along the lines of "thinking out loud" by Kuzma, it's nice to see Gaunce continuing to trend upwards. Link to article here, and quoted for those who would like to read it: Extra tidbit: Here's Kuzma's predictions on our opening night roster
  14. HOCKEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYY IS BACKKKKK (despite it being of the pre-season variety...) On a more serious note, I like the composition of tonight's roster, blending the rookies and veterans to try and create some chemistry for those on the bubble to perhaps make the big club. Go Canucks Go!
  15. Canadiens MontréalVerified account‏@CanadiensMTL Andrei Markov, Tomas Plekanec, @PKSubban1 and @BGALLY17 will serve as assistant captains. #GoHabsGo Perhaps it can be argued that Subby might be disappointed not to have been given the "C", but he will wear the "A", and I believe that it's a good choice. He has matured a significant amount on the ice but he can be hot-tempered at times.