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  1. Hahaha, that's pretty awesome. Nicely played gentlemen
  2. Always been a fan of Elias and his career with New Jersey. Glad to see that he was able to play for one team for the entire duration and win 3 Cups. Best of luck with retirement, Patrick!
  3. As if we didn't know already, yes, Vancouver really needed Burrows You sure did Burr, you netted us another piece moving forward and we are grateful for that - perhaps you can reap the benefits in the near future? I hear they still have your locker stall nameplate
  4. Thanks for the memories, Burr! Very well written and it offers us fans closure as part of an era in Canucks history comes to an end A couple good quotes from Dragon Slayer himself - merci beaucoup You sure did Burr, you netted us another piece moving forward and we are grateful for that - perhaps you can reap the benefits in the near future? I hear they still have your locker stall nameplate Rest assured, your jersey and #14 will continue to fill the stands and concourse at Rogers Arena - I know I will continue to wear mine
  5. Definitely a great point. If I remember correctly, Stecher touched upon this point during an interview early on in the season and how there was a lot of hard work put into adjusting to the professional hockey schedule compared to playing on a weekly basis. Boeser will benefit from some time in the AHL and working with Travis Green will pay dividends
  6. That is extremely fitting for Burr Thanks Wilbur for being so diligent with the stats posts
  7. Here's another shot of Goldy in a suit - this time more tailored to his nickname tan with a hint of gold
  8. This man can... He will also sell you on why Megna is his top go-to player, because he "knows our systems" (Not that I support his ridiculous coaching decisions... )
  9. Bo wears the 'A' tonight, looks good on him Ben Kuzma‏ @benkuzma 49m49 minutes ago More Horvat sporting the 'A' as part of rotation after Burrows trade. One day he'll sport the 'C'. #Canucks #Kings
  10. Best of both worlds! Iirc, and as Ossi has mentioned, Goldobin has been papered from the AHL playoffs, so there will be an opportunity to line-up with Virtanen down in Utica!
  11. True, but to simply answer, Edler wore it last night - could have done some small things like perhaps defending Miller when he got ran over by Sheahan but that was wishful thinking... (see your sarcasm there )
  12. Great move by Yzerman to clear Flippula's $5M for cap space. Looks like the Penguins really didn't want to deal with their rivals in Philadelphia This is awesome moving forward with Tampa's RFA and UFA re-signings in the off-season. The 4th rounders exchanged are "washed" and then the extra 7th rounder to retain 50% of his expiring contract is a good trade-off.
  13. I agree, especially with the Sharks being a divisional foe. Definitely have to give Thornton credit for relinquishing the C (albeit given/given back an A in the following season) and allowing "Little Joe" to take the reins. Another similar situation was Milan Hejduk passing on the torch to Gabriel Landeskog when his own production and organization role was changing - one of my favourite Avs player alongside Sakic. It would be nice to see Bo get the A as a mid-season transition into the next. However, I also support the decision to have a veteran player getting it as the season winds down. Look how nice that looks! My secondary (uncounted) vote would be for Sutter, as he has worn the A as a member of the Penguins and Hurricanes. I am not sure why there is so much hate on Sutter wearing it? He has shown his worth as a leader playing on a line away from the Sedins (and clicking quite well when he is lined up with them as a right-hand shot). He plays in numerous on-ice situation and does quite well for what is expected of him, at his contract rate and ice-time.
  14. End of an era for Alex Burrows... thank you so much for the awesome memories! It is a bittersweet time as a Canucks fan, but knowing you have a new contract extension with a fellow Canadian club right in the mix for doing some serious damage in the playoffs warms me up in this difficult time. You most certainly deserve to compete for the Holy Grail and have stability moving forward Now that's worth celebrating! From Dragon Slaying to your relentless puck pursuit night in and night out, it has always been a blast cheering for you! You will be remembered as being #ForeverACanuck. It is rare to see the tenacity you bring each game and all the best as it translates to the Nation's Capital. You brought the best out of every linemate - from Kesler to the Sedins and most recently to Baer and Bo; thank you. Thanks for carrying on Luc's legacy, being the ambassador of MindCheck for the past few seasons and most importantly our Burr! See you back in a few years?
  15. Here are some photos of the complete set: To be fair to the eBay lister (not my auction/Buy It Now), I have included their eBay handle in the "spoilers" section. I am not trying to break the Board rules about selling things but since we are using their images, I felt it was necessary (à la references in research papers ).