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  1. Like everyone else, I'm really looking forward to seeing Jake play. I'm hoping he'll somehow make the 2nd line, but more likely he'll play 3rd or 4th line RW. Whatever, I just hope Canada ends the drought.
  2. I think he heard you.
  3. He's a rookie prospect. It takes time to build consistency and confidence in the NHL. Almost no offensively skilled rookie puts it all together right away. I don't know what his ceiling is, but I bet it's higher than his 39 game career has shown so far. One thing I do know is that right now I'd rather have Vey on the Canucks' roster than the 2nd round pick we traded for him. It's clear you're disappointed with Vey. Maybe you don't like him. That's all fine. But seeing it as a lost deal is a head-scratcher no matter how I look at it.
  4. I remember back when Gillis was hired, everyone was debating whether or not it was a good move for the franchise. As with everything else, the prevailing wisdom was "wait and see", and "ask me again in 5 years". Well now we can finally look back with clarity. This is a really good thing to do, as we can learn a lot from this period. Sadly, most CDCers seem more concerned with making a million Bo Horvat threads, and "The time to trade XXXXXX is now, and not later" threads instead of spending the 3 minutes required to read some well written insights and analyses about a very important era in Canucks history. Oh well. I always appreciate the work and thought put into meaningful threads. Thanks OP.
  5. The Courtnalls are Victoria boys too. As am I. While Victoria has produced some good hockey players, it is not a hockey city compared with, well, pretty much every other Canadian city. The lakes don't freeze, so you have to pay and compete for ice time. My parents both have no interest in sports. Neither did my brother until he grew up. But for some reason, I loved hockey from the beginning. I played floor hockey every recess, lunch break and after school. I played street hockey all the time. When we needed a goalie, I went to a foam shop and asked for scraps of foam rubber and made my own goalie equipment from foam, cardboard, belts and duct tape. I was about 8 years old I think. I went to university in Alberta and finally there was free ice and lots of it. So I bought a pair of old skates and tried to learn to skate. It did not come naturally and I'm still a pretty poor skater. But I loved every moment. I started playing drop-in hockey every week with guys much better than I was. Except one guy. He was awful. We were about the same level so we were always put on opposite teams. It was a game within a game. I didn't have to score, or even really contribute at all. I just had to outplay Allen. I have a lot of respect for the other guys who let us play. It must have been so frustrating for them when we'd miss a pass or fan on a shot or constantly be offside. But they never complained and were usually very encouraging. I did my practicum teaching in Red Deer and had a couple of Rebels in my 10th grade biology class. Phaneuf was a student at that school at the same time, and although I never taught him, I heard all about his reputation from students and other teachers. None of his teachers liked him and all the kids said he was a bully. Even his teammates in my class were uncomfortable talking about him and avoided any questions I had. One of my students was drafted by the Bruins, but is currently playing in Russia. I dated a girl from Manitoba when I was a freshman at university. I'd go up there to visit her and watch junior A games. Jordin Tootoo played for the OCN Blizzard at the time. I remember a playoff game where he scored a bunch of goals and after the final whistle, dropped the gloves with a guy literally a foot taller than him. They circled each other for few seconds and then Jordin jumped in with a haymaker and knocked the guy out cold with one punch. He broke his hand in the process. I met him after that game. My ex-girlfriend's dad was a leader in the Cree community there. He was (I'm sure he still is) a huge man who resembles the hulk but with a very long mullet. He played hockey a lot, and in fact had been invited to the Jets training camp when he was younger, strictly as an enforcer. He didn't make the team, but he beat up a lot of guys. Naturally, I was scared to death of him. But really, he was a very gentle and friendly man. Her mom was a psychiatrist and she scared me a lot more. Now I live in the second largest city in Taiwan. We just got our first ice rink a couple years ago, and it's oddly-shaped. Yet there is a hockey league in Taiwan made up mostly of expats. But really, hockey is unheard of here. Most Taiwanese people are shocked to hear that there is a winter Olympics too. Last season, my Taiwanese students wrote letters to every Canucks player and coach. We got a nice form letter and some stickers back from the team's PR office. And a small poster of Henrik Sedin which now sits proudly on the wall in my classroom. Although I haven't even played floor hockey for many years, I haven't lost a shred of my love for the game.
  6. We're 13 games in now and it's looking like the OP's prediction was off. But I don't think this thread needs to be closed just yet. A lot of predictions were made here and it'll be fun to periodically shove all the mistakes down the throats of the people who made them. Also, we should give credit where credit is due. Vrbata - 12 pts in 13 games, all with Sedins. Suck it doubters. Kudos to those saw this line working well. Higgins - 9 pts in 13 games. Currently playing on the 2nd line with Bonino. I seem to recall some in this thread pleading to keep Higgins off the 2nd line. Those guys can do *inappropriate verb* to my *unmentionable place*. Good on you guys who stuck up for Higgins. You were right. Bonino - 11 pts in 13 games. Did you see that laser shot against the Avs? Anaheim put Bonino on their 2nd line too, and he produced. But some of you geniuses thought you knew better than Duck's and Canucks management and cried that Bonino isn't a real top 6 player. To those who liked him from the beginning, a tip of the hat. Vey - 7 pts in 13 games. I think I recall someone on page 3 of this thread predicting Vey for the Calder before the season even started. On pace for 25 goals and 44 pts, he's making a good case for himself. And that's while playing on the 4th line for much of the young season. Granted, he's on the 1st PP unit, which is where he's getting most of his points, but he's played his way onto the 2nd line and developed some chemistry with Bonino and Higgins in the absence of Burrows. He likely won't stay there, but once he settles into a regular spot, I see things only getting better for him. If he does manage to win Rookie of the Year honours, that should catapult this prediction into the ranks of legendary.
  7. Vancouver isn't like some cities with a lot of definable tourist destinations. It's more a place you experience. Walk around and try the cafes or restaurants. Vancouver has some pretty good multicultural food. It's fun to just explore and find interesting things everywhere. There are some alleys covered in graffiti. Not the gangsta tagging you might be accustomed to, but actual art. It's not Banksy, but it's good. Check Vancouver information websites to see what events are going on while you're there. It's around New Years, so there should be plenty of stuff going on. If you're into music, Vancouver has a decent indie music scene. There's plenty of winter activities like skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, pick-up hockey, even curling if that's your thing. You'll find the time flies by and you'll wish you could stay longer. On your next trip up north, I recommend taking the ferry to Vancouver Island. Victoria is a beautiful city. Lots to see and do there too.
  8. I predict yes...and no. I'm not going to rehash what others have already said. I agree mostly with the side that sees Vrbata as a good fit with the Sedins and I too predict that their line will be productive. It will be a bit streaky though, and sometimes the coach will break them up. When that happens, I would love to see Linden Vey fill the RW spot. He's got a hockey IQ off the charts, always looks for scoring chances, can snipe, can pass, can cycle, can take faceoffs, finds the open lanes, skates fast and even killed penalties like a boss in Manchester. So basically on paper, he's a younger Vrbata. It doesn't hurt that he leads the team in scoring so far in the preseason (tied with Shinkaruk) with 4 points in 2 games. Watching him play, you can see why. He's ready to make an impact. How about this prediction for you: Vey for Calder?
  9. Woke up this morning (it's morning in Taiwan) and wondered, "I wonder if Radim Vrbata has signed anywhere yet. He'd be a great fit with the Sedins." Lo and behold...
  10. Sales pitch probably went something like this. Benning: "Hey Radim, how would you like to not win a Stanley Cup, move to another country and we only want you for 2 years?" Vrbata: "Sounds terrible. Is this a joke?" Benning: "But you'll be playing with the Sedins." Vrbata: "....$5M per and it's a deal."
  11. Ok, so in like 2 weeks, Linden and Benning have achieved the best possible results in undoing the damage it took Gillis more than a year to cause. - Canucks lose Luongo and Schneider in one of hockey's all-time greatest eff-ups. We can't get them back, but can you see anyone other than Miller and Demko as better replacements? Miller is on a 3 year contract, not a 3 million year contract. So that gives the guys in the system a chance to prove they are ready. Yes, Luongo was cheaper and better, but he's under contract until he needs a walker. I would rather not be handcuffed by term and NTCs and have a slightly lesser, although potentially just as good, goalie through the re-tooling years. Does that mean we're not tanking for McDavid? Yup. But isn't tanking on purpose for a high draft pick kind of classless, unethical, and Oilerish? Do we really want Vancouver to add that reputation? - Kesler wanted out. That much is clear now. Anaheim was really the only fit for him and everyone knew it. The fact that we got anything at all in return from such a profound position of weakness is a miracle in itself. Bonino isn't as good as Kesler, but he's no scrub. Sbisa isn't a scrub either, and is a cheaper alternative to Garrison. Management is trying to get younger. They are dealing older, slower, depreciating assets often with limitations such as NTCs. What do you think they're going to get in return? The team is younger and faster now. The team has no locker room issues now (that we know of). Jared McCann may someday become as good as Kesler, in which case the immediate help of Bonino and Sbisa is just gravy. If McCann doesn't pan out, we've still got 2 NHL players, a lower cap hit, and purged a negative, whining, diving, often injured, declining player in return. Plus it opens a potential roster spot for Horvat or Gaunce to grab up in the not too distant future. Can you imagine if Benning had sat on Kesler and allowed the situation to fester? That would have been worse for the team than just giving him away for nothing. - Torts is gone. By all accounts, Willie Desjardins is a good teacher and communicator and doesn't have an albatross of a negative reputation following him around. Is he the next Scotty Bowman? Here's hoping. But realistically if he's the next Dave Tippet I'll be happy. By the time he's figured out the NHL, the Canucks should be just about ready to compete again. Again, the timing fits. It seems like this new management group has a better handle on planning than the last one. Long term contracts and NTC/NMCs cripple the team's ability to adapt and grow, and screws up the timing of slotting young guys into the roster. The team isn't as good, that's true, but FINALLY there are spots for prospects to grab.
  12. I'm sure he's thinking what every other prospect goalie stuck behind a veteran starter is thinking. So, like, every young goalie on every team. He's thinking he needs to play lights out in camp and earn his spot. Just like Lack.
  13. "Time will not tell..." - Nitwitt my favorite quote so far. It is hilarious.
  14. Kevin Bieksa...<br />&lt;img src=&quot;;&gt; Edit: Haha, I can't figure out how to post the picture I'm trying to post. And ironically, it's a "you're doing it wrong" picture. Stupid CDC post editor.