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  1. Like everyone else, I'm really looking forward to seeing Jake play. I'm hoping he'll somehow make the 2nd line, but more likely he'll play 3rd or 4th line RW. Whatever, I just hope Canada ends the drought.
  2. I've had my S3 for a couple years. Still going strong. I get a full day of heavy use out of a single battery charge. It's the best phone I've ever had. I would never go with iPhone for a few reasons. I don't like syncing. I hate not being able to swap batteries. I don't like proprietary hardware. Everything is so overpriced. I haven't had an S4 or S5, so I can't speak on them with any authority, but when my S3 eventually dies I'll probably keep going with the Galaxy line.
  3. I think he heard you.
  4. He's a rookie prospect. It takes time to build consistency and confidence in the NHL. Almost no offensively skilled rookie puts it all together right away. I don't know what his ceiling is, but I bet it's higher than his 39 game career has shown so far. One thing I do know is that right now I'd rather have Vey on the Canucks' roster than the 2nd round pick we traded for him. It's clear you're disappointed with Vey. Maybe you don't like him. That's all fine. But seeing it as a lost deal is a head-scratcher no matter how I look at it.
  5. I remember back when Gillis was hired, everyone was debating whether or not it was a good move for the franchise. As with everything else, the prevailing wisdom was "wait and see", and "ask me again in 5 years". Well now we can finally look back with clarity. This is a really good thing to do, as we can learn a lot from this period. Sadly, most CDCers seem more concerned with making a million Bo Horvat threads, and "The time to trade XXXXXX is now, and not later" threads instead of spending the 3 minutes required to read some well written insights and analyses about a very important era in Canucks history. Oh well. I always appreciate the work and thought put into meaningful threads. Thanks OP.
  6. Drafting at the bottom of the first round means we had a successful season. Since everyone is saying this is one of the deepest drafts in recent memory, isn't this year the best time to make a long playoff run? Because even if we pick in the high 20s, there will probably still be some real good prospects still available. That's what deep draft means, right? Wouldn't it be better to have a high pick in a shallow draft, where the talent drops off after the top 5 or 10?
  7. They are. USA Today, for example, touted Benning as the early leader for GM of the Year a few days ago.
  8. I love how the author kept bringing up the small sample size of Horvat's work, implying it was an issue to accuracy, and then proceeded to use this small sample size (complete with relative Corsi stats) to argue that Horvat isn't helping his teammates when he's on the ice with them. This is what I got from the article: Horvat's sample size is too small to accurately use, but based on his stats during this sample size (which isn't accurate), he probably isn't good enough to be in the NHL and increase his sample size of games. And all the stuff he does well is useless. Therefore keeping him in the NHL must be a PR move. The proof? Jake Virtanen.
  9. I totally get that feeling from him. The fact that he doesn't have any other friends as good as Bo Horvat is a bit telling. Doesn't he have any close lifelong friends? I mean, I click with some people right away too, but they're not going to unseat my best friend of 20 years just like that. Granted, he is still barely out of his teens, so he has plenty of time to mature as a person and a hockey player. If he can control his mouth and do what his coaches tell him, his passion and natural talent will carry him far. At least he seems to be a very positive person, so that's good.
  10. I'm so fine with Vrbata and how he's playing that I wouldn't trade him for Iginla straight up at this point. It would be different if Iginla was in his prime, obviously. I respect and like Iginla, but I must say it makes me smile when I see players spurn the Canucks in favour of a "contender" and then the Canucks proceed to absolutely dominate without them. Edit: ...and guys, it's Jarome.
  11. I like it. Although it might attract people hoping for, you know, other kinds of Swedish twins. Unless it also attracts that other kind of Swedish twins. I'm all for that. As for the OP.....really? Really?
  12. someone who can be a bit long-winded myself, I appreciate all the thought and work that went into your post. You are someone who thinks the game, not just feels the game. If more Canucks fans were like you in their approach to hockey, Vancouver would not be a goalie graveyard. There wouldn't have been riots. Former players who were great for us wouldn't be booed. People would think of Canucks fans as classy and intelligent instead of immature, ignorant troglodytes. We would demand more from the sports journalists in Vancouver, upping the overall quality of reporting. More players would want to come to Vancouver. More players would want to stay in Vancouver. My hat is off to you, sir.
  13. I've wasted a lot of time thinking about LA over the past 2 years. I've reached a few conclusions: 1) LA has Doughty. Doughty must be neutralized. Doughty cannot be given any space. Doughty must not be allowed to live. 2) Jonathan Quick has a bit of a drinking problem. Get him liquored up the night before and keep phoning him every 5 minutes all night and just breath heavy and then hang up. Even then, he'll probably be the best player on the ice. 3) Go back in time and lure Gaborik to Vancouver. While you're at it, draft Kopitar. 4) Manufacture some nonsense about how Carter and Richards are more than roommates. Use Photoshop liberally and email it to Burrows. He'll know what to do. 5) I won't go as far as saying to murder Doughty, but I will go as far as saying "Do something that rhymes with nurder to Doughty." Then we win.
  14. Dorsett has been great. Exactly what the team needed. I can see him stepping up in the playoffs too. That chemistry forming with Horvat and Hansen is beautiful to watch, and exactly what Bo needs. Managed (but quality) minutes playing with good role models and building confidence. I'm more excited about this 4th line than any in recent memory. You know how whenever the Canucks play anyone good, it's always their bottom 6 who find a way to victimize us? Well this is the type of line that can do that to others. (Oh how the tables turned on Chicago last night. Brandan Saad who?)
  15. It's always sad when we lose someone important to us. He and Trevor Linden were close. Condolences to the Quinn family and everyone who was part of his life. I wish we could all show more appreciation to people while they're still alive. You never know when their time will come. Makes me think of my dad. He's one year younger than Quinn and isn't in the best of health.