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  1. Would love to see the twins brought back after they're final year, not as players but as either coaches, trainers, executive etc.. they are life long Canucks and deserve to stay within the organization if they so choose. Has any one heard if they will return to sweden after retirement? I almost guarantee they stay in van where they've been raising their families for years.
  2. I wonder if they would consider promoting Jarvis to head coach and bring in Green as an assistant to start out? He could be mentored by Jarvis for maybe just a season. Im not sure that going right into another rookie head coach is the best idea
  3. I believe that lack of competition will not apply for Granny, his competition lies between him and his bro Mikael. They have been very equal in all aspects throughout there careers until now and i have a feeling our granny will stop at nothing to become as good as his older bro, if not better. Only time will tell but i think Markus has a ton of untapped potential still and could be a star on this team for years to come.
  4. ***No Mcdavid = No playoffs. IMO without mcjesus the oilers are no better then van this season, minus a little more size, although looch wouldn't have signed there if Connor wasn't there.
  5. Agreed, I see Patrick as that big strong gamebreaker that knows how to score. Which this team very badly needs. When the team needs a goal he will win that puck and take it to the net with bad intentions, I see a Blake Wheeler type player that can win faceoffs and kill penalties.
  6. Couldn't agree more, whenever I see Patrick I think of Linden. If we were to get the first overall.. Who would you take? Patrick or Hishier? I take Patrick 1st OA and Nico 2nd OA every time.
  7. Meh, i don't think he will need it... theres something in the water over there at UND (Mostly sarcasm)
  8. I think this kid may surprise us a bit on the offensive side of things.. Checked out WMU statistics and their scoring seemed very spread out with only one guy reaching 20 goals followed by molino with 15 and so on, they were a pretty low scoring team and still managed to maintain a winning record. Not saying he's gonna be the first Italian superstar but I do think he may have a little more offensive upside then his stats give him credit for. Noticed he potted a hat trick this season and a few multi point games. Excited to see what he can bring at the next level.
  9. I thought Robert Thomas looked like one of Londons best forwards in their 2 playoff games thus far. Great puck skills and a hard worker. Definitely worth a look if he's available to us in the 2nd round.
  10. Taylor Hall. I hate his face but man would he look good on Bo's left wing.
  11. Except for Vrbata.. for some reason he keeps going back
  12. Bo Stech Granny Chaput IMO Chaput is the real unsung hero, guy gets next to zero praise and still works his tail off every night. He gives 120% percent AND scored some big goals for our club. I wasn't a fan early in the season but he earned my respect. Tough call between Bo and Millsy for MVP but I thought the other 3 were easy choices.
  13. Maybe Subban? Although its not likely id like to see him get a game or 2.
  14. Edler i understand that he's been a big part of this team for years, but the guy is a major liability. Winnipegs two best scoring chances don't happen at all if Edler was on the bench. Time to move on bud
  15. Olli just showed some grit! put buddy in a headlock and ripped his helmet off lol 2 mins for roughing