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  1. The problem is he does neither of those things when given the opportunity.
  2. How about the dark horse/absolute soldier, Troy Stetcher he gets my vote.
  3. Seems odd for sure... if so, they must be concerned about Baer’s long term health. He’s looked good during the pre season.
  4. Miller/Ferland-Petey- Brock Ferland/Miller-Bo-Virt Pearson-Gaud/Sutter-Leivo Motte-Beags-MacEwen Goldy Obviously a couple moves would have to be made, but this is a forward group I can get behind. Exciting days for Van.
  5. Was born in Houston, Texas. Although I swear I remember him playing for Canada at the world juniors.
  6. Lol, Loui can take a hike