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  1. Any update on the knee? Espn fantasy switched his status to Day to Day this morning which forced me to take him off IR.
  2. Myers or Jordie would do just fine against him, imo.
  3. While I agree that marky is a god among men, the team is also backing that up by putting the puck in the net rather consistently all season. Hard to complain about the results
  4. Can’t even imagine how he’s feeling rn, had a real chance to make a run starting tonight. Horribly failed to the point your team makes a trade to replace you over night. Gotta feel for the guy lol
  5. anyone have a link to stream the game? not having any luck via reddit etc.
  6. For sure, to me it shows that he is able to put up points while maintaining a solid defensive game. And Pouliot... well we all know about Pouliot, guys defense is hardly even on a echl level lol
  7. Rafferty is a +17 over Pouliots -10, I take that stat with a grain of salt. But being Raffs first pro season I like his chances a lot more then those 2 mentioned.
  8. Would love to see jake play the whole game on that line. Pearson and roussel are interchangeable. Diggin these lines go nucks go
  9. The problem is he does neither of those things when given the opportunity.