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  1. Winning is a team stat....Miller has a 914 sv % and has 'won' 28 games (but really 27 as the Isles game should be Eddies win).....Lack has won 14 (but really 15) and has a save % of .920 while playing is 32 games. 12 less than Miller and 6 in relief. So 18 games in which Lack couldnt get a win in...
  2. 2010-2011 MANITOBA MOOSE-AHL 12 6 5 2 25 369 .932 1.99 752
  3. Hes a 4th line player, and a +4 on the season. When a 4th liner brings as much as Dorsett does, and while the coach puts trust in him to put him up against tough match ups and in late game situations while protecting a lead, you tend to look away on possession stats.
  4. He gets paid like he is.
  5. Dorsett has been outstanding. Most physical player on the team by far, leads the team in hits by a huge margin, surprsingly durable, is having a career year for points, great defensively, great speed, great forechecker, huge energy boost, a surprisingly good play maker, 2 short handed goals and 3 game winners...what more could you possibly ask from a guy who plays 12 mins a night? Outside of Hansen, Dorsett would be my pick for unsung hero award.
  6. I think Lack has had even more pressure than if he had started this season. He took a team that is in a solid playoff position and has not only held it but built on it. He played 14 straight games prior to last nights game and is holding .924 sv % and a gaa of 2.15. Thats while being without the Canucks 3 of the Canucks top 6 dmen, and some pretty important fowards in Higgins, Burrows, Bonino and Richardson all missing time.
  7. Vey has been terrible and outside of the points he put up on the PP early in the season, he has been a trainwreck. I dont care if he is a rookie. He should never even sniff the C spot on this team again. Probably the worst possession player on the team, and horrible mistaken prone. Willies man crush with this could has effected his judgement in deploying him over the likes of Kassian and Kenins. Im not sure what you know about Matthias, but he is already 3 goals over his career best and will likely beat his best assists total as well. I think a career best season would be considered a win by any stretch no? The guy is going to beat 20 goals. While having a revolving door of linemates and playing 2 positions. What more can you ask from a 3rd line C?
  8. Im sorry but Miller was not playing well when he went down with injury. His last 10 games prior to getting hurt he was down right abysmal, and agree that if Miller had continued to play we would be on the outside looking in. Elder, Tanev, and Bieksa missed a nearly all of their time after Lack took over as the starter in Feb. If Millers save % had continued to trend as it had since January 1 (.910 and a 8-8 record) we would have been overtaken and by sitting in a spot waiting for a lottery pick.
  9. Wins are not a goalie stat...FFS
  10. I love Lack but Schnieder was and is one of the best goalies (if not the best) in the league. Lack wouldnt even get us a late first round pick (right now) If he continues his play through the end of the season and into the playoffs then maybe. Goalies never get you a big return....thats just the market. Schnieder should have gotten us more than just the 9th, (as much as I love Bo) and Im not much of a 'what could have been' guy, but with Schneider on this team we would be near the top of the league. He is holding down some of the best stats league wide for a starter, while playing on a woeful Devils team.
  11. Tell that to the Blues
  12. Miller had been terrible since the new year and right until his injury. Lack will be fine.
  13. Schnieder
  14. All of those players have been more valuable than Kassian, based on their ability to actually play defence alone.
  15. Goalies can last forever with horrible records but great stats. How is this even a question? You think Dubnyk was traded because of his win loss record? His last season in Edmonton: 32gp .894 sv% 3.36gaa .....thats why he was traded. Goaltenders with losing records dont remain starters very long? Look no further than our past 2 goaltenders. Luongo had terrible records playing for the Cats but had great stats. 6 yrs Schnieder 38-38-17 .920 sv% 2.1 gaa ..but Im sure the Devils will be looking to unload that asap Cam Ward anyone? And those are just 3 off the top of my head. If you are a goalie with those kinds of stats, and your team has a losing record, the problem is clearly not the goalie. And you are seriously pulling out stats from the 80s? You think that is somehow relevant? Did you even watch hockey during the 80s? And are you really comparing Miller to Grant Fuhr? Hilarious The average save % during the 1980s was around .880. http://www.quanthockey.com/TS/TS_SavePercentage.php And he was money in the playoffs, where is save % and goals against rose. You can take an average goalie and put him on a great team (Marc Andre Fluery anyone?) and he will rack up wins with average stats. And you can take a fantastic goalie and put him on an crappy team and he will still have a bad record. Why is that you ask? Well its quite simple. Hockey is a team game. Wins are a team number. Put Miller and his current stats on ...lets say the Devils, how many wins does he have then?