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  1. {GDT} Canucks vs Bruins @ 4pm PT on SNP

    this one is fixed to give Boston a better chance at the win
  2. {GDT} Canucks vs Bruins @ 4pm PT on SNP

    textbook definition of holding, takes away a scoring chance, no call   league continues to be a joke

    wow linesmen screwing the pooch in this one

    whats even worse about that icing was that Prust even touched it first, usually in that situation the linesman will accept that he made a mistake and have the faceoff at center ice, but nope. compound the mistake by sticking with that decision
  5. typical, playing a US non-market and they don't spend a second on the pk. Canucks look weak on the 2nd night of back to back games, sure, but the Canes getting some help in this one by the zebras as well
  6. The Elbow to Henrik's head in the first 30 sec.

    I really think this is the case, if you listened to Colin Campbell talk at the last GM meeting, he clearly stated that the NHL provides the referees with a list of players they deem to be "divers". This is basically an admission that the NHL directs the referees to hold double standards against certain players, and by extension, certain teams. Not to mention the official supervisors are able to give direct instruction to the referees in regard to calling a close game or letting everything go (Boston v Tampa Bay game 7 where zero penalties were called in a series where Tampa was dominating special teams comes to mind). Combine that with the laughing stock that is the DoPS, and it all adds up to a pretty clear picture of how the league can direct how well certain teams do, and how difficult it is for other teams.
  7. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    all I can say is watch it again, he clearly sweeps the puck prior to body contact
  8. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    you seem to be evading the question. Did his stick. touch the puck.
  9. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    so you agree Ehlers touched the puck before the hit?
  10. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    have another look at the hit, Ehlers clearly touches the puck just before the hit
  11. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    Ehlers was reaching forward to poke it around Sbisa and gets leveled, how in the hell is that a penalty? Ehlers clearly touches the puck just before the hit
  12. [GDT] Canucks @ Flames | 4/25/15 | R1G6

    refs swoop in and call 2 non penalties, flames take the lead, then the refs let everything go. classic
  13. It really is absolute garbage when you compare it with the hit that was let go on Sbisa earlier in the game
  14. same old story, Van is not allowed to hit in the playoffs otherwise its a parade to the penalty box
  15. No Hearing for Toffoli

    All this talk of rules is ultimately useless when someone like Kerry Fraser thinks it's "quite possible" the league take a team's standings into account when issuing suspensions or not.