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  1. Anton Rödin Talk

    Brilliant haiku, bro not many would post in this style kudos to you, friend
  2. Anton Rödin Talk

    Thanks. It's good to know he at least had a decent 0 point game. :3 On that note, is there somewhere that broadcasts SEL games online? If someone could please PM me if they've got any information?
  3. Anton Rödin Talk

    How did he look? Did he play well?
  4. Don't count me in with the morons, be them including yourself, or not. I am an intellectual cut above the average bear! ;)

  5. Again you are assuming the problem was in perception when in actuality the problem was in presentation. Actually, in creation, to be more technical about things.

  6. I'm sorry but it just plain out wasn't funny. Cliched to death and wasn't even funny the first time someone posted a fake trade proposal thread full of "funny jokes". That's all. I may have done it once, long ago, as well. But I learned my lesson, and now you have too. :D

  7. Nah I would have gotten flamed to death just like you did lol :P