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  1. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Hypothetically hodgson, schroeder and shirokov could all make the team in that case I would say Connauton or Rodin would become top prospect. We still don't know if we're re-signing Glass, Bliznak or any UFAs for the 3rd line.
  2. yeah they said they'd be touring canada and the US between march and may, i can't wait for them to release these dates, i really hope they're going to pass by montreal.

  3. lucky man,

    I can't make it down to Seattle but I know they're coming up here next year so I'm not going to miss out on that! They said they've got quite a few dates up in Canada so that's awesome.

  4. I see your a muse fan, I've seen them live twice, once at parc des princes in paris in 07 and once in NY when they were opening for U2. They're absolutely amazing live, way better than their recordings. If you get a chance to go see them play in seattle on the 15th then go !! it's absolutely worth it. Their new CD is amazing.

  5. Muse Poster - Matt Bellamy

    Tribute to my favourite band! Good for use as iPod Touch or iPhone wallpapers or desktops.

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  6. Alex Ovechkin Wallpaper

    for 1680x1050 resolution Feel free to resize and use!

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