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  1. Yes, I called Penny Autobody and confirmed.
  2. Bo Horvat is having an autograph signing on Friday:
  3. How do they compare? I've done the Grouse Grind 5 times and I'm doing the Stawamus Chief tomorrow. How hard is it? Is it constantly uphill and steps or are there flat sections too? how far apart are the peaks?
  4. How different would our team be today?
  5. Yep.
  6. Brendan Morrison was signing autographs at the Vancouver International Auto Show yesterday. Don't know if the'll be there today though.
  7. It depends, sometimes there's a few months with no signings and sometimes there are 3 or 4 signings in a single month (like this month).
  8. I updated the link!
  9. Both autograph signings are free!
  11. Canucks Fantasy hockey is back with a brand new format! Hopefully it won't have the glitches from previous years...
  12. Whenever I drive 50 km/h on a road with a speed limit of 50 km/h, I'm always the slowest one on the road. Everyone is going faster than me, and they go around me to get ahead of me. Even though I am driving at the speed limit. Why does everyone speed? The law states that a ticket can be issued for going even 1 km/h over the posted speed limit, yet I see everyone going 5-10 km/h over the speed limit. The only cars I ever see driving the speed limit are student drivers. Why is that?
  13. Joe, to clarify the problem, I was out of the house and trying to use Canucks Fantasy Hockey on my iPhone.I kept trying to log in but whenever I clicked on the email address bar, but when I clicked it, it would disappear, thus not allowing me to log in and create my roster. I tried again todayand it was the same thing.Hopefully you can add my picks for that game (above)i in (which I wrote before puck drop). I haven't missed a single game this season and I've been pretty bummed about it ever since. Username: gundum285 P.S I forgot to include Higgins and Dalpe to that list.
  14. I've been trying to add my roster for toast half hour and it won't let me. Could you add it in manually for me? Lack Henrik Santorelli Richardson Kesler Hansen
  15. Are all the stats for previous games finalized now? ie hits, 3 stars, and goalie wins? I want to make sure I won't keep randomly fluctuating in the standings! Thanks for all the help.