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  1. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Baby number. We need to get to 1000 pages
  2. A parting gift from Ryan Miller

    Honestly, he's probably one of the best goalies the Canucks have ever had... ever. Even when he got scored on, I can't think of an instance where I actually blamed him for letting the puck through; As in almost every goal I saw scored on him was humanly impossible to stop. But then again, I also dipped out in December because of how inconsistent everyone in front of him was.
  3. I can understand the cap dump part, but can someone explain why throw a 4th round pick in too?
  4. New Layout (New Website)

    Bland. The white/grey is just boring with endless scrolling down like a twitter page. Along with the bigger font size, it just makes me depressed looking at it. When changed their website, it was so bad I couldn't manage it (and I still can't). I can still find my way around this one at least. Which is the best positive thing I can come up with.
  5. If you could choose which one would it be?

    I always felt hitting wins games. I wouldn't be surprised if the team that outhits the other statistically has more wins too.
  6. OMG Heat Wave?

    I would like to just take a moment And appreciate this cooler than usual summer. I remember 2015, the heat started in June, but we're getting close to mid July and still have some rainy weather
  7. He was a beast in that series and also for a number of years, but I think the main reason he won't be getting a ROH is that players need to show that "heart of a Canuck" trait. Which he did have up until the end of 2011, but no heart anymore after that. Then of course the selfishness of his team trade limits and such, etc etc
  8. [Signing] Capitals sign Joe Cannata

    ohhh right oops lol. got them mixed up
  9. [Signing] Capitals sign Joe Cannata

    I still remember how upset people were when Toronto snagged him
  10. Yay! Finally some exciting news for us :D
  11. Phew! I'm glad we didn't sign him. I noticed a fair amount of people want him on the Canucks, but I can't help but see him pull a Messier 2.0 if he ever came here. Let's face it, the real reason he chose Edmonton is for the money and not expecting to win.
  12. (Discussion) Thank you Dan Hamuis!

    So is he gone? or is it like 99% likely?
  13. Canucks need a "scorched earth rebuild"....

    Edmonton = scorched Earth. No thanks
  14. [Poll] Which teams won the trades today?

    I think he'll last longer, but of course no way of knowing. Plenty of defensemen play excellent into their late 30's.