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  1. Who wins this trade: Player A gets: Kessel, Kipper Player B gets: Rinne, Heatley Fantrax pool, goalie gets 10 pts per win. Players 4pts for goals and 2 for assist. Standard: vs 2 people every week *****keep in mind, if trade happens Player A will have Kipper and Varly for starters Player B will have Rinne and Smith Thanks guys
  2. Is this a good trade for me? I give up Tavares, Rinne For Turco and Stamkos? Deal or no deal
  3. I have a offer.... Currently my only starter is Miller Rinne, Michael Leighton, raycroft are my others... I was offered...Brodeur and Callahan For Miller Tavares Deal or no deal?
  4. My D core is Martin, Jack Johnson, Enstrom, Weber Pietrangelo is available and looking good, should i pick him up? If so who should i drop, i know the obv answer is Martin but his 2 goals tonight had me thinking.
  5. Hey Guys, i need a quick response on the issue im having! Im not sure who to drop... Im planning on to pick up Krejci....who should i drop? A. Voracek B. Benn C. Tavares D. Doan E. Martin D. Jack Johnson
  6. Who wins this trade? Player A receives: Tavares Bergfors Player B receives: Nash
  7. Should i drop Sullivan for Doan? Doan does have 2 pts on tonights game so far, im thinking hes going to come alive soon. Should i do the move or no?
  8. Hey guys do you think i should pick up Doan (he may be back sunday) I can drop Sullivan or you think i should pick him and if so who should i drop!
  9. Hey guys quick advice, should i do this trade Toews Versteeg for Nash Callahan ???? Quick response please thanks!
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