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  1. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    Does anyone know if there will be a video of the season ticket holder meeting from last night? I'd like to hear what was said.
  2. [Trade] VAN Dale Weise to MTL

    Wasn't about to read through 14 pages of butthurt/ praise, to check if this had been posted yet. Pretty good article from a Mtl perspective. They are pretty upset to lose him.
  3. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    @benkuzma: Sullivan said Bieksa's injury is not "cumulative" when asked if defenceman has had season-long soreness. #Canucks
  4. What's going on with David Booth?

    Booth on the ice practicing with teammates along side santo and weise/ archi
  5. Anyone else's hd feed on shaw laggy and pixelated?
  6. [GDT] VAN vs DAL - 11/17/13 - 5PM

    I was at that game 5 rows behind the net we attacked twice! I was heckling lehtonin. The suits around me did not approve