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  1. I went to elementary school with him, at dixon elementary we were actually pretty good friends in grade 6 and 7 played on the basketball team together and hung out at lunch. Always was so talented so I decided to follow his career to see if he could ever make it. Was fantastic with Penticton. I'm sure a lot of us here have watched him play recently and his skating stands out for sure, he's not a big guy but he's strong on his skates and has a really quick first few strides. Would be an awesome story for him to play for the local team, and it's not like it's a high risk move. I'm sure he and his family would be very excited, although I can assure you he was not a Canuck fan growing up, he was a huge avalanche fan. Loved Joe Sakic and Ray Bourque, and had their jerseys. Still though would be great to see him get a shot here.
  2. New video this week for anyone who's interested. Does not cover the Anaheim game. Again any comments, positive or negative are useful and appreciated. Thanks!
  3. We appreciate your comments guys! And hey if someone tells me I look like an Indian Ryan Miller, I'll take it!
  4. Hey guys, so my friend and I started a Canuck talk show back in last years playoffs and we've continued on now this season with weekly episodes. Would love it if you guys could provide any feedback or your opinions, even negative ones. Heres a link to the channel: Here's the most recent video: Mods you can move the thread if it is located in the wrong area. Thanks guys!
  5. Hey guys my buddy and I started a weekly canuck talk show a little while ago and just thought I should post it here if any of you guys are interested check it out and feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I agree that we have work to be done as a team and that we aren't exactly dominating teams by any means, however I think these types of stats are not really applicable to what makes a good team necessarily. They're important don't get me wrong, however they're not the best indicators. I'm going to use the Kings of last season as an example, seeing as they did win the cup after all. 1) The Kings only had 1 player (Kopitar) in the top 20 in league scoring last year and had only 2 in the top 90 all together (Jeff Carter at #88) 2) In terms of win% the Kings were 7th, however in terms of ROW, a more telling stat on wins seeing as the shootout can inflate numbers, the kings were only 11th 3) Can't argue here, kings had the 7th best points differential and were first in goals against 4) Kings were 27th in the league in pp% 5) Faceoffs are important for sure, but compared to last year the Kings were 3rd, phenomenal number, but Nashville was 1st and they missed the playoffs, Carolina was 4th and they were abysmal and Phoenix was 5th and they missed as well. Heck Anaheim was the best team in the west last year and they were 20th. So while we need to improve dramatically at faceoffs, all we really need to be is middle of the pack or even slightly below average. 6) Jonathan Quick had just a .915% last season. Not a great number. Acceptable but not great. Of goalies who started at least 30 games, quick ranked just 18th in the league. 7) Kings led the league in hits last season, but of the teams that finished in the top 10 in hits, only 4 made the playoffs. The others (Leafs, Sens, Jets, Flyers, Coyotes, Islanders) all missed. These stats are important to have i'm not trying to debate that, and there is a lot of room for improvement in our team, however I don't believe these stats are a true tell tale for what makes a great team. You could argue that defense is the most important stat and I wouldn't argue with that, and I feel that's our biggest need. We're giving up too many goals, but overall it's been a great start to the season. Go Canucks Go!!!
  7. are you a cigarette bro?

  8. nice try kevin, maybe next
  9. great blog entry Ryan. Can't wait to hear more from you throughout the remainder of the year. Great to see you starting to get better, and can't wait to have you back on the team. Your Awesome man.