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  1. Overall I agree with you, it's just that Eriksson is such a poor fit here, that it's tempting to try something like this just to see if Lucic might be able to find a role on the team. Best case scenario, we trade Eriksson to a team like Ottawa that needs to get to the floor. Not sure that'll happen, though.
  2. Yeah, I don't think any of these trades would appeal to Edmonton in the least. A more realistic scenario might be: To Edm: 10th overall + Eriksson To Van: 8th overall + Lucic We move up 2 spots to take on an extra year of dead money. Not sure if I'd bother, then again if Lucic was to find a bottom six role, and provide some intimidation, it might be worth it.
  3. I agree with everything you say here. I just think chasing down, and eradicating every instance of tangential prejudice is counter-productive to a society understanding it's history. Openly hurtful garbage like "Redskins" should absolutely be dis-continued asap.
  4. I see what you are saying, but we are in real danger of losing all our history. I would rather live in a world with more information and make my own judgements, It seems patronizing to victims of racism to think we need to hide the past to that degree. The statue's intent was never to celebrate oppression. The fact is, people are multi-faceted, not one-dimensional heroes or villains.
  5. The point is that it's not from this day and age. Just because society's values have changed, doesn't mean we should eradicate the past, just so we don't offend presen day sensibilities.
  6. I ''honestly'' think the guy is seriously overated in this market. When I look back at his time in Van, what I remember is a few big hits, and a player who's conditioning and passing skills were not NHL quality. I would actually love to be proven wrong, and I do think if he wanted to come back it would be worth a try. Not sure he's the saviour he's portrayed to be on here, or even that he's a top 4 NHL d-man, though. By the way, attacking someone's intelligence who happens to disagree with you is not a great look.
  7. Fair enough, I'll grant you he might be an upgrade on Guddy. I'd much rather go after someone who's strength is getting the puck out and starting the transition, that's what this team really needs, IMO.
  8. Lol Lol, it's based on the fact that I watched him play in Vancouver, and he lead the team in icings and missed outlet passes then. What exactly are you basing your assumption that he's the next Bobby Orr on?
  9. Can't believe you guys are still on about this guy. Most overrated player ever. We finally got rid of Guddy, and now you guys want to go after another slug, that's gonna lead the league in icings. SMDH.
  10. You got a nice name