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  1. [Report] DiPietro could stick in NHL if he has a good camp

    rumblings = the Dave Pratt show?
  2. [Poll] The 5th Pick of 2017 Draft

    Heiskanen often plays on the right side.
  3. More directed at the guy who called him "garbage".
  4. Seriously, the Megna hate is soooooooo overblown. He's a slightly below average NHL bottom 6 forward, get over it.
  5. Career AHL stats: Gaunce: GP = 120 - Points = 67 PPG = 0.558 Chaput: GP = 246 - Points = 156 PPG = 0.634 And yet people seem to think Gaunce is a no-brainer to produce more offense at the NHL level. CDC blinded by draft position again.
  6. I wonder if you would be saying that if we'd drafted Chaput in the first round and signed Gaunce in the offseason. Gaunce has shown very little this year, other than the ability to be a "safe" player. Not saying he's a bust, but I do think the 4th line is the right place for him right now. Chaput, on the other hand has shown good puck management and defensive awareness, while also showing flashes of offensive potential.
  7. Was looking at who we could draft with our second rounder to improve our depth at right-handed D. Honestly, there really aren't a ton of options. I see only 2 guys that could realistically be there, and not be huge reaches: Luke Green and Jakob Cederholm. What are people's opinions on those 2, and is there someone I'm missing?
  8. Alex Friesen | C

    Found this while poking around on the IceDogs site. Gotta say, I'm pretty excited we got this guy in the 6th round. Hopefully, we have our 3c of the future here. http://www.niagaraic...ce-coaches-poll
  9. You got a nice name