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  1. Is it just me or does it seem like Richardson is like 45? Seemed like he was wrapping up his career when he finished with the canucks. Good on him for carving out that role for so long.
  2. I don’t blame Chara and he’s been a great defenseman for a LONG time. Pronger was one of the best defensemen of all time and also a very dirty player. I would have loved to have him on the canucks but I also get why people might not like him. These aren’t mutually exclusive thoughts. My beef is more with the league’s handling of the situation when Chara does cross the line. I think they might have been soft on Pronger too for some of the sh*t he pulled but look at his rap sheet compared to Chara’s $5000 fine. Oct. 29, 1995: with St. Louis — four games, slashing (Washington's Pat Peake)Dec. 17, 1998: with St. Louis — four games, high stick (Phoenix's Jeremy Roenick)Oct. 11, 2000: with St. Louis — one game, leaving bench for altercation (Los Angeles' Kelly Buchberger)April 3, 2002: with St. Louis — two games, cross-check (Dallas' Brenden Morrow)March 14, 2004: with St. Louis — one game, kicking (Calgary's Ville Nieminen)May 15, 2007: with Anaheim — one playoff game, blow to the head (Detroit's Tomas Holmstrom)June 3, 2007: with Anaheim — one playoff game, blow to the head (Ottawa's Dean McAmmond)March 12, 2008: with Anaheim — eight games, stomping on the leg (Vancouver's Ryan Kesler)
  3. That’s what shocked me too! I kept looking because I could think of a hand full of suspension worthy plays but could only find his fines. I assumed I just couldn’t find an old history or things got archived or something but I couldn’t wrap my head around it never happening. I can understand putting some emphasis on prior history but if you walk that line constantly and never get any discipline you never move off that line. I know Kane has chirped the league about this issue and I don’t think he’s wrong at all. I don’t even think he necessarily argues that he should be let off free but the gap between what some guys are suspended for is WAY too inconsistent. I know Garrett can be a homer but listen to the commentators on this one. Missing dirty Chara plays and worse saying “staying within the rules” “Makes a play on the puck” I feel like that’s how the league watches Bruin games.
  4. A conversation started at work today... How dirty is Chara and has he ever been suspended? Prior history of bad calls helping him going forward - I’m not sure that their is a guy that gets benefit of the doubt more than him. It seems like he keeps getting benefit of the because he’s previously gotten the benefit of the doubt. Example, the recent cross check, if he had a previous history of suspensions and fines he would likely get multiple games. Instead, $5000. There are several instances that would justify at LEAST a fine which would give him some sort of record but instead on borderline calls lean towards no action since he has no priors. “He is tall” - The league also plays the size card with him often. “He only hit him in the head because he is so tall.” That argument never seems to be part of the conversation when other fines and suspensions are handed out. I don’t think people know the size difference in any other suspension. I don’t even hate the guy. He’s been a hell of a player but the league bias is just unacceptable. I know this isn’t a new topic or anything... just needed to rant. Added a few videos. Enjoy! GOTTA SEE IT: Chara Gets Away With Violent Cross-check To Gallagher's Face
  5. Posted my actual lines above but I like this idea if we are looking for more balanced scoring over 3 lines and 1 shutdown line. Leivo/Goldy Peterson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Pearson Ferland Miller Virtanen
  6. Miller - Pettersson - Boeser Baertschi - Horvat - Pearson Ferland - Sutter - Virtanen Leivo/Motte - Beagle - Eriksson I like the idea of Miller on that top line. Pretty complete player with 2 solid offensive minded guys. He’s proven to be a consistent 20 goal scorer over the years. Added Baer on the second line to add more creativity to more north south type players. I love the Ferland addition and this isn't a slight on his play but the idea of a true energy line with heavy and fast players with some offensive touch in Virtanen and Ferland gives me goosebumps. Also agree with the defensive pairings you listed with Hughes and Myers getting the majority of the offensive draws, Benn and Tanev getting the majority of the defensive draws and Edler and Stecher being a solid 2nd option in either situation.
  7. He was playing 4th line minutes for Vancouver and Washington for the last few seasons. Not considering games played or role or anything he was 14th in average ice time per game for the Canucks forwards and the highest was only at 20:50 so it’s not a point of our top guys getting significantly overplayed. I don’t care what you call the lines though personally but I wouldn’t be against him getting the majority of the defensive assignments, defensive faceoffs and PK time which would likely push his minutes closer to that of a 3rd liner. I also wouldn’t be against gaudette getting that 3rd line role with more offensive upside but that would push Horvat’s line into taking more of those defensive faceoffs when needed as I don’t trust him on that end of the ice as much.
  8. This is funny twice. We don’t get a 2nd for Sutter. We would likely have to give something up to rid ourselves of this contract and we also don’t get a first for beagle. He’s great for what he does but what he does is play 4th line well for an expensive contract. This entire thread makes it seem like I want to trade Beagle but it’s not a “trade Beagle or don’t trade Beagle” situation that I’m asking. Its give up an asset and/or a roster player that we like or Beagle. If their was an option to trade Sutter for a 2nd everyone would do it but would you give up a 2nd to get rid of Sutter over trading Beagle?
  9. Still not sure we are on the same page. Let’s say our options are: 1-trading Beagle for a mid to late round pick 2-trading Eriksson+virtanen+a mid round pick for nothing 3- trading Sutter+2nd for nothing which of those options would we lean towards.
  10. This isn’t towards you directly but more towards the discussion. On its own I would 100% rather have Beagle but if it’s Beagle traded for an asset or Eriksson + virtanen and/or high draft pick it’s not as easy of a question.
  11. Looking at the boards I see several trade scenarios involving potential cap relief involving Baertschi, Tanev, Virtanen and several more including Sutter and obviously Eriksson but I haven’t noticed many Beagle trades. I like what he brings but not at his cap hit. Depending on the return, I would rather see Beagle traded without needing an asset than Eriksson or Sutter traded with any kind of significant value attached. This would move Gaudette to 3rd line force us into an expensive but solid forth line centre in Sutter. I know he has a limited NTC but what value do we think he has? Or is his contract as bad as the others that no GM would touch that either and hence no trade proposals with him?
  12. Hurricanes land Ryan Dzingel on 2-year, $6.75M deal. @thescore 3.375M per. Given his age, production and the numbers that were being projected by fans and media that’s a solid deal for the jerks.
  13.  Fact.  He's also looking for 5.5+ AAV. I believe that but You said “fact” that he said he didn’t want to play in Vancouver. Not a big deal but funny looking back now.
  14. I THINK he’s saying to make the same deal but WE flip him to another team with 50% salary retention. So Ottawa gets Loui at 3 years, 9 million and rid themselves of Bobby Ryan’s contract. The cap hit is terrible but they aren’t spending to the cap regardless so the only thing they care about is the dollars being dished out. 3 million per vs 7.5 million per. The next question would be what would we get for Ryan at 3.625 per season for 3 more years? Or is that STILL a contract that might be hard to move ? Since joining Ottawa in 2012 he’s been averaging 68 games a year, 16 goals, 25 assists, 41 points per season.