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  1. This. Watching that last game made me think of our series vs Boston. I wasn’t even sure if the refs brought a whistle to the game. Boston was still a better team as team as were were against us in serveral games when we played them in that 2011 final but you play 82 plus games with a certain set of rules then favor teams that play a bigger stronger less skilled game. It’s “playoff hockey” and I don’t really have a dog in this fight but some of the none calls going in favor of gritty or borderline dirty teams can be frustrating to watch. TLDR: Bruins were better but Leafs have a legit argument for some of the none calls.
  2. NHL players were surveyed on more than 20 hockey-related questions with more than 500 players taking part in the poll. McDavid won 3 categories... Best forward - 63.6% of the vote Most difficult to play against - 30.9%of the vote Who you would start a franchise with - 60% of the vote This isn’t directed specifically towards Timrafan because he isn’t alone but people picking Petey... fine. People hating/nitpicking/underrating Mcdavid need to stop. You sound bias or ignorant.