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  1. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    Agreed. Philly is one of the teams that can specifically use more defensive players but they have a great young core of defenseman and have the fire power to compete. They have Gostisbehere (25), Provorov (21), Sanheim (22), Morin (23), Myers (21) in addition to Macdonald and Gudas still under contract. Hoping we can bring some of that our way.
  2. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    I think tanev has been our been defenseman for years. He’s also our best trade chip and you need to give something up to get a player as good as Sanheim. There’s a lot of players better than Hughes and Juolevi right now that I wouldn’t trade them for. I also didnt bring up their point totals. I think Tanev could go pointless and have a great season but you gave him and Sutter career highs in points then told me that you can’t judge players like Tanev based on points ? We’re still not overly deep in our defenseman prospect pool. What would you be willing to give up for a first rounder that is projecting well and looks NHL ready?
  3. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    Sounds like over valuing our guys. Sutter’s career high in points was 40 in 09/10 and Tanev’s career high in assists is 18 in 14/15. Two career highs for guys age 28 and 29 seems like wishful thinking. I’m a massive Tanev fan too but I like the idea of Sanheim, Hughes, Juolevi going forward.
  4. [Proposal] PHI VAN

    Lehtera and Sanheim and a 3rd Sutter and Tanev With Philly losing Filppula and potentially needing to move Giroux back to Centre. I wonder if there is an opportunity to help them win now while taking back some defensive talent. Not sure if this is the exact pieces needed to be moved or if the picks work out this way but I feel like they could be a strong trading partner. Any my thoughts on what we could do to get Morin or Sanheim?
  5. Proposal- Oilers - Sens

    He would want to goto Edmonton to play with a top 2 player in the world for the next 8 years. Karlsson has yet to play with any super stars in their prime. A couple years with a 37+ year old Alfie, and a few seasons with a 70 point spezza hardly fit the bill. I understand him potentially not wanting to pick edmonton as a place to live over places like LA and Tampa with low tax and nice weather but mcdavid alone would be THE reason he would consider it if there was one.
  6. Karlsson Pageau/Smith Borowiecki Klefbom Nuge Puljujarvi/Yamamoto 2018 1st - top 5 lottery protected or 2019 unprotected Ottawa gets: good young and cheap players with term or that are in ELC. Ottawa ownership doesn’t want to spend money so they will want good contracts as much as anything else. #1 center, top 4- potential top pairing dman, elite prospect with either great size or speed and a first. Oilers get: A Mcdavid-Karlsson combo which would scare the entire league offensively and with their speed for years. 3 vs 3 overtime would be a joy to watch. They also get a defensive forward and some grit on the backend. They give up offense with RNH But are likely ready to go in a different direct as they already have their #1 center and as he’s often injured and he would free up some cash which would be needed to resign karlsson. Yamamoto vs puljujarvi would depend on if you want to keep attacking teams with speed and have a possible line mate that could keep up with mcdavid or someone that can dominate down low and get Lucic going. Put this together quickly with an Oilers fan. any kind of starting point here ?
  7. NYI STL CAR Proposal

    I knew NYI was tearing it up and that bailey was having a good year but I REALLY didn’t realize just how good. Wow.
  8. Goaltending shake ups are needed by NYI and STL in particular, and all 3 can use a push to get into the playoffs. Tossed this together quickly but curious people opinions... To CAR Griess 3.3M Bailey 3.3M To NYI Allen 4.35 Gunnerson 3.3 To STL Ward 3.3M Seidenberg 1.25M CAR ADDS - Greiss and Bailey LOSES - Ward NYI ADDS - Allen Gunnerson LOSES - Greiss Bailey STL ADDS - Ward Seidenberg LOSES - Allen Gunnerson
  9. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Happy to have him back 100% but not sure I agree with the last part. Easy to say to play him with offensive players, or that our young guys X, Y and Z should all make the team but curious who you would bump down or sit to create that opportunity or what your lines look like with him playing with offensive players.
  10. This is early but eventually going to come up. This is the last contract year for the Sedins and wether we are in a playoff hunt or not some people will want the Canucks to explore the possibility of trading the Sedins and their matching 7 million dollar cap hits. My way too early question is who would be a possible trading candidate and what would you want/expect as a return? I think the trade partner needs a least a few of: -huge cap space or a huge salary dump they are willing to send back (Moulson, Callahan, brown) -a coach or style that fits the Sedins (no CBJ-Torts) -possibly a chemistry fit (burrows in Ottawa) -a GM under pressure to win now ( Bergevin, Snow) -a preferred destination as the Sedins have their no trade clause. If if they are willing to move we can also eat a large portion of their contracts to makes them even more appealing. You can keep up to 50% of the cap and salary commitment to a player you trade. The more I was thinking about July first and the Sam Gagner deal specifically, the more I feel that the Sedins won't be back next year wether they walk or are traded. If that's the case hopefully we can get as much return as possible. If we don't win the Cup hopefully they do.
  11. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    "He played with Dahlen all year and there was good chemistry, so that even went into a part of [our decision]." I personally wanted Glass. Seems like an extremely high skill high speed player with great character but... I don't want to compare this too too much but as Canuck fans we know how important chemistry is. We have the Sedins who are great players individually but paired together they are that much better. We can say the same for several Sedin line mates who had more skill and pedigree than Burr but never had that chemistry. If Glass and Pettersson were extremely close to start and we already have possible chemistry with Dahlen and Pettersson, I can see where that could bump Pettersson ahead.
  12. Trading the Sedins (Discussion)

    Almost impossible with the NTC and cap hit as many have mentioned. With those factors removed the best situation I could see that would make sense for both teams is if a star player is hurt to end the year on a contending team and that team was willing to trade that player. Similar to how Kane was traded out of Winnipeg. Buffalo wanted to tank and get better in the future. Winnipeg was in "win now" mode and just lost a piece for their run. Made sense for both teams. Same might have been possible for stamkos this year if they thought they had no chance in signing him. Solid team in win now mode and a huge piece of that run hurt at the wrong time.
  13. Olli Juolevi | D

    Peaches is right. Gillis inherited an 11th place team, 3 point out of a playoff spot. We also didn't have much in the way of prospects. Gillis didn't leave us with many top end prospects but I think he was pretty underrated as our GM. Couple presidents trophies and a cup final ... Not easy to come by. As for the pick. I really wanted PLD but as soon as we didn't get him I was kind of disappointed that we would need to settle for Tkatchuk. Not that he isn't a good player. He's a gritty forward with good hands... Not easy to come by but he isn't a centre and we have solid wingers now and coming up in jake and Brock and potentially in free agency. Once our centre wasn't there I thought about "settling" for Tkatchuk or trading down but as many have noted if your guy is there sometimes you need to take him. If we are 90% sure your guy would fall you don't trade down...there is no guarantee he will be there when you are ready to pick...the blue jackets taught us that today. Also... when this past season started if I heard we got the best D-prospect in the follow draft I would be thrilled. Excited for free agency ...
  14. Agreed ! I took a look at the panthers board to see what they think about it. Some quotes: I'm ****ing done I don't know if I can continue to support blowing up the best team in franchise history. Tom Rowe needs to go Why the **** would they trade Gudbranson for a prospect and bunch of picks ? What the hell? Did we seriously just trade away our most consistent Dman all year, future captain and best defensive dman?? There is some positive stuff on the board too but this is typical of most fan bases. We get to know our own prospects and get sold on why they will help us in the future so much that we get fixated on them. Over the years we have been taught to over value guys like: Cody - barely in the league Erhoff - barely in the league Kassian - not nearly what we hoped Lack - average numbers and we appear to have picked right with our goalies on the team and in the system now. We can't want changes to the team and not expect move out only our garbage. Higgins is another guy that would "definitely" get us a 3rd or 4th rounder only to be waived and unclaimed months after statements like that were made. I I like the deal as it looks like we got the best player in the deal and that team generally wins these trades. We also got "older" but not old by any means, especially considering when d-men hit their peak.