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  1. The dead don't need patience.
  2. Please, can someone invite me to the DPS.
  3. DPS me please.
  4. Look Ma, I'm not anonymous!
  5. With all these Special claims I wonder if I'm really the Doctor.
  6. I'm the Sherdocvig! I get an investigation, then decide to either save or kill. Cool right.
  7. OMG, you don't mean that there is a Town Alliance going on. Nobody informed me! No wonder I'm so high on peoples scum lists. Well then, frack you all! I'm self saving and you all can just twirl on it. Good night!
  8. Hey buddy, I don't sked the surgeries, I just perform them.
  9. You can't do that AV, I have a frontal lobotomy to perform on you next round.
  10. Vote Count - Round 3 J-23 ( 4 ) - JJ, BW, Stamkos, AV Stam ( 2 ) - #tag, Arm #tag ( 1 ) - Zfetch
  11. Vote Count - Round 3 J-23 ( 2 ) - JJ, BW Stam ( 2 ) - #tag, Arm #tag ( 2 ) - Zfetch, Stamkos Lets not have any ties. @Stamkos, @Zfetch, @Armbar, @HashtagNucks you are wasting a vote here. Please vote J-23 or AV only.
  12. I can't possibly take you serious. Go away!
  13. Seriously, I've listed my top 4 picks in this and the last round. The only difference as I mentioned would be substituting Armbar for Hashy.
  14. @Stamkos I will acknowledge that you are trying to defend yourself. Can you give us your top 3 scum picks please.
  15. I don't want to get in a discussion about MU, but at least acknowledge that TL has had to do a lot of catch up. (read, read, more reading) Enough on the MU game now!