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  1. [Trade] Cody Hodgson to Buffalo

    When the twins decline in production, Kes' line will take over, and Hank & Dan will form the 2nd line. They will retire (or returning to Sweden) in their mid-late 30's. If this is Gillis' vision, our next top 6 center prospect needs to be ready in 4-5 years. In the meantime, we need some younger, complimentary wingers. Tough to see Cody go, but he needs an opportunity on a team that needs a 2C and leader. It's not a position most younger Canucks fans are accustomed to...having no room for great young players we drafted and developed. Thanks Mike Gillis and Good luck Cody! Our new 21 year old powerforward, with potential to be the next Lucic, is locked up for under 900k for 3 years. He brings size, grit, skill, youth, and a feared hitter to our top 6, while leaving cap room for a potential Weber / Sutter acquisition in the off season. There is a risk he doesn't crack the top 6 (at $900k)and many power forwards develop later. I would recommend Gary Roberts for him this summer. The cost for a PROVEN (and available) powerforward? Cory, Cody, 3 x 1st picks AND $7.8M cap space, disrupting internal equity. We've dealt from a position of strength to address a weakness. We're better suited for the playoffs this year, and poised to be strong players in any or all of the draft, UFA market and off-season trade market. Raymond and Ballard are still under contract next year, so no need to trade them now (obviously the return wasn't there). Think of them as highly-motivated depth or our run, whose trade value should only go up with more playoff experience, and maybe a ring. EXCELLENT asset/risk management by Mr Gillis.. The only way today could have gone better would be to add a big RD, but I guess I can hold out for Weber next year. I am a happy Canucks fan today
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    excellent play, outstanding finish...nice hands Burr!
  3. thanks for addressing the "__says hi!" line. +1 your way

  4. Hey, have you had a chance to tinker with this jersey anymore? please keep me posted if you do.

    tx, RK17

  5. Hey,are you cool if I use this pic as my avatar?

    ...will give you credit in my sig