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  1. they should still have Chlapik and Maybe Sprong
  2. i wouldent be to worried about Virtanen ive watched him this year and last year and he is competing harder and is developing a 2 way game as well, using his team mates better and setting up for an NHL career... he is doing everything asked for and once he gets his scoring touch back hes gonna go on a tear...he is still getting more than a PPG after surgury and learning to play a bit of a different style than hes used to...this kid is going to be a stud in a few years.
  3. Tyler Benson is in the line up tonight for the Giants, lets fill the arena guys!
  4. i love Cassels game, hopefully he develops into a decent third liner for us
  5. I'm actually looking forward to cassels in the prospect tourney.. He's gonna be the one that surprises
  6. Hoping he puts up a 80-90 pt season this year
  7. I hope he comes over would be sweet to watch him play giants the giants
  8. Should be replacing Weise next year
  9. . That will be tough since Abby doesn't have an ohl team
  10. he has a stomach flu
  11. when does SEL season start?
  12. Jensen has 2 goals already in the playoff debut
  13. what do we have in nathan mackinnon what do we have in connor mcdavid