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  1. hey that guy who is holding the pic of a canucks player is the Sham-wow Commercial.

  2. Hey thanks for the add. BTW, you have a very pretty profile picture!

  3. cool profille pic.:)

  4. If the Canucks win the series against Chicago at home, please...PLEASE play Chelsea Dagger during the handshakes!

  5. The Official Transit Thread

    Am I the only one who finds it funny that the bus says "Sorry" ?
  6. Thank you! And I agree, Ehrhoff is THE MAN (who is also classy);).

  7. LOVE your profile pic! :D

  8. love the pick. HAHA!

    Apparently that guy went to prison for beating up a hooker or something :/


  9. The Official Transit Thread

    Anyone know what happened at the Scott Road Station this morning? I heard there was a medical emergency, but I could of heard wrong:huh:.
  10. your comment made me laugh. :P

  11. Oh Jesus, your rating just got ruptured...

  12. You should be friends with that Devil Jin fan around here

  13. No problem, fellow Ranger fan =)

  14. POWER RANGERS! Thanks for make that MMPR thread, because without that topic I would not have known that the original Power Rangers were being re-aired.