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  1. thanks for the reasoning all, i was perplexed! quite the tennis match here though... lost my love for the blue n white when they traded their heart away. hope they visit van on a saturday.... building is rockin!
  2. i actually thought the monetary differential would cause movement today. deals probably already done....and we arein a grace/face/honor period lets hope. hopefully we don't lose too many picks.
  3. geez it was only 2 hours old this thread... finally caught up. props to all the discussion, good read. wow. i didn't want ferland, but this is 30 percent off... and that was before miller, myers.. jims done great. do fear of offersheet on brock. and possibly losing virt, cause he skates so well. very interested to see what happens next. hey markus, put a fellow swede on your team.... grin.
  4. what will it take to get brock signed? 8 1/2 million.... ?
  5. i like this players game, plays with an edge. good deal.
  6. You clearly don't know how the Tampa PP operated if you think he should've been scoring more on there. He was played below the goal line and was tasked with doing all the puck retrievel behind the net and in the corners. He got the puck passed it to either Stamkos or Kucherov depending on which half wall they were on, they went to Hedman who them went to either Stamkos or Kucherov for the one timer. So Miller did the dirty work but got no points because he was the 3rd to touch the puck. He did set up Point in the slot a lot so if you have a net front guy he'll find them. He hardly played on Points wing at all. He was with Stamkos some but only when Palat was injured. Cooper wanted his guys, Johnson and Palat, in the top 6 so Miller was left with bottom 6 duty. When he played with Stamkos and Kucherov after being traded for he put up 18 points in 19 games, so the potential to produce with good players is there. found this snippet.., thought all would enjoy
  7. very happy with the pick! His on ice pressure will cause turnovers, just like burr did for hank and danny. Pavel's got to help him out with his skating, and Alex can talk to him about how to reach 76. Igor can help with the agent stuff, and maybe trymankin and vasily could be moving buddies after expansion. sergi and fedor could revel about their point leading comrade... semenov can do video review on how not to fight in north america from another comrade... namestnakov ans sharifijanov can lay out the plan ahead signs... chubarovs time as 4th in points by russians for us is running out krutov can be the interventioned dietition. and we better get him longer than nemcheenov and teeziekov.... so many more russians in our history here... this is no krutov... this is heart and power, with better skating improvement than bo.
  8. wow, big edge to stl now with Chara gone too. if in were stl, id cut down krug.... and then mcavoy theyd have no legs to stand on...
  9. Suprised tickets all gone for this... and the usual overpricing begins.... hopefully there will be some more released, or some more reasonable resellers.
  10. PASS. wait for hughes, hes better going forward. Let some other team suffer...
  11. imo best and most efficient way for us to get 13th, trade down for it and pickup something else at the same time. more picks!
  12. Really suprised and happy about the lack of advertising on the jerseys.... thought it would head towards soccer ala EMIRATES on the front... etc.. lose vancouver wording. ok. keep dolphin... ok... although id like to see the teeth removed until our team actually has some bite... buffalo has a great one, cheers to them.
  13. dang, found this forum late... so many bad memories.... damn this team.... bertuzzi incident. raymond's back. keith. marchand salo / punch baggin 2011, 94... pavels mishandling. messier. nedved over jagr. otto kickin it in.