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  1. Not since Elite Dangerous !
  2. Lumme could flip pucks like a punter. Sometimes his giveaways were embarrassing, but did he ever have a good rush vs Detroit i think..._
  3. The code was broken when the hit from behind occured. Cause and effect.
  4. Exsplosive. Forboding. Triumphant.
  5. Were pretty small. Draft the big c.
  6. I like it. He's got the size to be able aggressively retrieve the puck after dump ins, and probably cause some fear on defenders while doing so.
  7. Geez double bypass surgery is gonna take some serious recovery time. Could be triple by tomorrow._._. Canucks are being similar to a paid organ donor, BUT we may have some good young organs.._.._ dunno yet. So, its good we got the 2nd best prospect from sj, looking forward to see him play, but initial googling did not give me what i wanted for this team, although i'm very relieved we got something. I have to agree with the khl possibility, the statement that he has always had a defensively liable game since the get go is very concerning, especially with the sedin's effort on the backcheck at times. Hopefully he realizes that he cannot do that and he deploys this 'parachute' less. What i've seen from wd, you have to play in both ends to get ice time. Good job by jb, see what tomorrow holds. Thanks Hansen, get a ring bud and a voicebox, vader would be a positive step. 50 replies since i started this post. Ps4 better for viewing fyi.
  8. Talk about heart. Go Ottawa! Good luck to the next nuck wearing 14.
  9. Who are the top skaters this year? Any stand outs? Or are they pretty much the above lists? There are results from the meet up in jan, but sometimes the actual effortless skaters are left out._.._.
  10. Damn.._. Not enough. Even though hes had a clean career. 4 games.
  11. Wow, whens the last time you can remember us out hitting another team... Good sign for the future.,. IMO
  12. And time to ramble... Wow, what a hit. Good timing for Taylor, terrible for Philip. Of course Hall is not in a stretcher, theres no backbone allowance on this team with Hank and Danny leading the way IMO. Think they want to be hit like that, or have increased physicality brought into the game... ummm... doubt it. Heck most tough guys that are brought in for us can't play their style, as I suspect our captain suggests we don't retaliate for the power play. Like how Willie states he liked the response, and kinda just accepted the penalty kill. Paper tiger is an excellent description of how I've seen Gud play, and Try's softish too. Hope this isn't as Gud as it Gets for this season. Sedin's rubbing off the wrong way this late in their career and softening our players, cause they can see what type of effort they can get away with perhaps... Benning was bang on about keeping lots of D around.
  13. Yeah, that post I can't defend... My bad attempt at half truth and humor. Just posted the first pic I found in Google... Didn't even know when it was from... Hope that they're both happy, totally fall In love with our province and team, and both are inspired to have great success here, that would be awesome, of course happy wife = happy life, and only further help our journey to the land of Stanley. Ive got total patience for this guy, completely understand how much a prescence like his could change our whole franchise, and wow if guds style of play can inspire, or provide confidence.... Whoa... Huge potential. HUGE. Figured it would take 4 years of development, and was worried how our softness as a team would mould his game. Guaranteed gudbranson will only make him play a harder game, so that helps right away. As far as I can tell from what I saw from his play,. He skates well, iq is good, just has to work hard on conditioning. Chances are that this great life event puts this work off or behind. Problem is... He was already behind. Now if his loving partner was a helga looking fanatic with a shirt branding "Real men don't wear face shields." and whose father in law was a former Spetznaz skating specialist, with the last name kasparitis... I'd probably worry less. Just have to see his first practice, and thank god her last name isn't krutov.
  14. If he has not improved his endurance, forget about fighting. The amount of endurance it takes to stay in a fight is a heck of a lot. The way he was winded, concerns me for him getting into the fisticuffs, but for sure, some dance practice would help.
  15. thats better