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  1. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    He had all the aspects i wanted for this team.
  2. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | Defenceman

    Dang. Was hoping for more from him. Florida had it right not signing him to 5 mil. Going to be difficult to win from this deal. Even if we resign him, hopefully it'll be less painful than lou's e. deal. CROM! Brainfart again on the pk.
  3. Stojanov says hi! Liked the size and aggressiveness from Pedan, my 2 of 3 hopes on the roster for some crease clearers and think twice enviroments now gone. Hope try comes back...but guess well have to aquire some aggression on the blue line in the future... as now our team got even softer, dont really want guds vs martin scenarios as teams usually try to rough us up cause they can.... Anyways this swap seems to be no brainer, especially with that kind if talent, so take the chance. Excited to see him wheel up the ice, glad hes big enough to hopefully not get carted off like Larson. My bet is that additional lost games while the d group comes together in front of 2 goalies who never had the #1 role will help our draft seeding. Hope next year is pouliots worst in a van uniform, ie he just gets better till 32. /Action Reinhart-weather-dance. Cheers. Good posts!
  4. Damn, we're even softer now. With less defensive work ethic. Oh well, take a track off the tank... Should help in the end for the draft pick.... But we already have enough floaters.... Gonna get roughed up bad this I think.... And I dont care if you're ending the game with 2g 1a, and -5. Anyways... At least summers providing us with metallica, gojira, avenged and gnr and royal blood! See you there!
  5. Rate the Last Game You Played

    Not since Elite Dangerous !
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    Lumme could flip pucks like a punter. Sometimes his giveaways were embarrassing, but did he ever have a good rush vs Detroit i think..._
  7. [Report] Micheal Haley suspended 1 game

    The code was broken when the hit from behind occured. Cause and effect.
  8. Exsplosive. Forboding. Triumphant.
  9. Discussion: 2017 NHL draft

    Were pretty small. Draft the big c.
  10. I like it. He's got the size to be able aggressively retrieve the puck after dump ins, and probably cause some fear on defenders while doing so.
  11. Geez double bypass surgery is gonna take some serious recovery time. Could be triple by tomorrow._._. Canucks are being similar to a paid organ donor, BUT we may have some good young organs.._.._ dunno yet. So, its good we got the 2nd best prospect from sj, looking forward to see him play, but initial googling did not give me what i wanted for this team, although i'm very relieved we got something. I have to agree with the khl possibility, the statement that he has always had a defensively liable game since the get go is very concerning, especially with the sedin's effort on the backcheck at times. Hopefully he realizes that he cannot do that and he deploys this 'parachute' less. What i've seen from wd, you have to play in both ends to get ice time. Good job by jb, see what tomorrow holds. Thanks Hansen, get a ring bud and a voicebox, vader would be a positive step. 50 replies since i started this post. Ps4 better for viewing fyi.
  12. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Talk about heart. Go Ottawa! Good luck to the next nuck wearing 14.
  13. Who are the top skaters this year? Any stand outs? Or are they pretty much the above lists? There are results from the meet up in jan, but sometimes the actual effortless skaters are left out._.._.
  14. [Report] Jacob Trouba suspended 2 games

    Damn.._. Not enough. Even though hes had a clean career. 4 games.
  15. Wow, whens the last time you can remember us out hitting another team... Good sign for the future.,. IMO