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  1. Pretty good ending to one of the best nfl playoffs in the leagues history....
  2. [Rumour] Canadiens interested in Vrbata (Eklund)

    Jarred Tinordi, a former first-round pick of the Canadiens, has been with the club all season and has yet to play a game. Two defenders in Nashville – Victor Bartley and Anthony Bitetto – have been on the Predators roster for most of the season and have played twice – combined.   quoted from another user from other thread... thnks  
  3. [Rumour] Canadiens interested in Vrbata (Eklund)

    Well I haven't seen Tinordi since he was in Alberni at a tournament on during the under 18's or 17's i think... But did he ever stick out then.... In a good big way.  He also captained that US team...  Wonder how he has been doing.... Looks like he hasn't played a game ?
  4. marchand hit Damn he got up...
  5. Eat it Marchand... no sympathies left for you....   Somebody get a link of that hit up Boston Colorado...    
  6. You gave your today for our tomorrow

    Lest we forget...  
  7. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Phew, almost spent a bucketload of cash to get to the game from the island... Too bad, Portland played well.  Terrible coverage on the throw in goal, brutal.    
  8. [Trade] T.J. Oshie to Capitals

    May have top post this to REDDIT TIFU So it was just another day for me...  Until I read the Capitals roster tonight... Now I try to be a bit easy or lenient on myself, although I've been a long time hockey follower and nuck fan, life was pretty busy for us as we brought our 5th child into this world around the time time of this trade... however its probably my worst hockey sin or transgression regarding trades in my lifetime... Anyways... back to readin the lineup for the game tonight... kinda excited inside... y'know Ovie...Backstrom... and all comin into town... (just had to check the roster to see if backstrom was there - that'd make this a bigger fail...) and down the lineup I go and I see TJ Oshie.... I was like WTF.... OMG....thats not right.... cmon I'd know if Oshie had gotten moved...  then I had to find out who he was traded for and when... ;thinking gotta be a good return for TJ.... Which after a quick google led me to a sportsnet article... stating Brouwer and a 3rd rounder and a goalie...   Figured I'd share this facepalm with all and might as well have a look at how the teams and individual players are doing... from the trade...  WASHINGTON54104819123-1-01-0-04-1-0W3TJ OSHIE  GPGAP+/-PIMPPSHGWGSS%REGULAR SEASON5325-102001816.7LEAGUE RANK391ST24TH106TH46TH353RD396TH5TH13TH81ST48TH95TH      TROY BROUWER  GPGAP+/-PIMPP SHGWGSS%REGULAR SEASON7246420001414.3LEAGUE RANK1ST48TH24TH25TH23RD220TH92ND13TH81ST100TH128TH        1  MONTRÉALA7700147237+163-0-04-0-0-7-0-0WON 72  DALLASC65101052114+72-0-03-1-0-5-1-0WON 43  NASHVILLEC65101031913+63-0-02-1-02-05-1-0WON 24  ST. LOUISC75201052117+41-0-04-2-0-5-2-0LOST 15  NY ISLANDERSM6411942115+63-0-11-1-0-4-1-1WON 46  NY RANGERSM7421941815+32-1-12-1-0-4-2-1WON 17  TAMPA BAYA7421942320+32-1-02-1-10-14-2-1OT 18  WASHINGTONM5410841912+73-1-01-0-0-4-1-0WON 39  WINNIPEGC6420842013+71-1-03-1-0-4-2-0LOST 110  SAN JOSEP6420831712+51-0-03-2-01-04-2-0LOST 2      Never had a hockey trade dupe me for this length of time... early on but appears all parties involved (other than the pick and that goalie-no time to look them up) are doing well after the transaction...   LOL    
  9. [GDT] Blues @ Canucks Oct. 16/2015 7:00PM SNV

    hoping for.... an edmonton loss, and long hard minutes for the st louis d... that way we can eat em up tomorrow
  10. Awesome!!!!! Cracknell!!!
  11. Im picking Bo to score ot..
  12. Higgins is not doing good, same goes for Hansen...
  13. Edler could do better yes... But man hes going to be tired.... End of season.. Cant wait to see bark on 3on3...
  14. Goodbackchecking and coverage by jensen, much improved...